Why a high speed train to run between Dallas and Houston?

Why a high speed train to run between Dallas and Houston?

In 2009 52000 residents of Dallas Ft Worth commute to Houston daily.


Dallas draws 44,300 Workers from Houston daily and another 32,400 from Austin

Automobile travel between Dallas to Houston with 1.63 people produces 157 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.  Roughly half a pound is produced per passenger per mile.  That assumes of course a car that gets around 22 miles per gallon.


Plane travel produces 134 pounds of Co2 per passenger per 240 miles.  That does not include what the Co2 emissions will be for taxi or bus travel to and from their final destinations.

Now we figure in the High speed rail that will get you from Dallas to Houston in about 90 minutes.

Best estimates are that your carbon footprint for the one way trip is, 33 pounds, per person.

With these figures we can do some math.


If we had high speed rail in 2009 here is how it would have played out.

Between Dallas to Houston 495,000 people commuted by whatever means to these two destinations daily. If we assume that 330,000 traveled by air and the rest by car 165,000 we can easily look at the carbon footprint.

By car they produced 28,252.8 pounds of Co2.  We can assume that each additional mile is .654 pound of Co2.  That’s .654co2 per mile X 240miles X 180 working days in a year. Now multiply 28,252.8 which each person created X 165,000 automobile commuters and you end up with a staggering 4,661,712,000 pounds of Co2 produced.

By plane, they produced in total 8,031,960,000 pounds of Co2 in total assuming of course that all of the seats were full. That’s 134 X180days worked 333,000 Workers. Per person that would be 24,120.

There are many variable that are impossible to calculate as the figures are not available.  They are in part, how much cargo is each plane carrying?  How many crew members per each flight? How long are they sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off or find a gate?  These figures are based on the newer 737 that has had many pounds taken away by newer lighter seat covers and flooring.

For Arguments sake let’s assume that everyone takes the train. 495,000 people take the train, park their cars and put SouthWest out of business. 495,000 times 180days per working year X 33 pounds of Co2.

2,940,300,000 pounds of Co2 for one working year of commuting for all 495,000 people.  That is 5,940 pounds of Co2 per person per year as opposed to 24,120 per each person per year for flying and 28,252.8 pounds for driving a car with lots of miles on it.

Car = 28,252.8 co2

Flying a newer 737, 24,120 co2

Train 5,940 Co2

So, if every rode the train there would be net reduction in Co2 per year by

8,031,960,000 plane

4,661,712,000 car

2,940,300,000 train

Add the first two together to get a sum of 12693672000 pounds of Co2 produced per year and subtract 2,940,300,000 equals a reduction of 9756072000 pounds of Co2 per year produced.

If it were this simple it would be a matter of public education / indoctrination, grabbing land that has been in people’s families for generations, and making it more expensive thus “nudge,” the commuting public into taking public transportation.  Welcome Comrade….

We start by pushing this myth of Global Warming, and point out any weather anomaly as “absolute evidence” that the planet is dying and we the people with no power to say no, are at fault as our selfish ways are killing it. We have to do something or there will be “no breathable air for the children, wont anyone think of the children!”  You know, the ones that we are aborting by the millions each year…

I suspect that this global warming initiative that Obama is really trying to keep gaining traction on is the next project that they are doing clandestine things with, while they trot out the IRS and other breaking scandals to keep your eye off of the ball!

He actually said in some speech to some idiots that will believe him, “that Global Warming is a greater threat than this ISIS mess!” Holy Shit! 

Al the Phony Gor has to sell you carbon credits as he has already had them printed up on fine banknote paper, they really look nice!  And now since he invented the calculator right before the internet he can calculate your carbon footprint and for a modest $99 dollars a month using the “Al-Gor-ythem!” 


Size of house, electricity used and when used (thank you smart meter), energy efficiency of each appliance, windows, insulation, amount of miles driven each month, type of car and Co2 emissions produced, your weight and size (larger people more Co2) number of pets, kind, and age, and all people in your house, same information. Then you get a reduction if you have solar panels, or wind turbines, as he has lots of stock in those companies.

Energy prices must necessarily sky rocket! Another cash for clunkers campaign might be a good idea but first we place new regulations that every new car sold must at least get 40 MPG.   Didn’t he put some regulation on new cars a few years back? Damn, a memory like an elephant!

In 2012 Prince Obama announced new regulations trying to force the average gas mileage of new cars to 54.5 MPG!  That is to happen in the next 11 years!  While claiming independence on foreign oil is the primary objective Carbon footprint comes into play.

Let’s think this through for just a moment shall we?  As the deadline draws closer simple physics will come into play.  You know, well maybe you don’t but look this up.  F=M.A  He is requiring automakers to create new laws of physics!

The “Big Three” expressed support for the initiative!  He must have nude pictures of the presidents of the companies with someone’s wife or whore or hookers that maybe they took while going on that trip to that island of overly sexual misfits, you know like that planet Risa in Star Trek!

I know, we can recreate the Peoples car, you know the one that Hitler did.  “You don’t know what I am talking about?”  Put down the video game and read a damned book every now and then! Hitler Created the Volkswagon. The Peoples Car!

download (10) download (9) hitler_in_car-ww2shots-people

So, people will be forced to park their gas guzzling trucks and sedans and purchase new death traps.  You know the not-so-smart “Smart Car!”  They won’t tell you that you can’t drive your gas guzzlers, they will just increase the price of gas, while watering it down so much that even the newer cars won’t run on it.  The gas companies will comply as they get to charge big dollars for “slightly flammable water.”

Have you seen the trails of water coming out of tailpipes?  Even the ones that have been on the road for some time in the middle of summer? Where do you think that water is coming from?  When you put ethanol in gasoline you can actually blend it with water and it will suspend the solution making it burnable.  If you don’t believe me put some in a centrifuge and give it a whirl.  There will be water in the bottom of the test tube.  Get some gas from each of the stations that you deal with and give em a rotating ride.  Tell me what you find.  Better yet, post it on YouTube! Name names! You can find centrifuges on eBay for just a few dollars and the test tubes are there as well, I did it!

Here… When you get to the bottom come back to this link and educate yourself on specific gravity.


The problems with the math above are many.  In the world of theoretical it is solid.  People are not theoretical.  Unless the administration, you know the Prince of America; yeah him, if he takes out his pen and phone and decides that he wants to force public transportation he can make it happen and the Republicans I fear are in lock step with him, and all of this noise that they make is for show and by design.  The ones that don’t fall in line are ostracized, or are trash talked by the Boehner’s of the world and demoted to places where they are effectively neutered.

This is simply crazy talk…I wish!

Hey, put down that book and forget trying to learn anything.  Just fall for everything that this administration throws up “as in regurgitation,” and you will be fine, just like Russians, Chinese or maybe the Mexicans.  Maybe, just maybe, Obama likes Mexicans so much he wants to convert America to look and feel more like Mexico, or any other third world country to make them feel like they are at home.  It is only fair after all…. NOT! 

By the way, I am a science fiction writer and if this were not so credible, it would make a great story line for a book about a country falling under the control of Aliens, maybe illegal aliens by way of usurping the votes!  They would be great voters right, look at how well they took care of their country before they fled it!

-Best to you and those that you care about!

Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.



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