GOP Debate II

GOP Debate II

While many watched the GOP debate last night, many did not. It did in fact draw a record audience of 22.9 million which is a record, and clearly due to Trump!


Many in fact will get their news from snippets, sound bites, tweets, or comedians looking for ratings, at the expense of candidates.


This is the world that we live in. 

The first debate between the lower polling candidates, it was easy to see why the four there polled so low and to be fair, Rand Paul should have been there as well. To be absolutely fair to Mr. Paul, I admire him.  I don’t think he is presidential material but, I do think he is fighting for you and me and the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and for that my hats off to him.

Even this debate was about TRUMP
Even this debate was about TRUMP

Lindsey Graham who I have little respect for, actually schooled the bunch and tried to drive the message home that the world is a dangerous place; and under this administration, it has not gotten better.


I actually respect Lindsey a little bit more, after his performance last night.

The reason that we have so many GOP hopefuls is, that this president set the bar pretty low!  There was a time that I was considering running on the slogan, “I could not do any worse!”  If you like this guy as your president, my apologies and “bless your heart.”

So Un-presidential..
I am certain that as a person he is probably someone I would enjoy knowing. These last 7 years have been an unmitigated disaster.

What we have in the white house is the JV team and of that, I have little doubt.

Most of the candidates simply took shots at the front runner, in order to make a name for themselves. They were desperate and floundering and it was to be expected.  This was their chance to get back onto the board and I think they all failed. Mr. Graham focused on the president and the issues of the day which is really how as a candidate you should differentiate yourself.  His comment about “more drinking in the white house,” Showed a human side of him that I liked.


At the main debate, Donald Trump was set up as the Straw Man by CNN for ratings.  Simply that, nothing more.  The questions and methods used were to tarnish the entire GOP; and of course make the front runners appear as feckless, as the current administration who think that ISIS is the JV Team. My opinion, your mileage may vary.


Hollywood elites also weighed in and that too, sniping from the cheap seats.

Just because you can remember a few lines and emote, does not make you a brilliant politician, or your opinion any more germane than that of john Q public.  It simply means that when you speak, people know of you, and because you have name recognition, you can get printed. If you played a good guy, they might think your character is that of a good guy etc. There is a responsibility that comes with that, but few acknowledge it and abuse it regularly.

Donald Trump is resonating because Americans’ don’t like where we are going, and want America to change.  Mr. Trump cannot be purchased by special interests and even though he is flawed, I like the idea that if he says he will do it, he probably will.


His largest flaw is not his truculent attitude towards “idiots,” or his sophomoric attacks on people’s looks.  It is; he is very short on substance.  His bravado and ego seem to overpower his respect for the office which he seeks.  Donald needs to come up with some humility and reverence for the office of President, and I question if he can do it.


Think about it just for a moment, what kind of person thinks that he or she can be the most powerful person in the world?!  Narcissism would certainly come into play or should be suspected.




It was obvious that Mr. Trump was not rehearsed or prepared for the onslaught of attacks from both his fellow candidates, and the moderators.  He deflected and defended, but the facts are that he was on defense for 3 hours!  I am certain that he felt like one of those Trump Piñatas the Hispanics are selling.  Those of you who don’t like him probably enjoyed that part of it but, this is more than entertainment.  We have serious issues and we need someone who is going to get serious about fixing them!

That face! Sorry...Learn to Smile and tell a joke, lighten up.
That face!

Carly appeared to be the “winner” last night but, I must tell you as much as I appreciate her moxie, she came off as a bitch last night.  She came off as petty, vindictive and uninformed, in many political areas, even though she managed to memorize some facts and figures, much like Rubio, it was too rehearsed for my take.  She tells of great times at HP but as someone who has been in IT since 1982, I know that it was because they merged with Compaq.  I also had many friends who lost their jobs to overseas.  Tough decisions to put Americans out of work are not what we need!  While she gained ground with some, she lost it with me.  It is my hope that she can earn that back, as we really need serious candidates.

Huckabee, Who I have never really been a fan of, gained some traction with me in that he gave a solid performance.  I would like to know more about him without the bloviating. Cruz was too rehearsed, and way too in your face.

“If we can make provisions for convicted killers we can certainly make provisions for elected officials!”

Chris Christie had a good night, and I think his pitch to the American people was smart, I liked how he “became the adult” in the room and, I think that was a good moment for him.  Christie will be one to watch.

“You had your turn now do not interrupt me!”

The media is having a hay-day poking at Trump, and his argument that autism and vaccines have some sort of link while standing next to a neurosurgeon “planned by CNN,” fell flat.

We need answers to this!
We need answers to this!

While science says that is debunked, they also say we are in the middle of global warming. While I am not a denier of some sort of climate change, I do think it is a little like Chicken Little.  I know that Al Gore has those Carbon Credits all printed up, waiting to sell them to companies here in the US; while we ship our coal to China! In short it is completely disingenuous and all about money!


images download

Files/The Associated Press Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge. ---
Files/The Associated Press
Workers cycle past a coal-fired power plant on a tricycle cart in Changchun in northeast China’s Jilin province. China’s label as a developing nation in climate matters is facing a challenge.

This administration evidently thinks that the poisoned air over China, will stay over China!

If there is a shred of doubt in the vaccine science, it needs to be looked at carefully.

I personally feel that the rise of autism is due to drug use in the different countries and once you “do drugs” you screw with you DNA, thus effecting the DNA of any progeny.  That is true for both parties, not simply the mother! True fact, we like the drug culture for some reason, so we don’t report it.

Maybe we feel that people who did drugs and gave birth to kids with special needs don’t need to bear the burden of their actions, so we downplay it.  Sorry folks!  We need a nation of accountability.  If you speed and get caught you get a ticket.  If you do something wrong and there are consequences, you should pay those consequences.  If you give birth to special needs kids and you did drugs…’s probably on you.

Twitter was busy last night with GOP haters talking smack behind their anonymous handles, and what have you.  There were even threats lobbed at some of the candidates. If you live behind the curtain, and in your mother’s basement, I guess you feel pretty bold.  

Well my pretties, let me tell you something as a technology guy, they can find you!  They can not only find you by the unique id of the device you are using but, with technology; they can walk right up to you in a crowd of thousands.  If I can do it, so can they, and they have much more expensive toys than I.

One way to find you and your secrets.
One way to find you and your secrets.

Freedom of speech is one thing, threats are another.  Calling Trump stupid is your right, not smart, but.. Threatening someone with his resources, and a presidential candidate, really not too smart.

Speaking of really not smart, Someone not on the stage but, a vocal supporter of Trump tweeted through the entire event.

Ann Coulter, who I have watched, listened to, and find her intelligent, had a major brain fart last night.

I hope your accoutnt was hacked but I think it was you… Not smart!

I do not understand this tweet of hers, and I don’t think Mr. Trump will find it any too smart either.  He will have to distance himself from her, and hope that he does not get too wet from the splash.  Many on the twitter-verse were linking the two as one.


Most people that I know and call friends or even associate with, welcome diversity.   You and I can be polar opposite on everything.  As long as there is mutual respect, we are good.

This tweet is totally disrespectful and uncalled for.  The similar attacks lobbed against her, were also over the top, and simply sub-human.

Israel is our friend and so are the people of Israel.  Mentioning them in their closing statement was germane as many feel that this administration has dissed them (they have) and they don’t like Netanyahu for reasons which escape me.


To alienate people with comments like hers is unacceptable, and proves once again that you should not drink and drive, and or drink and tweet!

Bush and the rest were unremarkable …to me….Sorry.  We don’t need career politicians and we need term limits.  Once you retire as a politician you go home.  You don’t simply move over to Avenue K and become a lobbyist, you go home.  And by the way, you live by the same laws that we do.


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One thought on “GOP Debate II

  1. Good post-game wrap up! I still think it’s pointless to invite so many. It’s impossible to “debate” 10 other people at once. The number guarantees an insubstantial result, and THREE HOURS? It’s agony to watch.

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