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Change . ORG  Can it really work?

Change . ORG Can it really work?

Change . ORG  Can it really work?


Speed limit signs are confusing to some and a form of entrapment for others.

I would like to see a change to these signs and here is why.

Traveling down most highways where small towns are concerned, we see things like 75mph and a few miles later 45mph than 35 mph and in some towns it even gets slower.

Here is what I would like to see.  I would like to see incorporated in that signage “for the next 15 miles or 1000 yards” whichever the case may be.

There are simply too many small towns that depend upon traffic tickets for revenue which is bogus at best, and downright dishonest at worst.

While I am a firm proponent of money from tickets going to education or some other account, other than for law enforcement, or pet projects of some city; that is a different cause.

Alerting drivers that the speed will be XX for the next X miles is one way to assist drivers in maintaining the proper speed and not get cited for failure to control vehicle speed.  At least they can set the cruise and have an idea that it is not going to 75 and then back to 35, 2 miles later!

Some towns post no warning of lower speed ahead and the police person is sitting right by the sign with the radar waiting for you to cross some imaginary line.  We need consistency with signage and we need to do away with the profit motive for towns with speed traps.

Since I live in Texas, I would first address this to Governor Abbott.

I will go to change.org and formerly draft something for them and I would appreciate each of you to go and sign the petition.

If this catches on in Texas, possibly we can make it catch on in other states.