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Trying to piece the puzzle together requires that you not only look and observe but, listen and observe with an open mind.

 Towards the end of the video right before the “finger gesture and subsequent wreck” is the piece of the puzzle so many are missing.


He passes her and tries to get around her.


She then speeds up “listen to the background noise, her motor speeds up.”  Do you really think it was slick roads that she was worried about as she now speeds up to…

a: Further aggravate him and

b: Make a video that is sure to go viral!


He then flips her off which I am not sure who of us at that point would not want to and, B: gets in front of her so she can no longer mess with him.


He did not cut her off as it has been suggested, look how far ahead of her he is. He was trying to get away from her. 


Because she has now pushed her speed up to try and catch him, he is now going way too fast!  


Human nature is that we want to blame the guy who showed her the bird and accept that the girl is innocent.  Examine all of the facts, not just the facts that you want to see and the picture becomes clear.   

A little more telling of her “intention and nature” is the fact that she stopped, laughed, taunted by yelling at him all the while taking video and then made sure that not only did the police have record so they could ticket him, but posted the parts of the video that made him look like the bad guy on YouTube.  In my humble opinion “she is not a nice person.”  This man should get a lawyer…




Watch as Man With Road Rage Gets Dose of ‘Instant Karma’

Yesterday I talked about Drivers..


Today I come across a video shot by a “lady” who shot video as a driver who was tailgating her and subsequently passed wrecked because he was driving badly.


On the surface, one would absolutely agree with the girl driving, until you examine all of the facts.


Watch the video and then come back for the discussion of the facts.




The girl is driving in the left lane which is for passing only, in many states.  Common courtesy is to move out of someone’s way if you happen to be in the left lane and they want to get around you.


Her “excuse’s” are:

a: The road was slick so I was driving slow

b: I was going to make a left turn up ahead in a half mile

c: There was a truck in the right lane.


The driver indicts herself by showing her speedometer.  Clearly speed on a slick road was not her main concern.  She passes the truck and stays in the left lane keeping the man blocked by the truck and herself.  She is shooting video at the time so if the roads are truly that dangerous as she alleges; she is negligent and should be ticketed for distracted driving.


She alleges that she was being tailgated by this driver for 3 minutes.  If she was going to turn in half a mile; how long does it take to go half a mile at 50 plus miles and hour?  I will do the math for you, a little more than a minute, about 80 seconds…


After the driver finally gets around her, she speeds up to catch up to him to video more of him.  He then flips her off.  As he accelerates further to get away from this “person” by now traveling way too fast on these slick streets he wrecks out.  This wreck was her fault!  Had she not sped up to further aggravate this poor sole, he would have been fine!  He would have had a story to tell around the dinner table but he would not have a wrecked truck.  She could have caused someone to be hurt or worse!


The very next thing she does is laugh at his misfortune and stops to take further video. 


That’s not Karma folks… Call it what you will but that was not disserved.


There is one thing that stood out to me of importance. she has a bright yellow blazer in the left from seat.  She most likely is a “crossing guard” and was on her way home from assisting children getting across the road safely by doing what? “Directing traffic!”  My thinking is that she was indeed driving slow and in the left lane.  My guess is she was daydreaming or thinking about what she was doing until the kids get out of school and she has to return.


This guy pulled up behind her to entice her to move over to the slow lane.  I think she went back into “traffic directing mode, a self appointed governor of speed on dangerous roads”, as well as taking video to post on YouTube to see if it would go viral!  Because it is touted as this guy was in the wrong, and you don’t have all of the context or facts to see that she was indeed the perpetrator, you agree and laugh at the guy.


When he finally got around the truck in the right lane she then sped up to shoot further video of him knowing he was pissed by now as she had been taunting him for no less than three minutes, by her own admission!  He knew he was being screwed with “the victim” and shot her the finger.  I suspect had that been a guy he might have pulled him over and had a conversation of another kind.  Here in Texas that kind of crap might get you shot!  It would certainly not be the first time.


In my opinion and with the supporting evidence, her video and her documented actions, she is the villain, and I think if I were on a jury, I would convict her.


I think this gentleman has a good case that some lawyer should take.  It looks very much like this lady is a control freak and actually enjoyed keeping this driver behind her.  I would allege that she pissed the guy off to such an extreme that he acted as most would, showed her his feelings for her actions and then tried to get away from her!


I would make the argument that she is at fault for this entire disaster and if the police indeed ticketed the guy, they are asleep. They should re-examine the facts.


Another thing I found of interest here is, on this thread, you will notice that people treat people badly.  If you don’t agree with their opinion, they name call etc.  Why?  They can do this because they go by pseudo names that give them anonymity.  I can act badly and no one will know it was me.  I can be a jerk and feel good about myself by talking shit to others, and no one can do anything about it.


Folks, you are no better than the videographer taunting that guy.  She is a bully and by your truculent attitude towards your fellow posters that you disagree with, you too are being a bully!


The Blaze and other such boards that allow “pseudo names” should stop that practice and only allow you to post with your “real name.”  There is no excuse for being an ass because you can.  The human condition is appalling at times.  This video and the subsequent post are only a small example of how far we have fallen as a race. 


Would you cut in front of someone in line at a checkout in the store?  No, because you are not anonymous.  But you will go get into your car and cut off anyone to get ahead of them.  Do you see the problem here?  People will act badly if they don’t have accountability.


Practice what you preach and look a little deeper into things before you throw stones.  I would start by looking in the mirror.


I hope that this guy gets a copy of this video and gets an attorney.  I have little doubt that he would win.  It would actually be “KARMA” to Judge Judy this.  Bring the attention craving “videographer” to the national spot light!


I am not a fan of daytime TV however if this case were to go there, I would make a point to DVR it!