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Follow up to #Karma #Florida @theBlaze #Kimcommando



Trying to piece the puzzle together requires that you not only look and observe but, listen and observe with an open mind.

 Towards the end of the video right before the “finger gesture and subsequent wreck” is the piece of the puzzle so many are missing.


He passes her and tries to get around her.


She then speeds up “listen to the background noise, her motor speeds up.”  Do you really think it was slick roads that she was worried about as she now speeds up to…

a: Further aggravate him and

b: Make a video that is sure to go viral!


He then flips her off which I am not sure who of us at that point would not want to and, B: gets in front of her so she can no longer mess with him.


He did not cut her off as it has been suggested, look how far ahead of her he is. He was trying to get away from her. 


Because she has now pushed her speed up to try and catch him, he is now going way too fast!  


Human nature is that we want to blame the guy who showed her the bird and accept that the girl is innocent.  Examine all of the facts, not just the facts that you want to see and the picture becomes clear.   

A little more telling of her “intention and nature” is the fact that she stopped, laughed, taunted by yelling at him all the while taking video and then made sure that not only did the police have record so they could ticket him, but posted the parts of the video that made him look like the bad guy on YouTube.  In my humble opinion “she is not a nice person.”  This man should get a lawyer…