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Out of the box thinking on Guns

Out of the box thinking on Guns

Each and every time some loon goes on a rampage, or goes postal, we have activist calling for gun laws, getting the guns, etc.  It is in fact, predictable and not helpful.  This puts the focus on that which is not the problem.

The problems are that guns are making their way into the hands of people who clearly should not possess them.

This is happening basically by two methods, they are sold on the street, or theft.

Government has a terrible track record of telling the truth, much less being able to administer anything.

I believe that capitalism is the solution.

Build it and they will come.

I would propose that eBay, or some other entrepreneur, develop strategic relationships with gun dealers around the country.  Selling guns and gun stuff on eBay through responsible partners like gun dealers with a current FFL I think is the ticket.

This would provide a vehicle for those that collect, swap, sell, or trade, guns to do so in an environment that was  transparent, in that if a gun was used in a crime, we would be able to track it to who owned it last.  This would also provide a way for people to sell guns, and get top dollar, while keeping them out of the hands of loons.  The gun dealer would be the go between securing a valid back ground check of the new owner, before releasing the weapon to them.  The owner of the gun could keep it until they received a message that the new owner was cleared by the gun dealer at which time the gun dealer could secure payment for the gun and their services and get the gun shipped to them to give to the new owner.  They would get some amount of money from the sale of the weapon from eBay, or other business entity for their efforts.   For this program to work, these fees would have to be kept to a minimum.

The method of tracking could be done programmatically, and eBay or some similar capitalist, should be able to do this without government assistance, as this would be a huge money maker for them.


Theft is a problem and there is a solution.

Create a provision in the tax code for anyone who chooses to purchase gun safes, or gun locking paraphernalia, be able to deduct that expense from their taxes.

Opponents of this idea would feel that any transparency would allow government oversight that intrusion of their rights which might be infringed upon sometime down the road.

The 2cnd Amendment must be held sacrosanct, and the government should “defend the constitution” instead of looking for ways to do an end run around it!  The Chicago way will not stand.

Selling this plan to the people will require that the government recognize and respect the 2cnd amendment, and stop fighting the people on this.  The government is here to serve the people, and in this, there is no room for equivocation!

There are simply too many instances in history where the guns were taken away and the government went nuts.  This will not happen in this country, ever!

This administration is responsible for increased gun sales, and ammunition sales, because of the consistent anti-gun, anti 2cnd amendment rhetoric.

While mental health is truly the target, there is a solution to keeping guns off the street and out of the hands of those who should not have them.  Is it a perfect plan?  No, criminals will still get guns.

Will it keep guns out of the hands of some who should not have them, yes.

The government must, as part of this “healthcare” plan provide more mental health awareness programs, and seriously look into these simulators of death called entertainment via violent video games.  When young people play these extreme games for hours on end every day, it has to have an effect on their mind.

Each and every time someone goes postal, we need to learn all we can from them; and see if we can come up with a root cause analysis of the problem.

Were they on drugs, were they co-opted by some fringe group, etc.…

We must be smarter about this and calling for stricter gun laws each and every time is not the solution.  Working with the NRA, instead of against them, would go much farther than butting heads.

If this makes sense to you, pass it around.  If you have idea lets talk about it.  There seems to be little way to get the attention of those that can effect change in a positive way.  This is an out of the box approach to the problem, and it should be considered by those who are smarter than I am.


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Here we go again!

Here we go again!

First and foremost, my heart goes out to the folks in Oregon.  This is another terrible tragedy which is the exact reason I started this blog years ago.  Trying to make sense of out of the senseless!

Listening to the president speak about this latest tragedy; I get why there is such division in the country.

“Where we have the strictest gun laws, we have the lowest gun related crimes and those are the facts! ” Obama today October 1 630pm EST.

This statement is blatantly and patently incorrect…False….It is indeed a prevarication, a lie!

We in fact have the highest murder rates, and gun related crimes, in the places we have the strictest gun laws, Chicago his home town is the primary example; and DC is the next!

C’mon Mr. President!  That school was a gun free zone!

Say something comforting for those people who lost loved ones, instead of standing on a soap box lying to the people.

The problem with these lies are simply this.  A lot of people don’t know the truth, and it is because the liberal media does not report on that which this administration does not want reported on.  So they listen to the lies and shake their heads in an up and down movement in agreement.  Then we have celebrities “who have body guards” saying things like “we don’t really need that 2cnd amendment, we ought to give that up!”   Get real Bevis!  Regular people can’t afford body guards!

They too are basing their “opinions on lies!”

We are importing into this country thousands of refugees from places that are rife with terrorists and we are not vetting them, as we can’t!  We have a flood of illegal aliens coming over our borders from other countries other than Mexico.  We know from what they leave behind they are not great people.

Japan never invaded this country because of one simple reason, they knew that every farmer in this country had a gun.  They weren’t worried about the military, they were worried about the citizen.  With good cause I might add.

Cops don’t prevent crime, they write it up, and investigate it.  Yes Mr. President; if that school had been conceal carry, there is a good change the loss of life would have been much less than it was.  Soft targets like gun free zones are easy pickings for loons.  You would think that we would have learned that by now!

Mental health is where we should be investing our resources and I would look seriously into the people who are loaners, and who happen to play violent video games several hours a day!

This guy was on social media yesterday talking about his actions today! You would think someone would have mentioned it to the cops.

Bad things happen!  Until you focus on the real problem, nothing will change.

Focus on mental health.  And for the record; it makes sense for a background check for anyone buying a gun whether it be from Walmart, or some guy on the street that needs some quick cash.  Put the mechanism in place where Joe the plumber can easily sell his gun to Sparky the electrician.  Don’t base this law on lies, base it on common sense!  Or are lies part of the “process?”