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#revenge II  #Abduction

#revenge II #Abduction

Revenge II


I deliberately watched this a few days past when it actually airs, so if I choose to write about it; the spoilers will be fewer.

Last week, Emily and Victoria had been taken hostage, and tonight, well Sunday, all “hell” breaks loose as the bad boy of bad boys is vanquished, actually into an incinerator.


I cannot help but wonder if Aaron Spelling is helping them as this series is taking on some similarities to Charmed, without the witchcraft.


The twist to the plot is that Victoria works with Emily to secure their release at great peril to herself; in the end she tries to do the right thing.

Two new villains enter the picture as Margaux brings in one of her fathers thugs (some PI) to secure evidence on Emily to make her pay for Daniels Death, “She will have her revenge!”


There are side stories involving the crazy red head and Nolan, the gay-not gay brainchild which, involves yet “revenge” in the making, as the crazy mother Penelope (other antagonist ) is now making plans to ruin her daughters life, and keep control of her trust fund!

Who will die next Sunday?  What will happen to the new bad guy? Will this too end quickly?

Will Emily know that she has a new enemy?  Will her father step in and try to control the situation?  What about the FBI people that were on the take; will they be caught, or will they be new bad guys?

Will Victoria renounce her new charitable attitude and help Margaux?

Stay Tuned!  I will most likely pontificate about it, as a few of you seem interested, as that blog seems to garner some viewers.

Why not take a mental vacation from reality for an hour a week…?

-Best to you and those that you care about!




Before you say Whaaaat?! I am talking about the show “Revenge.”


As a writer, I appreciate the writing on many different types of shows and movies.  I have even tried my hand at “fan-fiction” just for the heck of it.

Revenge with Emily VanCamp has some pretty talented writers but from time to time one has to wonder, “Did you think that through?”


Firstly let’s examine the plot…

Amanda played by Emily who is ironically enough Emily Thorn (I like the name) in the show has come back to the Hampton s to enact a series of revengeful acts to make the bad guys pay for their evil deeds.  Their deeds are in part, having her father take the fall for a business deal gone badly.  Amanda was collateral damage in that she was sent to a mental institution and then to orphanages and if memory serves did time in prison because the Grayson’s, (another cool name) had the influence to make sure that all of the loose ends were tied up.


I started watching this “this season” after catching one episode of “return, having not turned the TV off quick enough.” Had I been just a little faster with the remote, I would not have watched it as the title does nothing for me.

Ironically, “Return” did not hold my attention, but Revenge did.

So, Amanda thinking her father is dead, plots revenge on all of the perpetrators after getting a box left full of notes and pictures from her father from a overly bright person who is a technical savant, very wealthy, and a pushover for a pretty face, whether it be male or female.


Season 4 starts out with the return of her father, surprise!

This last episode enters another dark character from her fathers past that is looking for his assassin daughter, who was killed by the local cop; who is also Amanda’s childhood sweetheart!

At the end of the show this bad guy discovers that Amanda is still alive and kidnaps her along with Victoria (her fathers love interest) with poison tipped darts.

Problem, why darts?  For all the bad guy knows, these are two helpless females alone at a lighthouse, late at night, in the dark.

I never watched soap operas but I must say that this show is so much like one that it reminds me of the game of golf.  In golf you get one or two really good shots that keep you coming back for more humbling, each and every game.

This show is so riddled with cliches, and so predictable, that I am amazed that it has lasted four seasons.  I am guessing that the “star power” is why.  There are a few plot turns and twists that keep one interested but I must confess, that had I not binge watched the first three seasons, I would never have watched the second episode of season four.


This bad guy is “so bad” that her father does not want Amanda involved to the point of keeping secrets from her so she would not be involved.  Now that she is kidnapped and in the enemy’s hands, I am guessing that she will get a chance to use her super ninja powers and subdue the enemy.

While we should be about to come to a happy ending, another plot twist was unleashed as now through a tell-all confession to Daniels latest love interest; the local over achieving cop now knows the complete story as told by Victoria Grayson to a somewhat troubled grieving girlfriend.  This girlfriend has a magazine and will most probably go public with this information and no telling what the cop will do who is also romantically interested in Amanda / Emily.


Does Victoria survive this next episode?  Does David Clark survive, or do the bad guys get him?  My guess is that Amanda survives, David gets killed by “bad cops,” and now Amanda has a whole new set of people to enact revenge against.  Grieving girlfriend will get involved in some way but you can bet it will be counter productive to the process of getting the bad guy.


So, why the poison darts?  They need the show of force to be methodically planed out with the odds against Amanda…

Stay tuned for Revenge!  …..