#revenge II  #Abduction

#revenge II #Abduction

Revenge II


I deliberately watched this a few days past when it actually airs, so if I choose to write about it; the spoilers will be fewer.

Last week, Emily and Victoria had been taken hostage, and tonight, well Sunday, all “hell” breaks loose as the bad boy of bad boys is vanquished, actually into an incinerator.


I cannot help but wonder if Aaron Spelling is helping them as this series is taking on some similarities to Charmed, without the witchcraft.


The twist to the plot is that Victoria works with Emily to secure their release at great peril to herself; in the end she tries to do the right thing.

Two new villains enter the picture as Margaux brings in one of her fathers thugs (some PI) to secure evidence on Emily to make her pay for Daniels Death, “She will have her revenge!”


There are side stories involving the crazy red head and Nolan, the gay-not gay brainchild which, involves yet “revenge” in the making, as the crazy mother Penelope (other antagonist ) is now making plans to ruin her daughters life, and keep control of her trust fund!

Who will die next Sunday?  What will happen to the new bad guy? Will this too end quickly?

Will Emily know that she has a new enemy?  Will her father step in and try to control the situation?  What about the FBI people that were on the take; will they be caught, or will they be new bad guys?

Will Victoria renounce her new charitable attitude and help Margaux?

Stay Tuned!  I will most likely pontificate about it, as a few of you seem interested, as that blog seems to garner some viewers.

Why not take a mental vacation from reality for an hour a week…?

-Best to you and those that you care about!


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