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#space.com #Russian #meteorite still a mystery.

#space.com #Russian #meteorite still a mystery.


Space.com reports that meteorite over Russia is still a mystery.

If I can figure it out, why can’t you?


Meteor Mystery Remains




And finally the smoking gun…



This last link is more than enough proof to at least give my hypothesis more than a passing glance.  I might point out that some of our greatest discoveries were not made by people with large names, or egos, just some guy or gal that can think outside the box, like your humble writer of this blog.



Pick Your Battles

Sitting back watching the Houston Mayor run roughshod over preachers has been entertaining.


The LGBT community has in many ways influenced the lives of everyone on this planet who has a TV, or a radio or even use a PC or other device to get on the internet.

Hollywood insists on putting “gay” into many of their products, which may be a sign of the times, or it may be part of an agenda, or both.  The public can either accept and embrace it, turn a blind eye, turn the channel or turn it off.  As Reagan once said “vote with your feet, or in this case your remote.”

When the Mayor of a huge city like Houston who is openly lesbian gets elected, I think that Hollywood has done a pretty good job of indoctrinating the masses.

The simple facts are that few of us care what folks do in the privacy of their own home.  That is between you, your partner and your god.  Most people simply don’t care, and if you read the bible you would understand that Christians are called not to judge others.  They are taught to hate the sin, not the sinner. Christians are not your enemy!

“Sin” is where the rub is, and why the attack on religion.

If I had to guess I would say that is the reason that there is more animosity towards religion and God. If you “believe” you are called to live a different lifestyle “hate the sin” than if you simply do as you  please.

The human race is under attack from every angle.  Pornography for instance is now incredibly easy and prolific.  We have legalized Pot in a few states and more people want it on the ballot in their state even though those that have done it, now say that it was reckless!

We have stuff at the box office which comes from such twisted minds one has to wonder what they were smoking when they wrote it.  Even worse, people pay good money to go see it. Our moral compass is way off. The people driving this lack of morality, attack God, and those who follow him.  The entertainment industry as a whole is giving the people what they want from pornography to violence to incredibly violent video games which are nothing more than simulators designed to desensitize one to violence.

We have programs that explain everything through science except how did it all get started?  Science would tell you that there is no room for God and Religious folks would tell you that there is not room for science.  Only when they each realize that they must necessarily co-exists, will they find the answers which they seek! Indeed if God has a language I believe that you will find it to be math!

Mrs. Parker, the same constitution that allows you to live your life as you choose, also allows Christians to live their life as they choose.  By attacking organized religion and trying to get them to submit to the gay agenda “whatever that is” is biting off more than you can possibly chew.  This is not Canada, we still have Freedom of speech.

Here is the problem.  The Bible is what it is.  The words in it are what Christians believe to be the inerrant word of God; the same God that judges them, will judge you!  Unlike public opinion, the Bible is static, it does not change at some whim of bloated officials such as yourself. While atheist have made a religion out of being atheist; forcing the removal of God from Schools and public places, the Bible will not change.

Live your life as you like, causing others to stray has penalties all of its own; if you believe the words in the bible; and again, that is between the people who do it; and their God.

Denouncing God does not make him any less real but, if that helps you live with your life choices, so be it.

Not my Monkeys; Not my Circus!

If however; you use your powers of office to try and circumvent the constitution; than we have a whole other problem.

The constitution is not out of date as Ruth Ginsburg would have you believe; but a very timeless document that is just as salient today as it was when it was drafted.  It was crafted in such a way to protect the public from people, such as you who abuse your power to fit an agenda.

The Gay community did not happen in just the last few decades, but way back before Jesus ever trod the sod.  I know of no one that holds any animosity towards them but, if you choose to believe that people do, that is your problem; don’t make it ours.

Houston needs a lot of things and you can do a lot of good, taking on the church or religion or God is not what you were elected for, and I doubt that most of the people who voted for you would want you to continue on with this.  Your foolishness is making national news and not only are you hurting your cause but, you are hurting Houston, and you are hurting the Democratic Party. Stop tilting at Windmills.  If you are serious about turning Texas Blue, this is not the way to do it!  If you want more people to accept gay people, stop making them look bad!

Pick your battles carefully…


Time and Puzzles

Time and Puzzles

I wish I understood all that I know about time.

Like the mysteries of the Quark, I would really like to understand that too.

What I do know about time is that we never seem to have enough of it.  When things slow down I like to ponder what I know about “things.”  One of those things is time.

As a creator of a science fiction book I had to do some messing with time.  Not unlike the “flux capacitor” I had to “invent” a device that would move my beleaguered crew through time and space.  This required a lot of research because I really don’t want to be laughed at.. Well I guess if they must laugh I would hope it is with the same jocularity that we laughed at the garbage consuming flux capacitor.

Having said that and on a little more serious note I was wondering.  Things like this keep me up at night as I “wonder” a lot.  Ever notice how the storms on the sun seem to last forever?


I am thinking that they only seem to last forever as the sun has its own version of time which is a lot slower than ours due to its mass and gravity.


Knowing “something” about Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity it just seems to make sense. 


How to prove this is another story.  Here is another question.  Does the time that mercury experiences correlate with ours?   Another words, if we were to land on mercury and call home via radio, other than the 8 minutes that it would take to get the signal to earth would their atomic clock read the same as the one on earth?

 If there is a difference in time from the light source from the sun to us would this change our perception of the speed of light?  How about the age of the sun?


How about in reverse?  Are the clocks on Voyager or some satellite that is far out in our solar system the same as the clocks here on earth?  Do they have them?


Things like this really do keep me up at night.  What say you folks that understand the complicated math that surely accompanies this “stuff?”


-Best to you and those that you care about!




Ego and Widgets


I have never met anyone that was puffed up by their ego that could be objective about anything.  When we get a case of the “by gods” we loose ourselves to anger, arrogance, and objectivity.


Seeking that which would validate your opinion vs. looking for the truth; no matter what it is, is by nature our folly.  We are so prejudiced by our “feelings” to the point of severing ties with people that we care about who happen to see things differently.  We will go so far as to sever relations with those who think differently than us, because of pride.


There is strength in diversity.  A bunch of like minded people will convince each other that they are correct and everyone else is a fool.  We see this all over the globe in all sorts of situations.  Once we make up our minds about something, we for the most part stop looking for the truth and will vehemently fight for our particular slant on the facts.  When facts are provided that would disprove our opinion we tend to argue the validity of the facts and even question things like the scientific method.


The early church did this with Galileo.  They believed that the sun revolved around the earth and the earth was the center of everything.  As the early church was the de-facto authority for any questions about any subject; anyone who dared to disagree with them may very well face the noose or the sword. They were the government, the school and of course the one and only way to heaven. Very prideful people which reminds me of a story…


There was this fellow that built a business.  He built it by the sweat of his brow, constantly honing it, making gentle course correction to achieve optimal penetration into his particular niche.


A lot of the employees were either impressed by him or alienated by his sometime brute force approach to problems.  When the business became too much for one person to manage it was decided to bring in an assistant.  The board members (people who provided the seed money) insisted as they were looking out for their investment.


For a while things were rocking along nicely until the two disagreed over policy or procedure.  One person being stogy, and rigid, and self righteous; while the other person wanting to try something new or different. Words were said that should not have been said and the lot was cast when forgiveness was not asked for or offered until it was too late. These facts were not told to the employees but they all knew something was up, as one of them would be gone for long stretches at a time.  The product was not as radiant as it once was, and the customers were really not getting what they were paying for; as the quality was lacking.  The machine in fact was broken because of arrogance and pride.


The Board of directors, keeping up with the P&L, took stock of these numbers and were very much concerned that their investment was going down the tubes.  Having absolute power over the main players, they decided to get rid of both of the managers, as neither one was capable of getting past the events that had transpired.  While they were there; neither one was doing their jobs with any alacrity, so they were handed their hats and asked to leave.


The value of the stock was slipping and the competition was picking up new customers as people are not only apathetic but fickle. We are quick to judge and form an opinion and then act on it, with virtually no facts, no truth, just hearsay.


One of the leaders started over again, and the other just simply left as he knew that his actions had damaged the company, their product and the satisfaction and trust of the customers.


The Board of directors looked long and hard to replace the leaders but the niche market for these widgets is narrow and hard to find qualified people who understand this particular widget and all of the intricacies that go with it.


In the meantime the employees picked sides and when the leaders were let go, many went and looked for other employment with other companies as they did not trust the board of directors or agree with their actions.   Some stayed however as they were not there for the leaders, but the product, and how much the customers needed and enjoyed the product. They were of course saddened to see the managers leave but the true focus of the company was not on the men that started it; but the widget!


In time the company got production going again.  They hired new employees and found new customers to buy the product.  Some of the old employees were unhappy with this and sent terrible hurtful letters to those that stayed, because those that stayed were not willing to strike and walkout like they were.  The people that stayed were looked upon as “scabs” or strikebreakers.  The employees that left were truly angered by those that crossed the picket line as their battle should be everyone’s call to action (or so they thought).  Those who crossed the picket line cared for the greater good, the customer and the survival of the company.  They did not want to see another Hostess episode after all.


The widget factory survived because the majority of the people trusted the board of directors and knew that the widgets must be made and sent out on time.


The employees that left still had bitter feelings toward the company and those people that stayed behind, relations were severed.  I think that they even took a dislike to the widget which they once were very fond of.  When they saw one another in the street, they snubbed their once fellow co-worker.  Had they trusted in the “board of directors” and not given their allegiance and “faith” to a single human being, the widget factory would never have experienced this loss of production, hence lack of profit and the customers would not have had to go look for widgets of unknown quality elsewhere, and relationships that were built over years and years would not have been destroyed.


When ones ego gets too inflated, it pops. When it blows up, there is lots of collateral damage, innocent people get hurt.    When you use the nuclear option to settle an argument with your neighbor, you may very well take out the entire city.


Your perception of the facts may be inaccurate. You were not there when the original “event” went down, so you really don’t have anything but conjecture and hear say to act upon.  For some that is enough.  Before you kill off Little Debbie by your willingness to act on few facts, please keep in mind that like Hostess, that company has been around for years and has graced the lunch box of many children for generations.  What would the world be like without Little Debbie, or the Widget?


-Best to you and those that you care about.