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State of the Union & What’s Next! #thefive

With unemployment numbers at 5.8 percent and the Dow Jones closing at record highs, one has to wonder why polls show that Americans are worried about the economy.

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies and statistics!”

The truth about unemployment is that once you fall off of the unemployment benefits you are no longer considered unemployed, thus you are no longer part of the statistic.  If you are under employed; you are still employed and thus no longer a statistic.  If the truth was told, unemployment would be around 20%, higher in the African American community.

The racial divide in this country is mostly a fictitious agenda foisted upon us by people who stand to benefit from there being one. Much like the fabled war on women, it suited the Democratic party for there to be one, so they invented it, sold it to the American people under the precepts that men hated women and just wanted them barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen or we wanted to take away their right to vote and or drive or whatever nonsense that they could dream up!  Most any man knows that if momma isn’t happy, aint nobody happy!  “Momma” by the way can be a metaphor for “the women of the house.”

The plan worked; it helped get Obama elected to a second term and got Sandra Fluke name recognition which will be someone to watch in the future for the political arena, or to take Rosie’s place on the View, when too many people get tired of her nonsense.

I bet her parents are proud.  Really, you get on national TV and tell the world that you want taxpayers to pay for your $6 birth control pills!  I can’t get into the liberal mindset however.  California is one of the most screwed up states in the union, yet they keep electing those that are responsible!

While the war on women and racial strife propagated by this administration was to divert your attention from the “real issues of the day.” Sadly it worked.

Benghazi and our people were not protected or vindicated. Fast and Furious turned into “they acted stupidly and if I had a son!”  America was played by the ideas of Saul Alinsky in rules for radicals and “never let a crisis go to waste.”  What if you don’t have a crisis when you need one, invent one or don’t send help when it was needed.  Look, there is a video on YouTube which some might find offensive, make that a talking point with the main stream media which is full of sycophants’, all wanting a one-on-one interview with the president, or first question at the press briefing and have no journalistic integrity left what so ever!  They have traded it for ratings.

I picture Obama sitting at his desk with a bird cage in the corner, containing a bald eagle. The cage is just large enough for the eagle to barely fit. At the bottom of the cage is a journalism diploma covered in poop, and in his lap is some small dog with the head of some main stream journalist of whose diploma is in that bird cage.

No sitting president has ever weighed in on such issues and this president has been a lighting bolt for this type of activity!  His efforts to foment racial tension have actually been one of his most successful endeavors! Between him, Jessie Jackson Jr. and Good old Al, we have racial tensions at an all time high.  Mr. Sharpton is reported as owing over $4.5 million in back taxes, why is he not in jail?  Who is protecting him?

If blood is spilled over this Ferguson deal, they will all have it on their hands.  Of course if it starts looking bad for them, they will all slither off, and deny ever being there.  Kind of like Nancy Pelosi disavowing any knowledge of who Gruber is.

If you don’t know who Gruber is, you are watching or reading the wrong news.

The truth about Obama Care came out from the creator or architect of it, bragging about how stupid Americans are.  If you tell them there is a Santa Clause; they will believe you!  You can keep your doctor and health plan and it will be cheaper.  Enough people that know nothing of math believed it; and voted for the regime that created it and installed it against the will of the American people.  When they found out just how much they were lied to about that and other things well, there was a “wave” of unhappy voters.   Of course the disillusioned voters sent a message too, by simply staying home.

That has not slowed Prince Obama down though.  No, Thursday night he will announce some executive action that is well beyond his constitutional powers “and he knows it” allowing 5 million “undocumented aliens” in the country to register and work here. While the voters clearly want him to stop he is thinking that the vote was really telling him to plow ahead at full speed!

Who really wants this? Who benefits from it?

The American people don’t want it.  Even after all of the spin the liberal media has done, most Americans don’t think that this is a good idea. At least they are thinking… except of course for the 14% who had no opinion!  14 percent of you have no opinion?  What color is the sky in the world that you are living in?

How do you think that someone comes up with a billion dollars to use in a campaign?

We already have a high number of unemployed Americans in this country.  Because of Obamacare, companies are trying to skirt the law and hire more part time folks than full time.  If you bring in 5 million more people, who need jobs, into this economy; you now create more competition for the few jobs that are here already.

With that many more “workers” you have people who have had a tough life and lived in shanty towns, so to speak, and will do it again putting many families in single family dwellings where Americans are used to going to college, getting a decent job and moving out of mom and dad’s house, into an apartment or buying their own place.  These kids are returning home living in the room that they grew up in!  Mom and dad are supporting them again and don’t even get the puny tax break, which was something!

Not only do you have more competition for the jobs out there but, you know that these folks will get government assistance; their kids will need schooling which the taxpayers will pay for.  They will need housing which I can bet the taxpayers will subsidize and medical assistance which may be simply to overwhelm the emergency rooms of this country.

His plan will act like a magnet to other countries who know that the border is not only porous but, we pick you up and give you a ride to the processing center!

  • How many people can the country absorb?
  • How many cheap workers do companies need to be competitive?
  • How many of these do the Democrats hope to turn into voters?
  • Will the voter ID laws become a hot topic in 18 months or so?
  • What happens to the Americans who pay taxes who can’t find a job?
  • How much debt is too much before we default?
  • At what point Mr. Gruber, will this country fold as our money will become worthless?  How much money can you print before we use it to wipe our backsides with it, as we can’t afford toilette paper!? Well Mr MIT smart guy?

Americans are not stupid by the way…

We have all we can do to make the rent each month, pay for groceries and keep the kids in shoes.  We are currently experiencing a small reprieve from gasoline prices; although I have noticed that those prices are going back up as we get close to thanksgiving.

We send people to Washington to represent us so we can pay attention to the things that matter to us; family, friends and taking care of our own.  While we are generous to a fault, to steal from our kids and their kids, to serve some hidden agenda; is reprehensible.  Your Actions Mr Gruber and Mr prince Obama, have consequences.

There are companies out there who utilize unemployment benefits to keep their employees viable during down time in the economy.  They furlough them while orders are slow and then bring them back after there is a backlog of work.  These are not small companies by the way, these are giants in the industry, hidden under some sub company of the giant.

There are companies who hire folks on SSI or welfare, to work one or two days a week being careful not to give them enough hours or money that their employees loose their “taxpayer subsidized form of living.”   These companies have egregious hiring practices and get away with it!

There are more companies who take on contract workers who “work” for another company that is in the business of supplying cheap labor.  All of this to keep the number of FTE’s under the magic number of 50.

Then there is retail:

They hire many people part time, promise them that after they have been there a while that they see management potential in them and they will be full time!  This story is repeated time after time after time.  Yes, they get them to work like dogs and pay them minimum wage.  When they have their fill of being treated like crap, they move on and there are a dozen more waiting to take their place.  After we get 5 million more “legal to work aliens” in the country, do you really think it will help this?!  It will be great for the retail giants who need Spanish speaking sales clerks or people to work in the warehouse.

 So here is how it will work:

You have to be the “best of the best” to get a decent job in this country that has any benefits and pay to it. Or, you have to “know” someone.

You can get on the government tit and get your free Obama phone, and government subsidized food and health care until that runs out in two more years; or until the country goes bankrupt.  You have to be impoverished which I know of people who have purposefully impoverished themselves, to get into the system.

You can get two or three part time jobs, getting about 20 hours a week from each job and maybe make enough to get a cheap apartment, take public transportation or walk and live “survive” frugally!

You get on the government tit, and work at jobs where you are payed in cash so there is no paper trail anywhere.  As far as the “system is concerned” you don’t make any money and are living on the few hundred a month that they give you.  It never dawns on them to look and see that your style of living is much better than what it should be.

You can become an inventor and invent something that no one else has thought of, except… it cost tens of thousands of dollars to protect your idea, just in this country; never mind each and every other country in the world where major corporations have some business in that country and can do with your idea as they wish; and they have the means to tie up the case in courts for eons.

You can become an entrepreneur.  Start your own business and compete with the big boys.

You can hope and argue against the legalization of drugs and become a drug dealer.  There is a huge demand for successful dealers and the margins are great!  You can even sample the product and sell your client a little light, they will hopefully never know.

Of course, a slow pay client could cost you your life but, when you deal with an unregulated group of businessmen, what do you expect?

I understand that Chicago and Detroit have some good areas for training in how to do this; the competition however will kill for their clients.  If you get killed there, you truly become a statistic.  It will never be investigated.

As more and more people become desperate, more and more criminal activity will take place leading to jobs that might be around for a while.

You can become the MAN!  You can work for the people that arrest drug dealers, and put them behind bars!  That too has its risk as “the man” has little respect in this community.

You can become a jailer, working with the criminal element on a daily basis, being rest assured that there will always be an abundant supply of “product.”

What are the answers?

Jobs to shoot for in trades would be plumber, air conditioning heating, electrician and automobile mechanic or airline mechanic.  These folks make good money and will always have work, if they have any ethics and or honor.

A military career might look promising, if you don’t mind being told what to do, and when to do it, having little or no say so about it.   There is travel involved, and you do get to work in a team environment.  Currently there is no shortage of supply, so you need to be a college grad to qualify as cannon fodder.

IT jobs are being farmed out faster than they can be created.  India, the Philippines, and anywhere but here, are where programming and engineering jobs are going.

With tens of thousand of IT folks out of work, the government still allows thousands of H1-B workers in the country each year.  If you ever go to a career fair for IT folks you will see thousands of applicants for a half dozen jobs.  Somewhere in there a company that farms out IT jobs to such countries as India will come in and negotiate a deal with those companies and money talks!  A DBA could easily get a $100K a year.  That can be farmed out for a third that, and the “farmer” can still make money!

There are companies out there that you can request a bid on some piece of software that you need developed. They in turn act like the GC on a job, and get it done for you in some corner of the world at a competitive cost and yes; there is enough in it that they make money acting as the PM and go between.

IT support or customer service is demanding but, requires someone with good communication skills and customer service skills.  If you settle for cheap you get a reputation like HP had for years.  Companies are still working this issue as people in the Philippines are getting better than Peggy in Russia or Kim in India.

Factory jobs too are being farmed out to countries that have horrible human rights issues and no concern for the environment.  While we have a president who has stopped the coal industry and hurt many workers and caused our energy prices to sky rocket, that same coal that is so dangerous here is being sold to, you guessed it, China and other third world countries that have no tree huggers, no Sierra Club and no EPA.  Magically, all of this global warming talk has nothing to do with selling coal to countries that could care less about pollution.  Obama must think that the polluted air and green house gasses in China, stay in China!

The obvious choice for anyone with a brain is anything medical.  Keep in mind that they are lowering the standards for doctors and nurses so you truly can be tomorrow’s “worst doctor,” and still get called doctor!  With millions of new people being dumped into an already over utilized system, medical professionals will be in high demand!  If you have a penchant to play god, (most doctors that I have worked with felt as if they were gods,) this field might be for you.  Nurse or medical technician or dentistry is a field worth looking into as well.

I fear that this has been in the works for sometime as they have been working on reforming law suites regarding mal practice for years.  Tomorrow; when you go to the worst doctor in the world, and he screws you up, you won’t be able to sue him.

Here is a billion dollar idea!

I have always felt that owning a tattoo removal shop would be a burgeoning business.  You could actually have both, have one shop where they put the tattoos on, and another in an upscale part of town where they can be removed!  You could even sell insurance that if you got the tattoo and later decided that you did not like it, or changed your mind, you could go to the other shop and get it removed, for free; if you kept up your modest yearly insurance fee.  You could make a deal with other tattoo shops to sell your insurance for you, and they get a commission for selling it!  You get the yearly renewals.

The insurance would be “per tattoo” and underwritten by the size, colors used, type of skin and whatever other technicality that that industry could think of.

People are mutilating themselves in wholesale fashion so maybe even offer a clinic where this type of thing can be “undone.”  Plastic surgery could have a whole new line of business besides boobs, butts, and tummy tucks!

Salesman is a vocation that requires good people skills, and communication skills.  If you are good, you can make a nice living.  Being a sales person would require that people can afford to buy what you are selling.

There are always government jobs.   The IRS is going to need a lot of new folks to administer Obama care so this is a place to apply to today!

And lastly for this diatribe, you could be a politician!  It requires the ability to act and have little or no scruples. Most politicians were once lawyers.  Most doctors and lawyers deserve every joke that has ever been written about them.

I used to do field service.  During that time I dealt with lots of both!  I dealt with some of the most famous doctors you would ever want to know, as well as some of the most notorious lawyers that you might want representing you, if you had screwed up.

To me that was always a “tell” as to if the guy was innocent or guilty.  Take OJ Simpson for instance.  He had the dream team and he got off!  Why did he need the dream team if he were truly innocent?

I once had a lawyer confide in me that it was easier for him to get you off, if he knew that you were guilty than if you were innocent.  This was a very high profile attorney which If I mentioned his name you would know it.   Between the OJ Simpson trial and that statement, I lost a lot of respect for the “system.”  It was truly “justice” is for those that can afford it.  Justice of course not being truly about what justice is, actually quite the opposite.

I had another lawyer who met me at the door who was totally apoplectic!  He looked as though you might expect a rabid dog to look before it bit your head off!  He had never met me before but he wanted to scare me into believing that he was all kinds of bad and I had better do my best for him!  They sent me in to deal with customers who were pissed off by someone else, as I could “fix things.”  I could make nice with the customer and fix things!  I stood there and let him rant for over 5 minutes, I took out a notepad and acted as though I were making notes while he quite literally spit on me, while he was expounding his thoughts about my company, our product and where he thought that our company rated.  After he started winding down as he was not getting the desired response from me, I asked him point blank; “are you finished?”

His demeanor changed immediately, he had been acting as I suspected.  He actually reached up and wiped some of his spittle off my face and then, we went about taking care of his problems.  Another such lawyer, a woman, pretty much gave me the same treatment. She told me flat out that she was a bitch!  If I did not “fix” things, she would be my worst nightmare!  I extended my hand and she was taken aback at first, and then took mine.  As we shook hands, I told her how much I appreciated her sincere honesty!

A smile broke out on her face and from that moment on, I was the only guy that was permitted in her office from my company. For the rest of my years with that company I looked forward to working with her, as she me.

This is where politicians come from. Reagan was the consummate politician, as he was a good actor! Now if we could find another actor with some scruples; that might be a good candidate!  Morgan Freeman would make a good president.  He has many believing every week that he knows something about physics! Besides, I really like his voice?  Have you ever noticed that when you read something that they wrote you read it in their voice?  I Digress…

So, what’s next and why is Obama rushing this immigration stuff?

The last thing on his agenda, probably one of his last promises to those that put him in office or who control him now, is climate change!

Why, does he care about green house gas?  Does he really know anything about it?  If he can make something happen who would benefit from it?

In order for someone to benefit financially, someone has to spend money.  Al Gore has lost most credibility but they may drag him out again to see if he can convince you that there are no more polar bears and all the penguins are turning into BBQ.  Who knows what crazy crap they will come up with and what Pelosi or Reid will say?  One lies and the other one swears to it.

Here is the problem and the reason for the rush on immigration.  What he is doing is illegal.  The republicans are going to have to spend a lot of time and juice in chipping away at Obama Care and they are going to have to spend a lot of time dealing with his immigration antics which will leave him time to further is final agenda.  During this same time there is an election in which the Republicans are going to try and get a candidate into office.  The main stream media will spend their time excoriating the republicans at each and every chance and we know that they have a little less than half the country watching them.  Fox will continue to try and keep up however there are a lot of things in the air which is what this administration wants.  And let’s not forget about the Middle East and any disruptions and or killings there.  If there are too many targets, it all turns into noise; and the public tunes out.  Football or any other type of sport wins out and American Looses!

Never waste a Crisis…!

The bottom line to this last 6 years and future 2 years will be higher energy prices, and people like Warren Buffett getting at least 7 years of hauling tar sands and oil and what have you on his railroad.  They may even use his rail road to haul parts for the pipeline!

The Keystone will pass early next year and many of the workers will most probably be immigrants from you guessed it, tomorrow’s executive order.  So instead of Americans getting a decent salary, they will use Mexicans as slaves, and put them on jobs paying them less than what they would have to pay the 46,000 Americans.

Republicans will have their hands full creating legislation for Barack Obama to Veto as they will be fully engaged in making the Democrats look bad “like they would have to try,” so Hillary won’t have a chance.  They will try and stop Obama and like I said, chip away at the things that he has created but, basically nothing will get accomplished of any consequence as remember, politics is all about raising money and campaigning!

The damage from this administration will take years to undo.  There is going to be $20,000,000,000,000.00 of debt and this administration is responsible for half of it! When the president took office the national debt was $10.6 T.

Obama will have fundamentally transformed America. The next President will have one hell of a job on his or her hands.  There is no telling where this President and his wife will retire, but my bet would be Dubai. Once there he can try to be a king or at least prince, as he will have experience!

Don’t agree? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it. Just keep it clean if you want a response.



Ink or not to Ink, that is the question


Popular programs on TV and our “current culture” are glorifying the tattoo as a “must have accessory” much like a certain kind of purse or clothing item.




The argument and dissention is that hiring managers might “judge” someone and not hire them because of their ink.  Another argument is that if someone is inked and it is visible, is it ok for someone to stare at it?


Let’s address the later first.  It is “never” ok to stare at someone.  I will admit that some of this “art” has caused me to do a double take but to be fair, I am an artist.  I have made conversation with the person before and then had them show me their tattoo if they were so inclined so it was now a “show and tell” and not some stranger staring at another person.  I think they call that “manners.”  Besides, it is a type of art so why not show it off?


Is it a good idea to get tattooed or pierced in visible places? 

  • Are you independently wealthy?
  • Is there a point in your future that you might need to find a job?
  • Do you mind being the “center of attention?”
  • Does living in the fringes of society bother you?


Fads are for Fools


Let’s say that you were offered a particular kind of clothing to wear for the rest of your life for free.  The conditions were that is all you could ever wear and once you made the decisions to agree, there was no turning back.


So, it’s the 70’s and the leisure suite is in vogue.  You agree and your closet is constantly re-stocked with leisure suites all the exact same size, color and style.  It is now 2014, how many leisure suites do you see?  One, that is right, the one that you are wearing!




I know it may not seem like it right now but this too is a fad, and sooner or later it will pass.  The difference between the leisure suite and this is there is really no way to go back to “normal” once you go there.  Yes you can have it removed but will it ever be like it was never there?  If you have a piercing removed will there not be a scar?


It boggles my mind that so many alter their body in such ways because it “looks cool.”  What started out as a way to mark criminals has certainly taken on a life of its own.



Why should one not get a tattoo in a visible place?


This job market is tough.  You might be the brightest person around but chances are good that you are not.  You must be competitive in every way and that includes not only your knowledge of your particular area of expertise but, it also includes the way that you look.


Hiring managers look at all sorts of things when they consider you for employment.


Me, personally I look for things like a manicure, if your shoes are shined, shirt ironed, shaved and hair well kept.  I look to see how well spoken you are. I look at your posture. I look to see if you exercise and if it is not obvious from your looks, I will ask about your hobbies looking for some sort of physical activity


This of course is muddled into the conversation about the job. Is your personal life my business; only when it affects your performance at the job.  When you work for me, you represent me.  If I am a department head you represent the best that department has to offer.  There could be ten of you, and you each represent the best, “if I hired you.”


Truthfully a good HR department does this for me.  They go through the thousands of resumes and pick out the top 1%.  Then they go through those and weed out a few more by some of the things mentioned.



Now, what do you think happens if this walks into the door looking for work?






What would you care to wager that these rocket scientist are living on the government tit, or still in the bedroom they grew up in?



There are some good arguments for these but, I suspect that those that make them either themselves had or have tattoos, or know someone who does and are sympathetic for their decision.


Unlike the marine or other vet who is hurt or mutilated in some way fighting for your country, they did not choose to mutilate themselves.  You on the other hand for some reason whether it is out of some rebellious act, or drunken stupor, or cave to peer pressure, made a clear choice to do this.  Some would argue it is to “express oneself.”


Part of me wants to run for congress just to introduce and get passed legislation that would make in unlawful to mutilate someone like this.  The stupid people of this earth really need someone looking after them.

You want to express yourself, get a good job and buy a nice house, raise your 2.5 kids and drive a Lexus.  Go to the PTA and make the world a better place by setting a good example for those 2.5 kids. 

There was a movie in the 70’s with Neil Diamond.  The Jazz Singer, you may have seen it.  In the beginning of the movie Jess and Bubba get a chance to play at an all black club.  While playing, Jess “disguised as a black man” shows his white palms of his hands during the performance and all hell breaks loose.  His father bailing him out of prison says something rather profound. “It isn’t tough enough beink a Jew?”

Is the job market not tough enough? 


Now go do the right thing…


-Best to you and those that you care about!








The World Today


As a hiring manager for the best part of the 90’s and well into the 2000’s I could not help but notice a difference in the candidates that would walk through my door.


I would put on a suit and tie, make sure that my shoes were polished as well as the rest of the personal hygiene in check if I were interviewing. I was surprised by those who did not.  If they did not respect me or the company enough to try and look respectable, what would they look like and or act like if I were to hire them.  There is this whole etiquette thing involved in obtaining a job, and it starts with how you look.  You only have one chance to make a first impression.


With Mom and Dad both having to work to make ends meet, generation “Y” was most likely raised by “Big Bird,” or an older brother or sister, or possibly some retired family member.  The TV with hundreds of channels made a great baby sitter; and then there was the “game boy.”  This generation is addicted to “screens.” While I appreciate “screens” as well, I also enjoy a good book, a walk in the park, watching the ocean, talking with friends and family on the front porch and going to a baseball game. There is nothing wrong with FaceBook or World of Warcraft, it is simply a matter of balance and not a way of life, or substitute thereof.


While negative attention is better than no attention, I suspect that many who pushed the envelope did so for attention.  “Look Ma, I am doing drugs!  Don’t you care enough to even slow down to talk to me?”  From drugs they may turn to self-injury, or getting some sort of tattoo, or some of this wonderful body jewelry “through their nose.”


They in fact must have never heard the words “self effacement.”  “I suspect that Hubris has taken the place Humility.”

We have shows on TV glorifying “INK.”  We have celebrities who have more ink than skin.  Our kid’s role models are broken people.  When your kids look up to “broken people” where do you think that will lead them? Your kids should be looking up to you, not Madonna!


It is my opinion that many are drawn to “ink” and alike purely for the sake of attention.  If they cannot get the good attention they need at home; mutilating ones body will certainly draw a crowd at school, the mall, and of course with siblings. And it most certainly will draw that negative attention from your guardians or other authoritarian figures…

There is another school of thought; these folks are insecure and again “ink,” mutilate, or act out audaciously, in an effort to get people to leave them alone as “they are bad.”

I also think that there is a subset that does it, purely to spite their family or friends and peers either at work or school or what have you.  These are the folks that are so insecure that they are giving their-selves a rhinectomy.      “I will show you, I will cut off my nose!” In the end they are only really hurting themselves currently and in the future as well as some of these things are really quite permanent!

Once these folks are disfigured, they drastically limit their options for employment and possibly a choice in friends and or spouse.  If you present yourself for employment with visible body jewelry that is “out of the norm” there is a high probability that your “resume” will be trashed the second you hit the door.

I would guess that the same could be said for over the top tattoos.   My thinking and I am certain most hiring managers thinking would be, if they make these types of decisions for themselves, what kinds of decisions are they going to make for me?


Unless your aspirations for employment are to work your way up to busboy, or maybe become a tattoo artist, I would strongly suggest keeping the ink under cover; at least from 8 to 5.

There is a group which I have not mentioned that may very well be so artistic that they want this “Art” on them to wear into perpetuity.   The problem with that my pet, is simply this; as we age we loose collagen.  Our young looking skin gets wrinkled and becomes thinner and pretty soon the artwork looks like a used painter’s pallet, instead of the masterpiece that you paid for.  Think about it this way, do you own an outfit that you would wear everyday, day in day out for the rest of your life?  I know of no clothing that I would want to wear everyday, and night; forever!


If you make bad decisions with permanent outcomes in your youth; those will have an effect on you as you mature.  Some if these decisions lead to depression, and eventual suicide as they cannot live with what they have done, and the guilt overcomes them.  Addictions often end in self destruction as they practice the addiction and then deal with the guilt for what they have done.  To get rid of the guilt they do more of the addiction and spiral downward; until they either become outcast and wake up in the gutter or decide to end it all.  Very few “see the light” and decide to choose not to do what they have been doing.  Society tends to let these folks slip away which is probably normal programming.


If one were to follow the lives of the “rich and famous” they would quickly discern that with their lifestyle comes a price.  When these people admit that they have been strung out on recreational chemistry, why are they not investigated criminally?  Dealers are so bold that they don’t even try to keep their deals under cover.  I was at the gas station the other day.  In the next lane there were two people in a car, motor running taking up one of the spots to purchase gas.  Before I finished a women pulled up behind them, got out and fussed at them for making here come “all the way over here.”  They transacted their business and then both were soon gone their separate ways.  I would imagine that the rich and famous get delivery, much like the Pizza guy delivers food and they don’t have to go to the gas station.


This culture is invasive to our way of life.  Along with all of the other trappings that seem to come with this entitled generation, recreational chemistry seems to be one of the trimmings that not only effect the rich and famous, but the not so rich and famous.

All addictions are chemical.  What many fail to realize is that all addictions are chemical in nature.  When we smoke or drink, chemicals are released in the brain which we find appealing.  Recreational chemistry is not only externally chemically induced but also causes a release of chemistry in the brain so in fact, one might get a double dose of “feel good” chemistry.  I suspect that is why Cocaine is so addictive.  Pornography can be a chemical addiction just like chocolate or food.  If whatever you enjoy releases these chemicals, you can become addicted to it, and not know why or even know that you are.  One of the most common addictions is adrenalin.  We have rides at amusement parks which cause the release of this chemical as well as speeding or racing a friend, to even fighting in school.  If we were to really study the kleptomaniac, we might learn that is a chemical addiction as well and we might treat the condition differently than simply locking them up.  Other criminal endeavors like car jacking or what have you, may not only serve the purpose of obtaining money; but the perpetrator might very well enjoy the high from the release of adrenalin.  I suspect that many of the “crimes” that people do today like flashing, or being a peeping tom, or simply being an exhibitionist, might very well be because of the release of some hormone or endorphin.


My guess would be that the BDSM community would also fall into this category.

Criminals are not the only people to enjoy this “high,” as I suspect firefighters, policemen, fighter pilots or even bull fighters might very well do this, because they are adrenalin junkies, and may not even know it.  If you have ever listened to the police scanner when there is a chase going on or perhaps the firefighters when they are fighting a fire, you can hear it in their voice.

If I were to guess why middle school is so tough, it would be that this is typically when (puberty) hormones are released in abundance and young people experience this and really don’t know what to do with it.  Male dominance may break out (and be manifested as fights) as young men try to establish their place as the “alpha” male.  Young ladies also have their chemistry issues and those manifest mostly as sniping, spreading rumors and trying to become the “queen B.”  We are not so different from the animal kingdom and those that think that we are simply are fooling themselves, as they don’t like the idea of being related to “animals.”


Pain can be an addiction.  Endorphins are released with pain so cutting, burning or other forms of self-injury could not only be a cry for attention, but also feeding an addiction.

Extreme forms of chemical release are also practiced by some but, usually not for long as it kills them.  One form is autoerotic asphyxiation.  David Carradine was most certainly the victim of such an act.  I say victim because he was under the delusion that he could do this safely. There is no safe way to strangle one-self.  I cannot imagine what drove him to do this but I suspect like all drugs, it takes more and more to achieve the same “high.”

There is a saying among the pilot community that states, “There are old pilots and bold pilots, however; there are no old bold pilots.”  I suspect the same could be said with some exceptions for the “addicted among us.”    When a pilot gets into trouble such as flying into a cloud bank without the proper training, he is taught to get on the radio and confess what has happened, so air traffic control can assist him back to clear air.  Without proper training there is this condition called spatial disorientation.  Basically your eyes and senses do not believe the instruments, and more often than not the pilot will fly the plane right into the ground or “auger in.”  If you are reading this, and you happen to be addicted, get help before you too, auger in.  There are few people, if anyone that can handle an addiction without eventual self destruction. We witness this daily with our celebrities as well as their deaths from overdoses etc.  There is no “winning” with addictions.


The other issue with Generation Y that puzzled me is “sagging,” tell me what the hell satisfaction one gets by wearing their jeans down to their crotch, walking around with one hand holding them up so they don’t fall down the rest of the way?  We all know where the trend started and somehow adopted and glorified by the hip-hop crowd but really, you think that we want to see your underwear?  I watched a young man run across the street to catch his bus.  He tripped over his pants that were falling down the rest of the way and did a face plant in the middle of the road in front of the bus that he was running to catch.  Either this kid was trying to prove that Darwin was correct or he was trying to prove how stupid it actually is to do that.  Does this trend bespeak of letting your peers know how cool you are or the rest of the world know how stupid you are? Had the bus driver had a little slower reaction time, those sagging pants would have cost that person their life. He quite literally would have been thrown-under-the-bus.


Like “ink” I think that “sagging” is just one more way of young people expressing their objection or rebellion to the main-stream mores of the day.   Instead of getting an education and working to change the system to make it better, it is much easier and simpler to call people’s attention to you underwear.  The trouble here is that most people will not see past how lame you look, and that will be as far as it will go.  And ladies, we really don’t want to see your “wale tail” either..  Underwear is just that, clothing that stays under other clothing.  It can be audacious as you like, but keep it your secret, “really…”

Our youth is mesmerized by shows like American Idol.  Millions of people watch that show.  How many do you think imagine them-selves doing it, winning the top spot?  We have become so egocentric as a people, that narcissism seems to be a way of life.  “I made it through school, now where is my corner office and how much are you going to give me to sit here and look pretty?”  Not really exaggerating too much here.


You can decide to be one of the leaders of tomorrow, or live in the shadows of society; it really is your choice.  Many will blame their circumstances on where they are in life, but if they were truthful with themselves, they would know and admit that their lot in life in most cases is their own doing.

There are too many rags to riches stories all through history.  Look up how they did it and see if you cannot apply some of their techniques.  Or, you can learn how to stay warm by using discarded newspapers as insulation; it really is up to you.  If you are reading this; you have at your fingertips all of the information that you could ever need to do anything that you want to do.  Any subject that has ever been invented is here.  Knowledge is power, and while that cliche may seem tired, trust me it is more salient today than ever before.


Figure out where your talents lie, or what you are passionate about and than search through history and see how others that did what you want to do, managed to do it.

I would not have “win the lottery” as my retirement plan, I also would not put all of my eggs in the rock star basket, or country star, or movie star.  The odds are very much against you.

Before you spend your hard earned money on ink, or permanent jewelry, you may want to think about the future just a little bit.  The hiring manager will most probably not be sympathetic to facial jewelry or ink.  There are millions of folks looking for employment.  If you and another are equally qualified but the other person has adorned him or herself with accouterments, most likely you will get the job.  Is that fare?  Nope, life is not fare, get used to it and live with it.  The system is what it is, either work to modify it by legal and moral means, or adjust your way of life into the system.  Rebelling against it by wearing your pants around your ankles, or getting every inch of skin inked or pierced is your problem; and society will pass you by.

-Best to you and those that you care about.