The Truth is out There


Yep, stacks of money!  Hyperinflation from printing too much money.


Those are for a loaf of bread.


Thousands of Marks being tossed in the streets as it was worthless.  Look up hyperinflation. 

I was and still am to some degree a fan of the X-Files.  Does that mean that I believe that UFO’s are visiting us?  Nope, I appreciate Science fiction and as a matter of fact have written some.

Area 51 gets more publicity than it disserves as it is nothing more than a place where “we” develop prototype airplanes, and I would suspect that it could be used as a landing field.  The government allows the rumors of ufo’s to persist as it makes great cover for what they are really doing.  Why do I say that?  A quick look at Google earth, type in area 51 and there a few miles from Las Vegas sits air strips that are much longer than most.  That is most likely to accommodate great speed and time to slow down.

When Jack Nicholson (who is one of my favorite actors) said “you can’t handle the truth” may have been on to something.  I would guess that we as a people don’t have a clue what is really happening in the world political arena just like we don’t really know why the government is purchasing billions of bullets for the TSA.

The story one reads on the internet is that the Social Security folks have ordered 174,000 rounds of hollow point .357.  A reasonable conclusion would be that when the tap runs dry, as it will, the folks who are currently on government assisted living will become unruly.  They most likely are preparing for civil unrest like we have seen in Greece and other countries of late.  We are so far down that road, I don’t see any way of it not happening.

At some point when you print enough money, the US dollar will be worth nothing.  The folks living off of the government will not be the only ones affected.

Is that fear mongering?  No, it is simply stating the facts and anyone who has ever read history can testify as to the legitimacy of what I am writing.

When the local dollar store turns into the two dollar or five dollar store, some of the eighty percent might wake up, just a little.

The “truth” is that a large percentage of people don’t give a damn about the goings on in Washington and simply vote a party that they relate to.  It is in fact those people who are responsible for the mess that we are in.

A third party growing up out of this “situation is not inconceivable.    If I were a political strategist I would seek to get votes from the underpinnings of both groups.  The key will be to get people to “see” something besides football, baseball, basketball and hockey, not to mention the mind numbing sitcoms that grace the airwaves.

Yesterday when Jason Collins came out as gay, so what, who cares; can he still play ball?  Gay is the new normal right.  It just about seems to be fashionable to be gay!  This is the perception coming out of Hollywood.  One thing that I have never heard uttered from the president before is the support for a gay athlete.  Are you kidding me?  The world is on fire, our economy is one domino short of failure, some 29 year old xenophobic psychopath has his fingers on the buttons of a nuke who threatens this country often, and you actually have time to comment on Jason Collins?  This is not the first time that this president has done some pretty “un-presidential things” but when Clinton also made a similar comment, what the hell!  Truth be told; this president is still in campaign mode.  It would have been much better if Jason was from Mexico; then he could have killed two birds with one stone.

Don’t read into this that which is not there, I have no issues with gay folks.  Love is great wherever you can find it.  I do have issues with my president pandering to different groups to aid the democratic push for 2016.  Somewhere he has a strategist telling him to say what he says, and of course never let an opportunity go to waste, aka Jason Collins. That also explains Bill Clinton’s remarks.

Politics by definition is to sway, (manipulate) the masses to think that your group is a better, friendlier, kinder and of course smarter group than the other evil people.  That is exactly how Hitler came into power.  Don’t believe me, look it up.

More people should be looking things up; instead of passing around these stupid eCards demonizing the other party. Eighty percent of the population will simply vote their gut, without a scrap of information.  Some of those will vote because they get free stuff, and don’t give a damn who pays for it.  Truth be told; your great grandchildren will be paying for it, if by some miracle we manage to avoid a “reset” of the economy.

So, can you handle the truth?  The truth is out there, you simply have to open your eyes and ears and listen to talking heads from both sides of the isle, as well as from different countries where they have not picked some side.

-Best to you and those that you care about!


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