Transportation Security Administration or “taking stuff anyway”


Transportation Security Administration or “Taking Stuff Away”

I must confess of having mixed feelings about this “administration.”

You really have no idea if they are screwing with you because it is purely: random” or they either don’t like something that they see, or they are bored, or they see someone that is attractive so they screw with them as a matter of spending a few more minutes with them.

I have written before how they have turned my luggage into a mixed up mess of what was once cleaned and pressed laundry into something that looked like they cleaned the hanger floor with it, and then shoved it back into the case.

This last trip I purchased the TSA approved lock and installed it onto a brand new piece of Sampsonite luggage. As this trip required clothing for ten days and all types of clothes needed for different events, I once again made certain that everything was packaged in such a way that I would have to do minimal ironing once there.

On the first leg of the trip I noticed that the brand new TSA approved lock was missing.

$17 locks labeled “TSA approved” gone missing is simply bullshit!  I was loath to go and get another lock as frankly I think that the TSA locks being sold on eBay in lots could most probably be traced back to some TSA or airport employee.

Arriving at my location I went through the process of taking my clothes and making some sort of sense of them when I noticed that the zipper going to the lining inside the case was broken.  For some reason whoever took the lock broke the zipper on the inside of the case which allows you to remove the lining for cleaning or what have you.  No machine broke that zipper, that was some heavy handed person looking for something!


Usually when the TSA violates my stuff they leave me a nice little piece of paper inside, telling me that my bag was “randomly checked” …  This was not the case this time, no notification that my clothing had been searched other than it looked like some child had packaged it.


Traveling sometimes is a necessary evil.  Even if you are simply going on vacation, I must confess that I grow tired of submitting to “children with god complexes.”  I know of no government agency that is not corrupt and this recent IRS fiasco did not help, and this one is no different.  Why, they hire people who forget that they too are people, and should treat others the way that they would want to be treated escapes me.  From the cop on the street to the man in the top office in the country, they need to remember that we are their boss and they work for us!  While this in no way includes everyone; I would make the argument that it is becoming more inclusive than one hates to think.


If they are incapable of doing this, it may be time to privatize these things and hold these people accountable to us as the government seems to forget who their boss is!

 There is simply no excuse for violating ones luggage and stealing the TSA locks that they insist that we purchase.  If they break something along the way, they need to own up to it instead of just loosing the lock and not putting anything inside the luggage with an apology and some sort of claim form to get it repaired. Stuff happens and everyone understands that.  To just ignore that you did it and let it go is unforgivable. Its like hitting a car in a parking lot and hoping that no one saw you do it.  It is Bullshit!


All stations where this type of activity is performed should be under video surveillance so these people can be held accountable for their actions!  This is America, not some third world country and it is high time that Americans stand up and say “no more!”

If we must submit to this  level of scrutiny should the people doing the scrutiny not also be watched for abuses on their parts? I am talking about oversight.  You know like the VA should have had oversight or the Damned IRS should have oversight.  When you work for us you should be beyond reproach! 


One government web site offers an excuse for the missing locks…

My question here is this. 

I have traveled for many many years using conventional locks.  Never has my baggage been messed up or the lock been torn away as this article suggest.  Now you are trying to convince me that because it is a TSA approved lock that somehow the conveyer belt tears it loose with no damage to the bag!?   What utter bullshit!  By the way, you are responsible! 


These signs disavowing responsibility or liability on the backs of trucks, or in parking lots, alleging the parking lot owners are not responsible to damage to your car, or the sign on the truck saying that if they loose something from their truck that damages your vehicle “too bad” is BULLSHIT.”  Their logic is if they tell you that they are not responsible, you will simply take your lumps and go away; is wrong.  The parking lot folks are responsible and must carry insurance to that end.  The truck hauling crap of any sort that comes off and damages your car is responsible and you can hold them accountable.  AND YOU SHOULD! And guess what TSA, you too are responsible.  The real question is, who is going to bring suite for a $17 lock?  Or a $200 piece of luggage? 


What if, I was to put a sign on the back of my car which said “I am not responsible for running over slow people who get in my way?”  Do you think that the courts would exonerate me because I had a sign?

I really hate being lied to.  Prevarication appears to be rife in our society and becoming the new American way! Every day, by people of all walks of life, lie to us; and it is Bullshit!

 We can do better and accepting accountability for our actions is a really good place to start. Demanding better from our feckless government is a MUST!

 HEY DOJ, why not look into where these “lots of TSA locks on ebay, come from? 

I realize that it is small potatoes but you must start somewhere.  Americans need to regain some trust in the government and right now you guys are not doing so well.  The little guy always seems to take it on the chin and nobody gives a damn.  I do, and so should you.




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