#Anonymous Syndrome Simplified A.S.S

Driving down the highway at posted speeds can lead to aggression on some folks parts, as they seem to think that just because the posted speed is “thus” that is only a suggested speed and those folks who follow that “suggested” speed should be on the feeder and not the highway.

Than you have those on the feeder who drive as if they are more important than you, speed around you in a reckless maneuver at double the posted speed to get one car length in front of you.

I could talk about this all day but you get the point, there are bad drivers out there and the question is, which are they?  Are they the people traveling above the posted speed or the folks driving along at the posted speed impeding some peoples progress.

I don’t know if they still have it but, California law would pull over someone who was impeding traffic by driving the speed limit and not the speeders so we need to sort this out.

Rendering an opinion on a web site where the news has been reported, you have the ability to post your thoughts without the stipulation of telling who you really are.

Since no one really knows who you are as you are “spider547” or “tummytucker29” those are alias’s which could belong to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Because you are anonymous there is no accountability and you can basically say whatever goes through your head.

We have all read them, comments that are pro and con for some event that the media wants to talk about via social media.

So someone post a comment that is for and someone else post a comment against calling the person who posted the comment for, stupid and other ugly names because they can.  A firestorm quickly erupts, nobody is on topic anymore as they are too buys cussing one another.

Ignored behavior goes away.

When someone acts like an ASS don’t engage them.  If you engage them they have an audience.

Going to the bank the other day I noticed a car that had a particular sticker on it affixed in a certain way that made it unique from other cars with similar stickers.  This car “or the person driving” had cut me off not too many days before this day.  His move was reckless and gained him nothing.  This same person did not know that I knew who he was and got behind me in line.  I noticed that he did not cut in front of me in line, and I also noticed how polite that he was.

A huge part of me wanted to introduce myself and then tell him about his driving the other day but, why ruin a moment.

Your car has a unique id, your license plate which if someone wanted to, could find out who you are.  More and more drivers are buying and installing dash-cams so your reckless behavior could be used against you some day.

When you post to a forum or some site your unique ip address is logged.  With this information I can get your coordinates and tell exactly where you were when you posted.  If I can do it, someone else can too.

So, what is all this about?

Never mind Santa knowing if you are naughty or nice, or Jesus or pick your deity… If someone wanted to go through the trouble they could knock on your front door and exact revenge.  Am I encouraging this?  No, what I am encouraging is for you and everyone else out there who feels like they are Anonymous, to let you know that you are not.

Some guy posted on twitter not too long ago a threat on the president’s life.  Now he was supposedly anonymous but, he was visited and arrested soon afterwards, as he should have been.

Do the right thing.  Do the right thing even if no one is around to see you do the right thing.  Don’t brag about doing the right thing but, if you are a parent, make sure your kids see you do the right thing.  Lead by example.  If you do something stupid in front of your kids guess what, they will take that as their example.  Like little Ralph in the Christmas story, he learned that word not from his friend, but his father. If you screw up, man up and explain what the right thing should have been, admit that non of us are perfect and if what you did affected your kids negatively, apologize and ask them for forgiveness.  This too is leading by example.

Hate is a poison that you take, expecting it to affect someone else.

Anger is a close cousin of hate.

I don’t get excited when people act foolishly on the roads.  I back off and give them plenty of room to act idiotic, as I don’t want to be part of their drama.

Currently our leadership worldwide it so show our Ass.  Read any forum where someone has reported on something and you will find differing opinions met with vile rhetoric, that is fit for no where else but the political arena, and prisons.

Truthfully it is fit for nowhere!

As you take on the holiday shopping with other frustrated customers, and store clerks; keep in mind that their day may not be as good as yours.  Don’t be an A.S.S…


Copyright 2014 Timedok All Rights Reserved


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