The Cat has escaped, or Slavery Again?

The Cat has escaped, or Slavery Again?

The Cat has escaped, or Slavery Again?

It was interesting to learn that Willie Nelson is going after his own brand of “weed.”


Just this afternoon there was another story about a couple trying to make a “weed empire.”

I use the word “weed” interchangeably with marihuana because, marihuana is just too hard to spell!  I am kidding of course but, if I were stoned; it may very well be too hard to spell.

We live in an escapist society.

Gladiatori-Colosseo_Low stock-footage-happy-group-of-male-friends-watching-sports-on-tv-and-cheering-on-their-team-in-slow-motion

There are 150 some odd cable channels.  There is Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, other venues of streaming media via Roku, Google, YouTube, Hulu, Apple TV and the list just goes on.  If you have the internet; you can distract yourself indefinitely.

There is some year-round sporting activity of some sort whether it be Baseball or some other sport with “ball” somewhere in the name.

There is music of just about any Genre so if you want to just “veg out” and listen to, or play music there is that.

Some people escape into other, darker areas of the internet like online video games, chat rooms, and even pornography.  As the matter of fact if it was not for online porn, I doubt that the internet would have ever taken off.  I know that Al Gore did not invent the internet but he was trying to get some Chakra’s released with female masseuse which made the news a few years ago so maybe, we could gift him with the title of creating internet porn…   ?!  Ok, maybe not.


Some of us are news junkies, we can’t get enough and of course we believe everything that we read because it is right there on the screen, it must be true!

Some of us reject the modern day trappings and escape into the Bible or some other Religious quest thinking it a nobler thing to do.

Some escape into books, science, physics, astronomy and snob ourselves out, thinking we are above the fray.

Life is messy

If you want to live in this world you have to get your hands dirty.  You have to deal with drama.  You have to submit to a government, and all of their bureaucracy.

To survive you have to find a way to earn money and that, in and of itself, has its own sets of drama.

Sitting at a restaurant listening carefully you will hear many different conversations, most of them will center on what someone did at work or what his or her boss expects or how crappy an employee is etc.  Drama!

Politics takes on the look and feel of a sports team as people tend to vote for one team or another, damned the facts.  The media makes it “easier” by siding with one team or another. They point out all of the bad things that the other team has done, even if it is not true.  Hollywood takes a part in that too as they too have a favorite, even though their favorite is most notably the group that ruined every country that its philosophy was ever tried in.  That philosophy allows a select few to be at the top and actually has them in the role of parasites living on the sweat and toil of the people who were either foolish enough to vote for them, or those that were not in the majority and suffer from the results of the actions of those that have not the intellect to vote responsibly.


Today some celebrated 4/20 a pot holiday of sorts for Colorado.  I am not sure what percentage of people in Colorado actually take part in this “event” but suffice it to say making pot legal has done nothing to raise the IQ of the good folks of Colorado.

We could get into this huge debate about pot use and intelligence as we have done previously with booze use.  In the end we would collectively agree that using such substances kills brain cells and then we must ask “how many can you afford to kill before you become a blithering idiot?


I really think that those that partake in such recreational exercises should remove themselves from the voting public.  As the matter of fact, they should probably remove themselves from any situation where their opinion matters!

How harsh is that?!

Twenty two odd years ago I was almost killed by a drunk driver.  This person not only was drunk, he was taking medications that should not have been taken with alcohol.  His powers of making decisions were questionable at best.

When you alter your reality through artificial means it does not take too long before you perception of what “is” matches up with a straight persons idea of what “is, is.”


If we looked at it on a Venn diagram, we may see some areas that are in common but, the odds are great that your perception of reality would not match up with “normal folks”
perception of reality.

If one can no longer relate to the masses, voting would be futile, and could damage the collective.

Common Core and dumbing down our country


I am not certain where common core started and I have to tell you that it is nothing short of a disaster.  When rational people who give a damn look at it they ask, “and rightfully so” “what is this shit!?”


Between dumbing down our kids and making things like Marihuana legal, I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen to this country.

The next thing you know instead of the LGBT community rattling sabers because they think that they were not given “more equal treatment” than straight people you will see the stoners marching on DC “if they can find it,” looking to change laws forcing companies to do away with drug test and provide high wages even though their vernacular will consist of words like “cool, and far out!”


Is that why we are forcing companies to pay $15 an hour for people to flip burgers because in their stoned out state, that is all that they are able to do? Are we going to force them to allow being stoned at work?

We are going the wrong way.

I cannot speak from experience as I have never tried anything like this.  I do know that recreational chemistry is a gateway to harder stuff, much like beer to whisky.  Some can handle it and not become addicted and then there are those that cannot. Once you open Pandora’s box; you really have no idea how you will react and you have no clue what changes will occur.


If this country is going to survive these progressive idiots currently ignoring history, or hoping that you are ignoring it or never learned history, the country is going to need smart people with critical thinking skills.  You cannot be your “best” if you are stoned.


Back in the days of slavery it was illegal for blacks to learn to read. The people in control knew that knowledge was power and if these folks ever figured out just how ignorant that they were, and that they were being kept that way to be controlled; that it would be impossible to keep them in bondage.

By dumbing down our kids and by killing brain cells, we are putting yourselves and our kids in the next position to become slaves.


By taking our collective eyes off of the Ball, people like Hillary can spin any yarn that they like. Enough people will vote for her because she is a women, or because they are emotionally drawn to her for one lie or another. She stands a good chance of becoming “madam president” even though she far from an ideal candidate.

hillary clinton 2016 Madam President or Mrs. President - the world of hillary clinton

If the progressive’s stay in the white house, we may all “need the weed,” just to be able to not give a shit!

Marihuana joint

Now that the kitty is out of the valise, (pot is legal) we may be looking at the beginning of that transformational change that our current leader talked about 7 years ago.  Many, too many Americans are already slaves and are too dumb to realize it.  The only difference is that they are comfortable in their indentured servitude. As long as they have the “rights” to the distractions (internet, cable TV, porn…) they don’t care.  That is a sad commentary on society.

We can fix things but it is going to take a change from what we are doing.  Firstly, we have to get someone in there who knows what to do.  There are very few current candidates that I feel are actually in this to “help the country” but rather in it to go sit in that Ivory Tower.

The allure of power must be an incredible aphrodisiac! To have that much power in one’s phone and pen must be incredible!  Every decision that one in that position makes has to be perfect!  There is no room for error!


No matter what he or she does the opposing side will defame them and call them stupid and of course arm chair quarterback because “they magically know!”

Can you imagine sitting in the oval office or west wing or wherever he or she would make such decisions lamenting over dropping a bomb on someone, or turning the military loose to do what they do?

How many nights do you think that they get a good night’s sleep?  The weight of the world is on their shoulder and then there is the first lady or dude that influences them.

When he or she takes time away to play golf or just get out of DC they are excoriated by the press.  As a business man I can tell you that more business is done on the golf course than in the office.  If I need time to think I go play golf.  Usually somewhere between 1 and the 19th hole I have come up with a solution to whatever it was I was working on.

Right now my money is on Scott Walker.


I will really be interested to see who he picks for a running mate.  If the Dems had a brain in their collective heads, they would come up with someone to run against Hillary.  Her history is going to catch up with her and there are only so many times you can ask “it depends on what the definition of is is?”

If you find my blog harsh, it is really meant to be blunt but not offensive.  I have no desire to offend but we do need to wake up!  We need to wake up and if we are afraid to talk about things that might offend others we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  We must discuss things that are sensitive topics so we have a dialogue vs someone calling the PC police.


Political Correctness is a cancer eating at the fabric of our society, it is time that we kill the cancer.

Political correctness is another progressive idea that is stupid, and past it usefulness.


© All rights Reserved 2015

If you disagree, drop me a line. If you agree let me know.  I value your opinion.  We as a country must have this dialogue if we are going to fix the things that are wrong.


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