#bullies The New Frontier

#bullies The New Frontier

Bullies, the new frontier

Most, not all, but most Christians, are rather meek folks.

Using the bible as a standard, instead of Hollywood, Christians circle around it, and try not to stray from it.  In fact there are those who not only think that the Constitution is outdated “Ruth Ginsburg for one” they also think that the bible is outdated and needs to be changed.  Since God is not sitting at the negotiating table, they are taking it upon themselves to push the envelope to see how far they can push those meek Christians before they rise up.

I would submit to you that is exactly what the Japanese did with Perl Harbor.  That did not end well for them if you remember anything of your history.


Christianity is under attack, from not only these folks but some secular liberals who want to give communism another try.  Idiots who did not read or learn history….


The 2013 case regarding the Lesbians who sought out a Christian bakery to make them a cake is such a tactic to push the envelope, and bully the Christians.  To add further insult to injury, the judge has placed a gag order on the couple, forbidding them to “talk about” this case!

Not only are they being punished for standing up for what they believe, but their first amendment rights are being violated! They are being raped!

The couple lost their argument to this judge who subsequently fined them $135,000.00 as the lesbian couple said and I quote, they were mentally raped!

Are you Fucking Kidding Me!

Let me be perfectly clear about this!

It is not anyone’s business what you do in your bedroom.    What you do is between you and your maker.  If you happen to be atheistic in thought and “faith,” than you might be surprised when you draw your last breath but… I am not judging you nor will I.  Way above my pay grade.  No one else should judge you either, or me for that matter..

I have many friends who are gay; I know few, if any who are bullies!  That is why I count them as friends.  I happen to believe that there is strength in diversity not only of race, but gender, thoughts, mores, and sexual preference.  I also have friends who are yes….Democrats!  I truly care about all of these folks.

If this case holds, it opens the door for a law suits against the LGBT community as the sword cuts both ways.  This country is too damned litigious anyway and now we have people looking to be offended so they can sue…  Really???  What happened to good old stopping short in front of someone unexpectedly, and suing for whiplash?


Several other bakeries in the area were approached by reporters who told them they wanted same sex wedding cakes and in no time they found 7 that declined.  Were the reporters mentally raped too!?

This couple has been raped by the judicial system, not only in their freedom of speech, but also freedom of religion!  I am certain that lawyers will tackle this case and it may end up in the Supreme Court; which is so damned left leaning, that this may be a serious loss for religious freedom.

When you use your sexuality as a weapon, you are by definition a bully!

This couple is doing harm to the LGBT community by pressing this, and the backlash will come.

Public opinion with stories like this will no doubt further divide this country, and cause our eyes to be taken off the things that need to be focused on like foreign policy, and the lack of any clear direction from the white house.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

Rahm Emanuel

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/r/rahmemanue409199.html#m7Wg2XECospVszzC.99

Original news story… http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2015/07/02/christian-bakers-fined-135000-for-refusing-to-make-wedding-cake-for-lesbians.html

Here is the reporters information..


The Bakery in Question


If you look at their front page of the website, there is scripture on the front page!  As the matter of fact their whole site is full of scripture. Maybe they should have gone to a Muslim bakery to see how that went for them.

I am going to follow this story as nobody should be bullied.

Hey future bakeries approached by folks like this, here is a tip… Tell them sure, take their order and then go to the grocery store and have them make a cake as was ordered.  Mark it up 75% and wish them well. Order it from another bakery if you feel so strongly about it.

They get a cake, you didn’t physically make it; and no one knows the difference.

While I feel that this whole thing is a travesty of justice, I would really like to know what the kids that have the bakery truly had a problem with.  I feel like there are facts to this case that are simply not making the news.

It is a cake for god’s sake! They didn’t ask you to officiate, bless or ordain them, just make them a cake. If you truly love the sinner and not the sin, what is the big deal?  Is it worth all of this?  I personally think you played right into their hands, and opened the door for copy cats.


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