There are several issues with this story that trouble me.

  • Bow and Arrow hunting is cruel, painful and unnecessary.
  • Criminals used illegal methods to lure this lion from its “sanctuary” for money.
  • Once killed by a rifle after it had been shot and tortured by being lanced with an arrow they discovered that it had a GPS collar on it which meant, they screwed up. At this point the Dentist knew he screwed up and is negligent.  They tried to remove and destroy the collar further implicating this guy.  This guy has a previous history of bad behavior.
  • The male cubs will now be destroyed by the next male lion which moves into the area and takes over the pride.
  • The meat “supposedly” was not utilized in any fashion thus the animal is nothing more than a trophy for this rich guy’s wall!
  • Tens of thousands of babies were killed last year and Cecil gets more attention with the liberal media and social media!

I love animals and I am saddened by this story but guess what, I love people one hell of a lot more than animals.  If abortions don’t bother you and this does you really need to look in the mirror and assess your moral compass.




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