Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

Shocking things are beginning to become the norm…

I have written rather extensively about how our moral compass seems to be lost.

Today there is a video going viral of a mugging.

The video starts out with an elderly white guy walking down the sidewalk, my guess; heading for a store front.

A young black guy with a bag of groceries in his hands walks buy him, and in an instant, sucker punches him in the face knocking him to the ground.  After the initial attack he continues punching and kicking the guy until the white guy no longer moves.

After the attack, the black guy wonders off a little ways and appears to do a celebratory dance. Much like football players tend to do when they get a touchdown or make some other large play.

When his dance is complete, he hovers over the man, picks up his groceries and begins to leave and the video stops.

The white guy is 84 years of age.  His assailant was in his 20’s.

This caught on camera is shocking enough, and police are asking for your help as this guy needs to be off of the streets.

Here is what is more shocking than this video.

In the comment section, one person actually defends the black guy saying that there may have been “just cause” (my words) for the attack.  Good reasons were his words.

I, like the rest of the people on the thread found this an insane statement to make, but there is this logic out there.

What possible cause could there be for a young black man to violently attack an 84 year old guy who was simply minding his own business.

One of the people on the thread identified the 84 year old man as her uncle, one of the nicest people around.

I would come closer to believing that this attack is part of the racial tension “brought to this country” by far too many playing the race card, to  evoke an emotional response to further divide this country and bolster the base for the party.

If we play into this line of reasoning of the “person” who made that comment tell me, what could an old white guy, that can barely walk, do or say in about a second; that would “justify” this horrific attack!

The answer is nothing.  If the old guy did something then or some time prior to this time, that this fellow thought so egregious that he attacked him and knocked him out than he should do like most civilized people and call the man in blue, and let them work it out.

We hire the police to protect and serve and we pay for the judicial system to deal with those that don’t follow the laws of this land.  Rarely is it ever a good idea to take the law into your own hands.  Self-defense is about the only time one should resort to this type of activity.

Later this same day we read of a women who was arrested for insisting that “her people rise up and kill police and them white privileged crackers.  Her rant was full of rhetoric fit for the gutter as every other word was a profanity usually starting with F.

She was arrested and will get to explain herself to some judge somewhere.

Lastly, same day see a video of a kid punching another kid.  The kid he was attacking was blind.  This story has a happier ending and another kid come to the blind kids rescue and punches his attacker.

When I googled the story to post a link to it there were so many stories with the line “black guy attacks old white guy” that I was shocked!

The race baiters have done such a good job of stirring things up that these stories are simply not uncommon!  That is sad and is telling.


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