#GOPDebate or #barroom #brawl?  @RealDonaldTrump @oreillyfactor #gop

#GOPDebate or #barroom #brawl? @RealDonaldTrump @oreillyfactor #gop


Mr. Trump has a temper that Rubio manages to ignite rather easily.

In the “heat of the moment”, the contentiousness of the rhetoric was akin to a schoolyard disagreement about whose father was tougher.

Let me back up a little bit however, this was an interesting day for Trump, which I feel was partially set up by “his own party.”

For Romney to go after their frontrunner in such a fashion was suicidal for the Republicans, and really bad form.

The tone for the day was set for him and I feel certain going into a debate knowing what Cruz and Rubio had in store, was also disconcerting for him.

On top of this, Trump humbled himself to take part in a debate with Megyn Kelly who he has a less than congenial rapport.

As a businessperson, taking the facts on face value as they are, if he indeed took a million dollars and made 10 Billion out of it, you do not do that without making some enemies and or mistakes along the way.

Rubio has no path for success in this race; and should not be there. He also has no employees and a questionable record.  He did a rather contemptuous thing with Jeb, his mentor, so his character is dubious.

Cruz has a limited path and Kasich is a dreamer if he thinks he has a chance.

While Trump’s temperament is disconcerting, I feel like with most of us, if our patients was tested to the limits that his was on camera, we would not look presidential either.

The thing to keep in mind about attorneys, which Cruz is one, part of the job is to act.

I remember not terribly long ago I was sent to deal with a customer who another employee had pissed off greatly.  The customer was a small law firm.

The gentlemen “using the term loosely” approached me with fire and brimstone.  He had never met me before but, since I represented the company, he unloaded on me.  I was sent because I had a history of diffusion situations such as this.

He yelled, screamed and cussed me, spitting in my face as he unloaded his frustration.

Standing there with a small pad of paper and pen, I made notes of his “pain points” while he “acted.”

You see, there is no possible way that anyone should be this upset about what he was claiming to be upset about.

After I did not respond, other than look at him while allowing the last of the steam to escape his body, he looked at me quizzically, stopped and ask, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

Looking him straight in the face I simply ask, “Are you finished?”

His demeanor changed like a light switch had been flipped; he actually smiled as the conversation changed as he was now interested in a solution. I did not buy his act.

This was not my first time to deal with attorneys; I was used to working with them from all over the country.  Some of them were really well known and some were ambulance chasers.  My point is, part of their stick is they have to act.  They have to convince a jury that their client is innocent; even if they know, they are guilty as hell!  That should tell you something about their character. “Not all of them are like this…no nasty e-mails telling me what a great lawyer you are, and that you have never yelled etc.”

Percy Forman once told me face to face, “It is easier for me to get you off, if I know that you are guilty!”

“Lawyers…the jokes are well disserved…”

Cruz acts for the camera.  He acts at the debates and unlike Trump, I have no idea if he is serious or not.

Watch his face as he gets the question, he receives the question, nods, goes into character, as he formulates his response and then “action.”  Every time….

Trump’s demeanor is honest.  I do not doubt that he would prevaricate if it served his purpose but unlike Cruz, if he is pissed or happy you can tell it.

I am not saying Cruz is a bad person or anything negative about him other than Washington is full of lawyers. All of those people are always looking for the loophole.  That is why we have 80 thousand pages of tax code!

Candidates talk in sound bites.  Lawyers, in double speak.

35 million people are in the Trump camp thus far.  35 million voters want that kind of a change in Washington.

“That speaks volumes!”

Politics as usual is what 35 million of the voting population is sick and tired of.  When the first mid-term election took place in 2010 the democrats were sent a message.  They lost seats in the house and senate.  Obama said, “I heard you, you are dissatisfied and want me to double down and do more.”

“No Mr. President, we want you to stop!”

2012 came along and while losing the house and senate, 26 million evangelicals stayed home as they could not deal with a  Mormon in the white house.  Sandra Flukes birth control pills were the issue of the day and the derived war on women and Occupy were top on the diversion list.

This was Social Engineering at its best.  “Never mind that man behind the curtain…pay attention to me the great and powerful…..” Yeah, we get it…lie to us some more because a large percentage of us do not really want the facts, we just want you to tell us nice things.

Obama gets another 4 years to perfect his golf game and apologize for Americans to anyone who will listen.

The stage is now set for Trump and Sanders!

A high percentage of the population has no idea what socialism is and even joke about it on social media as if they are proud of their ignorance. Bernie tells a great story and he is honest.  Bernie is an X hippy or old hippy who has little concept of math, much less economics, and the millennials love him.  His message resonates with millennials who think that when they come out of college that the corner office and the 6 figure salary should be waiting on them.

If they had learned anything of history in college, they would know that Socialism never ever works!

On the other side of the isle is Trump.

His message resonates with at least 35 million who, have truly been disenfranchised by the political elite; and business people who do bring in outside people to take American jobs.

A young Sanders supporter tonight tweeted that Trump was an “EF-ing Idiot and, anyone who supports him is an “Ef-ing Idiot.

This young women used her real name “I think,” which I found refreshing but, she is calling at least, 35million Americans “Efing idiots” while supporting a socialist!  She used the complete word in all of its glory; I am sure her parents would be proud.

I was going to respond to her tweet but, why? I don’t argue with idiots! I will leave that to Glenn Beck. Wait, he might agree with her… Wait, isn’t he a Mormon…?  Maybe this whole Romney, Beck thing is a Mormon conspiracy…!  No, I kid….

The middle class has no voice in Washington.  They are the people who work 50 ~ 60 hours a week trying to just get by to see their taxes go for nonsense!  Obama spends millions on a single 2-week vacation and thinks nothing of it while those that worked for that tax money struggle to make their rent!

The millennials who are on the other side want small companies to pay entry-level employees $15 an hour when some professional people are not making that!   They too did not learn economics.

Kasich, while having a grasp on policies is about as interesting as soggy toast.

For the RNC to try to figure out underhanded tricks to keep Trump from getting the nomination is detrimental to the party.  Their antics will further demoralize the taxpayers who see this as a rigged system. Much like the Democrats super delegates, they are waking up to just how rigged it is.

The “republicans” should rally behind the front-runner, and help make him as formidable as possible against the Democrats.

If Trump takes Florida, and even Ohio, it would be foolish beyond contemptible to not get behind him and unify the party before their petty bullshit does further damage.

You ran a good race, now bow out gracefully, and start talking nice….


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