They are playing #Russian roulette with our #health, in the name of #safety.


When the airports became equipped with the backscatter x-ray equipment talking heads from across the globe touted how safe they were.


Backscatter X-Ray



Firstly, it is “ionizing radiation” which is not safe and, it virtually strips searches everyone.

  • That to me was troubling enough.

Their answer for this was that the people in the booth never knew who they were looking at.


“So, if there is a peeping tom watching you bathe or what have you as long as he or she does not know your name; it is ok…” How messed up is that reasoning?

Whistleblowers have come forth to talk about the atmosphere in the booth and here is the killer, they have collected those images and I would guess that since you surrender your ID before you enter the machine, they know who you are.




We were told that they were not saved and of course, that was a lie as well.

Talking heads extolled the virtues of how safe these things were, comparing it to the same amount of radiation one gets at altitude.

Problem… They are comparing apples to nuts!


Cosmic radiation rates compared to sunspot activity.  Maybe one should not fly or lay out when the sun is “active!”



While it is true that you are exposed to radiation at altitude, it is cosmic radiation, not ionizing radiation.  Skin cancer on pilots is more prevalent than their ground-based counterparts.

The pilots also have to go through these infernal machines so where exactly is the cancer coming from!


The backscatter x-ray penetrates much deeper than they attest to, which could cause all kinds of cancers down the road. Bones and some organs are clearly visible. Common sense would necessarily dictate that if the radiation images it, it could affect it thus, altering its structure or DNA enough to cause mutation.


It was not the health concerns, which brought about change, however; it was people not wanting their rude bits on display for jocular moments among neophytes sequestered in some dark room somewhere.

Along comes a new technology developed by the same company.

“The Human Microwave!”


Yes indeed folks, you are being ordered to stand in a huge microwave oven to once again be virtually strip searched while software supposedly obscures your rude bits allowing the same neophytes to look for anomalies and point them out to the attending TSA agent.

The human body is being bombarded with RF (Radio frequency energy) at the 34ghz spectrum, much faster than the common microwave at 2.1 ghz.  Actually this millimeter technology is anywhere between 30 and 300 GHZ.  This energy can destroy DNA quite nicely!  It is not too healthy for people’s eyes either in that cataracts will most probably be on the rise if they are not already.

Without the technical jargon, energy that hits living tissue generates heat.  The eyes have little way to diffuse that heat ergo cataracts are a real possibility. Testing these technologies on animals found that male rabbits were temporarily sterilized, as the testes were also unable to dissipate the heat due to blood flow issues. They too were also partially blinded by cataracts.

Cooked Nuts! Price you pay to fly!


Rocky mountain oysters aka bull balls deep fried.


This new technology still produces a vivid 3D image of your naked body.  Software that is supposed to target irregularities is supposedly employed to allay any concerns however; every now and then, an image of some celebrity makes its way around the internet that was indeed taken with one of these devices.

Not only are we trading our privacy for “safety” we are trading our health for it as well.

The lies and downright corruption has to stop! Someone needs to find a way to take money out of the equation before we truly see “hope and change.”

(That would be the Washington Cartel…)


We need to look at other countries to see how they are doing it “safety” and investigate all options.




Groping kids, women, and what have you in the name of safety is not it.


Radiating and or exposing healthy people to radiation of different sorts, is not it.


Radiation poisoning.



Dealing with the problem in a direct fashion is most probably the solution and the next president had best have some balls, as that is what we need to see happen.


The magnetometer along with checking inside carry-on stuff, along with profiling is most probably the answer. I know; it takes some modicum of intelligence to actually profile but hey, if you want more than minimum wage, learn a damned skill worthy of it!


These were all good so…enjoy…




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