The balkanization of America @realdonaldtrump

The balkanization of America @realdonaldtrump

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed an executive order banning all non-essential state travel to North Carolina. The order…bar[s] any such publicly funded travel that is not essential to the enforcement of state law or public health and safety. The ban, which takes effect immediately, follows North Carolina’s enactment of a law, which bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities, excludes sexual orientation and gender identity from state anti-discrimination protections, and prohibits municipalities from extending those protections to LGBT citizens.

Here is an early flexing of the political muscles of the homosexual rights agenda, attempting to undermine the rights of the citizens of North Carolina to organize its rules for bathrooms, by treating the state as a cultural outsider, unworthy of normal official recognition. This may be the beginning of the balkanization of America, that is, the beginning of its division into hostile groups, over the issue of homosexuality. Peter Jones


Maybe I am over simplifying this but…it seems to me that if someone is truly “transgendered,” and was to discretely use the bathroom of choice, nobody is going to demand to see their “junk” to qualify their use of said bathroom. I would suggest that they “act like a lady,” and sit, as to not arouse suspicion.

With that in mind, this is more, much more than the “right” to use the bathroom.

This is about the right to use the women’s locker room, where children may very well be with their mom’s, ergo the rub.  Should a young child or women for that matter be subjected to, and possibly exposed to some man, which is anatomically still a man, changing in the same dressing room with women?

I would say in that case, you must use the facility that has been created for your unique plumbing. If there is the slightest possibility that your anatomy might be seen by others then you should use the facilities created for your anatomical gender.

If they want to use the dressing room for the other kind of plumbing, commit to the surgery so if you were exposed in a “public” facility, your junk would match, or at least not stand out. “Pun intended.”

I get that some folks identify as something other than what they were born.  The fact that all people start out as a female, and later in the process, the correct chromosomes turn on and off certain “things” causing the fetus to develop into a male or female is not lost on me.

“Ever wonder why men have tits?”  That is why.

Therefore, if you were to have an X and a Y chromosome you will develop male characteristics.  Two X’s you are a female. The SRY gene on the Y chromosome starts the process of virilization.  But, what if?…

What if these chromosomes don’t play by the rules?  I know that this will fly in the face of “religious” types which tend to oversimplify things but, scientifically this is a proven concept.

Some folks are indeed genuinely trapped in a body, “vessel” that does not match the wiring in their brain. I concede that and so should you.

Not all gay people are deviants, and not all deviants are gay.

This has happened since man trod the sod and it will continue until the sun runs out of fissionable material.

I also will tell you that there are too many out there, whose motives are less than genuine, and I for one want to protect the rights of all, not just some.

The LGBT folks have a voice and they need to exercise that voice in a manner that is not truculent, as they tend to do, if they would like a fair hearing.  I know why they do it; it simply must stop.  Discourse such as we have today will not end well and we do not need to pit people against one another as we have been doing since I can remember. It must stop. This country is so divided it is amazing that anything ever gets accomplished.

The “Balkanization” of which he speaks, must necessarily end.  In these political times, the social engineers are experts at this for their manipulative purposes.  Divide and conquer. Sandra Fluke was the tip of the iceberg to facilitate this imaginary war on women.

BLM, a George Soros funded group is another distraction as was the Occupy movement in 2012; also, George Soros funded.

We are indeed being “Balkanized” on every possible front in every possible way. This is necessary to identify which groups will vote in a particular way so they can then run the demographics and tailor commercials to your particular demographic.

Political science and social engineering is a real deal, and they have gone truly high tech.

There is a software that knows more about you, than you do. The Koch brothers paid to have this created.  More Billionaires interfering with the political process is just what we need.

While I am not discounting the LGBT folks and their unique issues, this is nothing but a shiny object to take your attention off the grand scheme of things.

The marionettes are pulling the strings and the LGBT folks like every other group of people are simply pawns and in some cases, useful idiots doing the bidding of the Soros’s and Koch’s of the world.

It was never about $6 birth control pills, and there is no war on women, never was.

Common sense dictates that men cannot go into facilities where young ladies might be in a state of undress but, it does get your emotions going, doesn’t it?

Manipulating people with your emotions is how they do it.  That is why they pick and choose what snippets of conversations that the MSM plays, to just piss you off.  Once pissed, you are focused on that which pissed you off and no longer are you looking at the larger picture.

Radio talk show hosts are given a talking point planted by some strategist and the useful idiots take to the airwaves manipulating their faithful masses.  It is brilliant actually in a sinister way.

With the 24-hour news cycle, it never ends.  Turn on the news and the MSM attacks those that will not play ball, in this case Trump. Since Trump cannot be controlled by those that pull the strings; he must be stopped.

A man that takes a million dollars and turns it into Billions is somehow so incompetent, so evil so degenerate that he is not fit to be the president of Delta House! Does anyone actually believe that?

Sadly, the answer is yes… Many will listen to that sound bite from a talking head and digest it.

How many millions, or even Billions of dollars do you think that the anti-trump people will spend?

Do you honestly believe they give a tinkers damn about the country?  They care about staying in power and not allowing the system that they have created to be broken by an outsider.  Whoever is elected must be stringed up to the marionette and dance upon request as demanded.

Therefore, in this land of OZ I would encourage you to pull back the curtain.  If you will give it some thought without the vitriol, you too can see the larger picture.

I choose not to dance upon command or, be a useful idiot.




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