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I Lost! #CardsAgainstHumanity

I Lost! #CardsAgainstHumanity

I Lost!

As a competitive type “A” kind of person; I lost, and in retrospect; its not a bad thing.


Other than, an ongoing game of Scrabble that I have been playing for about ten years now, I really do not play games.  Time is much too precious to me to spend it on frivolity.

I was encouraged by friends to attend a “game night” with family and friends that I fight not to attend even though it is a semi annual event.  I do not mind the eating part and the socializing but, as I said, I am competitive, sometimes to a fault.  Loosing is not in my make-up ergo I can become a little over bearing in the process.  So, why do it?

I do not keep up with trending games and or any other activities where time would be wasted.  Not judging you if that is your thing, me personally, if I am not creating or working or helping someone; I will catch up on some DVR things or, a good book or sleep.

The game they had picked out was Cards Against Humanity.

CardsAgainstHumanity-619-386 515e070d9c9ff2c856230aa377707f1e_large

Who dreams up this stuff?  At first I was not sure how this was to play out, (no pun intended) but it took no time at all to see that the game appeals to the least human part of us.  Or, maybe the most depending upon your take on life.  Calvin said that we are all “totally depraved” this game would prove him correct or at least there is evidence that he may have been on to something.  From the people who created it to the people who play it.


As a person with a very good vocabulary, I have to admit that there were words that I had to look up.  Once looked up; I am just about sorry that I know them now.   Most of them came up in the “urban dictionary” and were of a nature that would never be used in polite society.

I would equate this game to verbal pornography.  The winners are those that gain the cards that are the most perverse and apply them at the right time so that the reader of such cards laughs the most.  The perverse deviance of the situations, and or vernacular make the person who is reading them laugh or provide shock value!

If you have ever added the words “in bed” to a fortune cookie, imagine that on steroids!

Fortune-cookie-shutterstock_102354181.jpg fortune-cookie (1)

Allow me to be totally honest here.  I laughed; I laughed a lot.  While I could not bring myself to play the cards that might have won, I enjoyed the mutual laughter of the group.

Laughing is contagious. When an entire group of people is laughing hysterically, it is easy to also be amused.

To the cons….

The game really creates mental imagery of a type that I would not want in my head.  I do not watch certain types of movies or read certain material, as I do not want that rattling around my brain.  Garbage in garbage out is not a bad mantra to employ through life, so I guard what I put in.

The pros….

After reading to this point, I bet you were thinking that I would not have a pro….

There is a time and place for everything under heaven, yes even this game.

The fault that I mentioned earlier goes along with the simple fact that I take life way too seriously.  I do not let my “hair down” so to speak.

This game is so out there that it causes one to “let their hair down” if they will allow it and unbelievably, that is a good thing.  Remember, while you are here, breathing air; you are “of this world.”  The people who created that game are of this world.  Your friends and family who laughed at the extreme R rated stuff in that game are “of this world.”

While I would certainly not make a habit out of this game, or “any game” for that matter, a slight distraction from reality tends to jolt you back into this world far enough to realize just how wrapped up in your world that you are.  Your world may not be “the world,” hence knowing what is going on in this world through games like this or yes, R rated movies are not totally a bad thing.

It is like fantasizing.  As a child, we fantasized about different things.  Some of those may have been about what we wanted to do as we imagined ourselves blasting off into space or driving a fire engine!  Some of those may have been about intimate moments with some movie star.  Some of us may still fantasize and that is perfectly ok.

The problem starts when you try to make the fantasy a reality.

RT_Candice_5 Game Of War .. Kate Upton


rsz_screen_shot_2014-12-26_at_193416 Game of War Screen Shot

Living vicariously through football players on the field or John Wayne shooting the next bad person is ok.  Remember who you are and you are neither of those people.  Movies, much like that game are meant to take you away from this world for a little while.  To you ladies out there; there are few who ride white horses and come to your rescue.  Enjoy the book or movie but, come back to earth before you walk among the common folks of earth.

John Wayne Smoking 19d99pmfhdpabpng

-Best to you and those that you care about!

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Nobody Wins


We live in a world today that is much more hostile than yesterday, “speaking figuratively.”

We have an economy that is literally based on a house of cards for a foundation. The Feds are printing $40B a month ($1.1trillion a year) saturating our economy, devaluing our currency with every dollar that they print. With oil based on the US dollar, is it any wonder why gas cost so much? The “booming economy” is most certainly the same today as the dot com fiasco of a few years ago, when Enron was in the news.

We are not the only country playing this game, others including China are as well.

The economy is based on fabrications and we might as well try and spend monopoly money as that is what your greenback may very well look like in the not too distant future.

Those who survive this will most likely be that small subset of humanity who “lives off the grid” as it were. The people who live in the inner cities and who depend on the government for their existence will be in trouble when this house of cards falls. The Farmers in this country and others may survive as they know how to live without going to the local grocery store every other day for something. They also see the inside of a restaurant far less than the folks in the inner city as they simply don’t enjoy the disposable income that others do. When the bible talks about the meek inheriting the earth, one can’t help but wonder if he is talking about the farmers.

On top of the shaky economy we have small countries with the keys to Nukes! There are no winners if someone drops a nuke. Our defenses have most certainly been hardened to sustain an EMP, and a retaliation of biblical proportions would most certainly follow.

This exchange would involve other nations who have nukes as they will have certainly picked a side. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” While I have full confidence in the American Military and their ability to intercept any missile headed this way; the following actions would have serious repercussions worldwide.

Any exchange of missiles with the US would not only devastate the offending country (s); I am certain it would also trigger an economic meltdown worldwide. Everyone looses. Never mind the radiation that would be released to poison every man women and child in the entire world, as well the animals and vegetation.

I can visualize that last man standing, holding the key to a spent nuke, standing next to the shell of building, scorched from fire, with dead creatures and plant life all around him, with radioactive ash falling from the sky, declaring victory; as the blisters from radiation sickness bubble up on his body. We are truly that foolish! Nobody Wins!

When E=MC2 was discovered, Einstein wrote an impassioned letter to the president urging him not to use the bomb. That letter and is German heritage earned him a one way ticket out of the program. Oppenhiemer and others took over, and of course the rest is history. A nuclear device of a relatively low efficiency was created and dropped on our enemy, twice. If those were of a low efficiency, can you imagine what is around today?

An alliance of the superpowers is critical to keeping the peace, and our current administration does not seem to embrace that. Foreign policy is critical at this stage of the “game.” America needs to sort out who its friends are relatively quickly, and form that alliance that was so strong under previous administrations.

In retrospect, what is important to you? Is having a lot of money in the bank important? Is having a lot of gold in some small vault in your house important? What about food, water and guns? Add whisky and cigarettes to the food and water and you may have something. Why? That may very well be the new currency, if this comes down badly. Keep a good supply of your personal medications on hand; several days if not weeks of fresh water, and having some gas stored somewhere may not be a bad idea either. If they are that stupid to launch nukes, it really doesn’t make much difference. There will be no survivors, other than the cockroach. Mutually assured destruction, either by nukes or the economy or both; is not a cheery outcome.

While it is my fervent prayer that no one is stupid enough to pull the trigger, North Korea continues to be very provocative in its talks with media and other news outlets. Today they gave the Brits till the 10th to get out of their country. What will be the spark?

-Best to you and those that you care about!