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Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to NASA


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I am just about certain that someone has thought about this but, just in case.

I often wonder about the voyager and Pioneer anomaly and can’t help but think that gravity and space-time are coming into play.  Are they really slowing down or do we just perceive them as slowing down as their “clocks,” which I am guessing you are using for a measurement, are running differently.  Have they sped up as they leave the gravitational pull of the sun?


Does the data stream that comes from them arrive at the same speed, or would we just perceive it to be at the same speed as it is now in our space-time?


Does gravity effect RF?

What has the signal strength been as they traversed to their current points, assuming that the transmitter is still a constant wattage? Has it stayed at a constant or has it degraded with distance?

If the latter, since space is a perfect vacuum, what accounts for the degradation, Space- dust?

In 2015, when you launch Solar Probe Plus, as it gets closer to the sun it would be interesting to note any time anomalies.


Since gravity and time are related, it would be interesting to note what those differences are, closer to the sun.


Do solar storms really last for days, or do they appear to because the sun is literally in a different time zone?


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Gravity.. Million Dollar Arm


I rarely get time to watch movies much less TV in general.  Today I was under the weather a bit so I decided to kick back and veg.

Sandra Bullock who is probably one of my favorite actresses performed in a role out of her norm and I must say I was impressed.

The plot was predictable and the Russians always seem to be the bad guy, even in my book that I am working on, they play the role of antagonist.  Most of the Russians that I have met however do not fit the stereotype so maybe we as writers need to find another “bad guy.”  I digress…

I am also a fan of Clooney and I really liked his country western music, story telling character. I even appreciated the way he “rides off into the sunset, although technically I think it may have been sunrise..

Some of the special effects went too far in my humble opinion and I could have done with a lot less of the spinning, whirling and breathing in the fish bowl.  I think the director might have gone too far with a lot of what they were trying to convey and this definitely gave me some flashbacks of 2001 space odyssey.

Was the movie believable or plausible, no… But if you check your brain at the door, the special effects are good and while I really should have seen this one in 3D, it was still ok on the TV at home and popcorn and a drink that did not set me back $20.

If you happen to keep up with what is up above the earth at all, they do bring up the very real possibility of what would happen if some of those artificial satellites were to become tiny bits and pieces.  It underscores the need to have a complete “cradle to grave” solution for everything that leaves the earths orbit.


I also caught Million Dollar Arm this weekend.


The movie gives one a flavor of India.  It moves along rather slowly and is also predictable.  I kept looking to see Clint Eastwood looking for talent instead of someone who I am not familiar with.


Trouble with the Curve is a much better movie than this; and for my money this is a rental on a rainy night, or wait for it on Cable.  I was rather curious about the outcome of the two recruits from India to see how they actually performed but have yet to do the research.  The comic relief was some rather brilliant writing, but not enough to go spend $11 or more to see.

I would really like to see more of the two in the picture below but, I just don’t know how you would make a sequel out of it.