Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to NASA


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I am just about certain that someone has thought about this but, just in case.

I often wonder about the voyager and Pioneer anomaly and can’t help but think that gravity and space-time are coming into play.  Are they really slowing down or do we just perceive them as slowing down as their “clocks,” which I am guessing you are using for a measurement, are running differently.  Have they sped up as they leave the gravitational pull of the sun?


Does the data stream that comes from them arrive at the same speed, or would we just perceive it to be at the same speed as it is now in our space-time?


Does gravity effect RF?

What has the signal strength been as they traversed to their current points, assuming that the transmitter is still a constant wattage? Has it stayed at a constant or has it degraded with distance?

If the latter, since space is a perfect vacuum, what accounts for the degradation, Space- dust?

In 2015, when you launch Solar Probe Plus, as it gets closer to the sun it would be interesting to note any time anomalies.


Since gravity and time are related, it would be interesting to note what those differences are, closer to the sun.


Do solar storms really last for days, or do they appear to because the sun is literally in a different time zone?


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