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Skin Cancer and the 11 year Cycle

Skin Cancer and the 11 year Cycle

Skin Cancer and the 11 year Cycle

I like to tie things together, to figure out the cause and effect.

In my line of work we call this a “root cause analysis.”

Skin cancer awareness has piqued the interest of the news media outlets, as well as the general population. 

While I don’t discount the monetary reasons for this with all kinds of expensive potions and lotions, I do think that there is more to it than that.  The snake oil sales folks are simply capitalizing on a solution to a problem that may not even be a solution, just simply a prophylactic, much like an expensive sugar pill.

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History is rife with such individuals and while their products may provide a modicum of protection, there are certain parts of this conundrum that thousands of miles of solid rock can’t stop!

Cancer, not just skin cancer but cancer itself is nothing more than the instructions from the DNA being either misunderstood or the instructions “code” has been modified in some way by something, either a mutagen of some sort or, there was simply an error in the replication process.

We “think” that toxins cause cancer but I really don’t think they have a clear understanding of how. Whether it be from out-gassing from some plastic product, or fire retardant chemical or from synthetic vitamins or even the prescription drugs that we consume daily.  There are those that want to tar and feather Monsanto for their work in genetic modifications of food.

Actually we need this type of research if we are going to feed the population of this planet.

Focusing on Skin Cancer however; that bespeaks of something either contacting it, or something ingested which manifest itself there in the epidermis.

Since I have no government grant to fully investigate this, I want to focus on radiation.

We spent millions on Turtle tunnels but something like this..You got to be kidding!

We are exposed to radiation from many different sources from things as simple as dental x-rays to the glow in the hands on your old wind up clock.  (Radium)


Skin cancer has been found on 2400 year old Mummies from Peru, pretty sure that there were no plastic bottles or pesticides or dental x-rays back then, so how did it happen?


Naturally occurring radiation on this planet and…the sun and even cosmic radiation from outer space from things like gamma ray bursters, collapsing stars or any host of things left over from the big-bang could be responsible.


Because we travel, we cannot tie down specific geography to cancer.  It would be interesting to see if they could find more such mummies or early cancers on folks who were not traveling more than 35 miles from where they were born, to determine if there are indeed “hot spots.”


Having said that, let’s simply focus on the sun for a moment which, is the nearest and most consistent generator of different types of radiation.


While UV light is blamed for so much of the skin cancer we see today, I would proffer that is only partially true. The Climate change proponents would have you believe that Freon and other types of CFC’s are destroying the ozone layer which allows UV light in.  While the gasses that make our atmosphere restrict the passage of UV light they allow the visible spectrum in.  Ozone is one such gas.

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UV light is what causes a sunburn.  If you go to a tanning Solon the tanning beds emit what, UV light.



So can a sunburn or mild exposure to the visible light spectrum and UV light cause skin cancer?

Again what is cancer?

An abnormal cell which divides and replicates incorrectly, a cell that either did not understand the instruction given to it or, a cell that was given incorrect instructions.

The truth of the matter is that our skin is a miracle much like the plants that we depend upon for oxygen and the sugars and starches that they create by taking in sunlight and using it through a process called photosynthesis.


Our skin takes in sunlight and…. Creates Vitamin D.  The body has natural processes which keep us from overdosing on it, unlike what might happen with synthetic vitamins.  Too much of a good thing is what, a toxin.

While we were designed “or evolved” to take advantage of the sun, much like the plants I would have to believe that UV light in moderation is no more of a “mutagen” than toast.

The sun emits the whole spectrum of radiation from radio waves to gamma rays.  While “normal sun operation” does not allow too many gamma rays to leave; solar flares are another story and why I have titled this piece …and the 11 year cycle…!


We really need people who think outside the box, and there are damned few of them!


I have no clue how one gets government grants to fund research but I think a study needs to be done to either disprove what I am about to allege or, prove it so we can all be more intelligent with our actions.

It is my supposition that when the sun is most active, as it is now; and has been for a year or two, more gamma rays and other high energy particles make it through our atmosphere and cause genetic damage to people’s skin as well as other living things like plants.

This is rampant Right now here in Texas! Is there a correlation between this and skin cancers rise?

We know for a fact that pilots have more skin cancers than people who don’t fly..why? At 40 thousand feet or so there is less absorbing or refracting material to keep high energy particles away from the earth so they are bombarded with cosmic radiation, much like you and I when we fly.  The skin of the airplane does not stop them.  Our folks on the space station are constantly bombarded and this is a real danger to astronauts and space travel!  Someone needs to invent a shield for them. Where is Scotty when we need him?



Does that mean we are safe on the ground?  No, the amounts are lower and I suspect that the closer to sea level you are, the lower the rates of high energy particles from the sun will get to you.  It has to do with the size of the particle and what it might bump into as it travels to earth.


You say but the earth’s magnetic shield deflects all that…. No, not all…most, but not all.

Another interesting study might be to study those that live in the path of the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australia’s. Are there more cases of cancer there, or less? What other factors might come into play?  Food comes to mind… The angle of the sun and the fact that it is cold so they wear more clothes.  No nude sunbathers in the arctic circle!  So if Skin cancers were higher that would bespeak of high energy particles vs UV light, right?  If they had them at all that would still tell a story…


My guess is that when there is a solar storm or flare, that high energy particles across the spectrum are released and simply hit the earth and all those who are out in the sun.  The folks at higher elevations probably get more of it than those who live at sea level.


Most probably and in conclusion; not only should we as a people pay attention to our local weather when we go outdoors and or plan activities but, we might also want to pay attention to the suns weather.


What you have just read is completely my work and it could be “crazy talk” or …just maybe it could be fodder for conversation from those who study this stuff.

If research were done, I am certain that with control groups and so forth that a correlation could be made between the suns activity and skin cancer but, that will take years as the sun goes through the cycles of activity every 11 years.

Because some government would want involvement that would stall the process decades for the bureaucrats to all poke holes in the air with their fingers and add pork, just because.


In the meantime let’s assume that what I am proposing makes some sense so; don’t go nude sunbathing when there are solar storms! Wear those expensive lotions and potions, just in case one of them actually does something!  Use some common sense….


Dermatologist who have been in practice for eons might look through their history and research the kinds of cancers and frequencies (timing) of them and how those correlate to the solar activity chart posted earlier in this article. 

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Thoughts, comments, government money to research this?


Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to NASA


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I am just about certain that someone has thought about this but, just in case.

I often wonder about the voyager and Pioneer anomaly and can’t help but think that gravity and space-time are coming into play.  Are they really slowing down or do we just perceive them as slowing down as their “clocks,” which I am guessing you are using for a measurement, are running differently.  Have they sped up as they leave the gravitational pull of the sun?


Does the data stream that comes from them arrive at the same speed, or would we just perceive it to be at the same speed as it is now in our space-time?


Does gravity effect RF?

What has the signal strength been as they traversed to their current points, assuming that the transmitter is still a constant wattage? Has it stayed at a constant or has it degraded with distance?

If the latter, since space is a perfect vacuum, what accounts for the degradation, Space- dust?

In 2015, when you launch Solar Probe Plus, as it gets closer to the sun it would be interesting to note any time anomalies.


Since gravity and time are related, it would be interesting to note what those differences are, closer to the sun.


Do solar storms really last for days, or do they appear to because the sun is literally in a different time zone?


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