Scam of the day 5/6/14



Why are the feds not looking into this?

Now I get a lot of this type of stuff and I know better….

 Having said that; how many times have I been tempted to click before engaging the brain?  Too many too count… And I know better….

 The post office would not have my e-mail address; nor would they send any type of attachment or even communicate with me in this manner. 


They are the king of coming during the business week and leaving one of those nice little notes that you were missed and oh yes now go waste 30 odd minutes of your life standing in line; not counting the drive time, gas or other inconvenience for using USPS.

 I digress, don’t play into this as it is most probably some sort of virus lurking, waiting to do some nastiness to your computer, files or exploit your personal information.

 You would also be wise to have your e-mail package not display pictures by default.  That too is a source of ingress into your system, like files, you should only allow pictures from trusted sources and then make sure that your trusted source has not been compromised.


-Best to you and those that you care about.


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