I don’t know! #vaccines #measles

I don’t know! #vaccines #measles

I don’t know!

Listening to the news, talk radio or even reading the news online, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone simply admitted that they did not know, vs. making a statement that is blatantly fabricated?


It is easy to tell why some news outlets have so few in their audience.  Even the most desperate of viewers wants it to be true so they watch and listen and parrot what they hear which is again blatantly false!

There is an old axiom regarding telling a lie enough where it becomes fact.  I think some in the news media are guilty of this.  I think that many in this administration are guilty of this.


Yesterday it was pointed out by Hillary Clinton and other liberal outlets that the GOP will take us back to the stone age if they had their way.  Vaccinations are totally safe according to their science.


Do you trust anything that any government says?

whatdifference-e1376969577252 hillary-clinton-benghazi HillaryBenghaziOnCongressAsAScreamingLiar-1-1 benghazi-hillary

140225200952-bill-clinton-ky-gi-story-topMr, “I did not have sex with that women,” defending his wife!  Really, we believe you, ah huh….!

Thimerosal is a mercury additive to vaccines, which are “multi-dose.”  This is a way that the drug companies increase profits by putting many doses in one vial instead of individual vials.   Problem, while thimerosal is effective at killing any bacteria that might make it back into the vial it is also linked to neurological disorders, especially in children.

hg_autismvax download (9) thimerosal-mercury-based-preservative-autism I feel for the monkeys….

Let’s think about this pragmatically for just a moment.  Mercury was so problematic, so hazardous that the government did away with all batteries that were made with mercury; forcing many to junk electronic equipment that needed that particular battery.

CFL_inside_2253_1393 6a00d83451c9bc69e20120a66656b8970b 20120506-165353 notrashcfllg

Mercury is so toxic that you cannot throw those CFL light bulbs in the trash, they have to be treated specially.  Mercury is so bad that there are specific cleanup methods for the breakage of a florescent light or computer monitor or neon sign as they contain small amounts of mercury.

mercury-element-toxic mercury-relax-c-1

Handling mercury is incredibly toxic as it will go right through your skin and research on laboratory animals  prove that mercury seems to deposit itself in the brain.  Could there be an autism link?  Mercury, brain… let me think…..  “I don’t know,” but if it smells like a fart…… Do you really want to chance it?

Therefore, mercury is bad…yet it is perfectly safe to have it injected into your body.  Really, Hillary, now that you tweeted that the earth is round maybe we should check, because I do not believe anything that you say!  Someone who leaves the white house claiming they were broke when in fact they had millions, I just don’t know.


maxresdefault (2)

All vaccines for children have a Thimerosal free product and if you really care about your child, pay the extra and get the vaccine without the mercury “single dose.”  As the matter of fact, if it is not good for kids, it is not good for adults either so, I always opt for the thimerosal free product myself!


I don’t always get vaccinated; but when I do….

Between the lies of this administration, and the IRS, I do not believe anything that this government says.  It is one of those “I hear you but,” let me check it myself.


BX142_1B7D_9 Wouldn’t you like to play poker with him? 

Factually, it is politically expedient to lie to the people.  Much like the movie Mars Attacks, “horrible movie” but; do you remember the Martians telling the earthlings stop running, we are here as friends, right before they blasted them with their ray guns?  Why? Because people are lazy and will not fact check!

mars-attacks-banner-art Wait, don’t run, we are your friend….

That is the way that I feel about most of the liberal news media and of course, anything that comes out of Josh’s mouth, not to mention his boss.  2016 cannot come soon enough for me, and I hope that the voters this time pay attention to the blather that pervades the airwaves and ignore the millions of social media hacks, trolls and other vermin that seek to get another liberal liar in to the White House.

When you have to spend over a Billion Dollars to “buy the presidency,” what does that tell you?

money1 dark-money-64-million-opensecrets 3ba6bfc6549fe2e774f021ab3a0eb1ae_441x282 ads-mccain-v-obama-2008

Well, “I don’t know,” what people were thinking this last time around but I can tell you, I hope that they pay attention to the fact that they are not better off today than they were 6 years ago.  We should not have pulled out of Iraq, and we should not be pissing off our allies.

expose-the-dark-money-final Congress should be looking at this before 2016!






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