Obama the Magnificent

Obama the Magnificent

Obama the Magnificent


This administration has an affinity for magic.  Not because they enjoy pulling a rabbit out of the hat but because they use the power of deception.


There are so many problems with this bunch that I can only hope that people that are on the other side are smarter than I.

Every time they want to pull off something, they do something to take your eye off the ball.  Today we learned that Millions of documents have been found linking Bin Laden to Iran.

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We also learned that the IRS mess had criminal activity going on and there is documentation to prove it.

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Netanyahu has legitimacy in coming here as our alley to make his case not to negotiate with terrorist or a terrorist sponsoring state like Iran.  I find it incomprehensible and frankly malevolent that the Democrats are injecting so much politics into this when we should be there for BiBi!

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I am ashamed of the lot of them.

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Pelosi and the other “elected sub humans” are drunk on their own importance.

You don’t negotiate with terrorist!  It is that simple!

So we now know who the famous be-header is Jihadi John! Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti-born Londoner.

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary article-2731321-20A9C86F00000578-147_306x423

Mohammed Emwazi, Killer of this Guy, Foley and others….

Jhidi John is a rapper…  I wonder if he is on iTunes?

All of this information released today, why?  With all of the distractions today keeping the media busy and the few Americans who care, what are they up to?  Is it golf?  I suspect something entirely different but with the media satisfied to have something juicy to talk about, they will be too busy to pay attention to his majesty and his cronies.


Every time some news story breaks it seems these people are doing something behind the scenes.  Oh yes, we also have the government and Pelosi allowing the government shutdown until he gets everything that he wants in the way of funding, for his illegal actions on immigration!


Since there is no Football games, and not much going on with any other sports to take our eyes off the ball; we have to throw someone under the bus!  Mrs. Lerner and some poor slobs at the IRS are probably going to have to fall on their proverbial swords to make this happen.


Maybe the inclement weather will be a good distraction but it kind of blows Global warming out of the picture, doesn’t it?

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I don’t know if they have all done this but it seems to me that this administration has been more transparent about its philandering’s than any before it. IS that what he meant about being “transparent?”  If so he told the truth about something!

WatergateFromAir watergate

Rosen, 44, was arrested “following a series of online exchanges” with a detective assigned to the Fairfax County Police Department’s Child Exploitation Unit, Caldwell said. He was charged with one count of using of a communications device to solicit a juvenile, Caldwell said. Court paperwork in Washington said he was wanted for “obscene communication.”




How long did they know about this guy?

Watch the other hand folks!  If they are telling us this, or leaking it, there is a reason.

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