“3” or “PPP”

“3” or “PPP”

“3” or “PPP”

As a seasoned parent, I must say that I want so much to “talk” to young parents who I see in the store, or other public places.

“1…..2…..two and a half….” Does this sound familiar?

This generation raising kids today are a generation who consequences were lost on.

There is a reason that our jails are full to the brim with people, and piss poor parenting (PPP) is part of the problem.

A home without a daddy, and or both parents having to work long hours to make ends meet, with the television and now video games raising kids also plays into the mix.

  • How could Sandy Hook happen?
  • How could Charleston Happen?
  • Why did Ferguson happen?
  • Why did Baltimore happen and why is it such a mess now?
  • Our values have gone wonky. Some of the reasons for this are as stated and some are simply garbage in garbage out from …you guessed it… Hollywood!

Liberals are decrying, “gun control, we need gun control!”

This country does not have gun control because of the NRA “the voice of the people.”  So the government is purchasing huge quantities of every kind of ammo on the market (with your tax dollars or borrowed money from China,) driving the prices out of sight, and making availability scarce.

And still, all of the issues that have happened; including Aurora CO and the Columbine shooting still happened, even though ammo is not as readily available.


Three is the answer.  As a parent, you should never get to “THREE!” 

“But if I swat my child, they will learn to hit!”

Are you f@#$%ng kidding me!?

Have you watched TV at all!  Even the cartoons are violent! 

If you don’t swat them, or find some sort of “consequence” for their actions or behavior, you will be raising monsters.  You will learn to hate yourself, for not swatting them or finding some way to deal with errant behavior.

Do you think that a swat on the padded diaper is going to hurt them?  The noise and the tone of your voice not cooing them, will be the trigger for the response you want.  They need to feel that you are not pleased with their actions, not physical pain….  There are consequences for their actions.

As they are grow, emotions are your pivotal mechanisms with which you can steer them.

As they mature, you can reason with logic and maybe pain, but before logic comes into play, use emotions.

Driving around yesterday, at least a half dozen drivers disobeyed openly and fragrantly the traffic laws, including red lights, no U turns and speeding to the extent that we are on side streets in populated areas, and they were doing at least 10 over!

Red lights and traffic signs are not suggestions!  They are the law, and there are consequences that will cost you, close to where your parents should have paddled your ass; in the wallet!

So, 1,2 swat!  Or 1,2 ok no ice cream, or toy, or whatever gets their attention and be consistent and do not give in.  Let them throw a fit and ignore them.  Put them in the corner for a timeout!

When you are taking your child to the store “if you are good on the way home I will stop for ice cream.”  If by some miracle they are good, a trip through the McDonald’s Drive thru is a godsend!  Odds are good that you will not be making that trip so, you may want to get them used to making that trip; without conditions first, then add the conditions.

Bad behavior must have consequences.  If you don’t do it, the judicial system will! 

There is a video on Facebook of a baby playing with an iPhone.  When the mother takes it away, the baby throws a tantrum and they laugh about it.  They give the phone back to the baby, and it stops the tantrum immediately, and goes back to playing with the phone.  They take it away again, and a tantrum ensues.  Who is controlling who, and if this continues, how do you think that child will grow up?

We see kids today graduating college and expecting the corner office with a 6 figure salary! When they can’t get it, or don’t get it, they don’t understand why?  PPP!

Dr. Spock was wrong.  Instincts are nice but your instincts must come from witnessing parenthood from someone that knew something, or your instincts are flawed.  Do not be afraid to seek wise counsel.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child.”


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