Political Correctness, All lives matter and Trump

Political Correctness, All lives matter and Trump

Political Correctness

Americans are being duped by a complicit media and a very progressive bunch of politicians that PC is the new accepted way to speak.

In other blogs, I have spoken about how politicians “manage” the voters, PC speak is yet one more way of manipulating you.


Progressives hate the 1st amendment which says: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Political correctness abridges your freedom of speech and the technicality in that is, that congress is not enacting it, you are by allowing yourself to be shamed for thinking anything other than the progressive agenda.

So, to those out there that are afraid to say that “all lives matter,” shame on you!



If you think about it, white folks are not “white” in the truest sense of the word, they are pink or as I like to say, as an artist; a mixture of titanium white, yellow ochre and a little alizarin crimson..   You will notice that those are all colors, or as my European friends type it “colours!”  Beneath that very thin veneer of pigmentation, we are all red…

This is my main problem with the NAACPHow has this group been allowed to exists?  To me, that is a very racist group and needs to be abolished as does any group that promotes one breed or race of human over another.

If I were to go out and create the NAAWF, Al Sharpton and every other race baiter out there would be calling for my head on a stick! Mob mentality would surely rule.  Indeed, it would be every bit as racest as the NAACP

“White is a color!”

The next president of this great nation needs to recognize that white is a color too, and find ways to mend the fences between the people of this nation.  Diversity is one of the things that make America a great nation, and looking at the evidence, this president has gone out of his way to tear this country apart; picking at race, much like picking at a scab, is an easy way to do it.  A lot of white folks voted for Obama so he has no ground on which to stand, regarding his assertions.

I would call for the disbanding of the NAACP!  I would also call for the disbanding of any remnant of the KKK.  The Confederate Flag is much more than a symbol of race and to target it as the cause for the hate from one young person who is mentally ill, is a huge miss-direction of the problem, and I would guess some politician somewhere thought, directing the anger of the people to something that is inanimate would be much easier than allowing the growing divide between the races to be the “focal point” as this young person wanted!

We have more that unit us, than divide us but yet, we focus on that which is most destructive rather than those things that bond us a people.  It is past time for change; and we the people need to lead by example.

The Trump Enigma

THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE -- Episode 912 -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC
THE CELEBRITY APPRENTICE — Episode 912 — Pictured: Donald Trump — Photo by: Ali Goldstein/NBC

I have followed Donald Trump for years.

Why?  Simple, anyone that is that successful is worth studying.

  • How did he get there, what did he do to get there, how does he continue to do it?

Unlike most of the Billionaires’, Trump is more transparent thus, I believe that most of his business dealings are more transparent than say those of the Koch Brothers, or Mr. Soros.

Trump is a shaker and a mover and not afraid to make decisions.

His recent flip remarks about John McCain were just that, flip remarks and if you listen, he was entertaining an audience.  The audience loved him.  His remarks were not PC but I seriously doubt that he meant any dis-respect to the veterans.  As the matter of fact, he is fighting for them by all accounts.

Much like any comedian is not PC, Trump had them laughing; and I think took on the role of entertainer, as much as dealing with Frank Luntz.  Trump is no stranger to the lime light, so this is very likely the case.

So why is the media, and most of the GOP; and even the White House weighing in on this?

I am including this on this particular blog because this goes to the heart of the topic at hand… PC

Can you imagine if you had to carefully weigh each and every thought that came out of your mouth?  Each and every utterance is subjected to some sort of litmus test, of how it will poll!  How will the masses respond to it?  What will the media do with it?  What will your opponents do with it?  How will they spin it to make you look undesirable?

Take no prisoners!


One of the things that attracted me to Chris Christie is his outspoken demeanor.  As the matter of fact, that happens to be one of the reasons I like Joe Biden.  Obama talks from carefully written speeches prepared for him by someone from the bowels of the white house and it is only when he goes off script, can you get a sense of who he is. 

barney-fife (2)

I believe that whoever is pulling his strings, could make Barney Fife look presidential, as long as he can read and emote….

Donald Trump however; has no “string pullers.”  Donald has “no handlers.”  Donald is the “real deal” who is far from perfect but, he is who he is, and is not some puppet propped up in front a teleprompter to sell you on the idea that feces is actually edible, and you can trust it if the government puts a stamp of approval on it!

The rest of the hopefuls get their funding from people who would normally bet on the horses, which horse will come in first.  They are always in campaign mode to get more money, as becoming president is a high stakes game!

Donald owes nobody anything!  If Donald says that if you vote for him that he will take care of the veterans, he has nobody but the voters to answer to!  No political favors to repay!

In my humble opinion, that is why the media, and the other politicians are running scared!  Donald is a loose cannon in their eyes. He cannot be controlled by those who support him financially, because he does not need their money!


We know that he is smart, and a hell of a business man.  How will he deal with Putin?  Will he take his shirt off and ride some horse in the middle of the forest with a rifle in one hand and some dead animal in the other to show the Russians that he too has “balls!”


I think it is time we elect someone with balls, and not necessarily anatomical balls; just someone who can stand up to the world leaders and, flip them off if need be.  I am not suggesting a truculent attitude towards the other leaders in other countries, but i am suggesting that it is time for another Reagan.  We really need another “tear down this wall” moment.



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