A note about #Trump

A note about #Trump

A note about Trump

I find it fascinating that the liberal media does not understand why Trump is where he is in the polls.

They think it has something to do with “thinking people,” not liking politicians, but they are not really sure.  “He is Teflon.”  they say, “He defies the laws of political gravity!….”

Trump cannot be bought by special interests, and that is what is resonating along with his, “in your face to PC speak” which has crippled this country for far too long! 

Add to this a complicit media that only reports on that which bring ratings, and only then if it fits an agenda of whoever they are supporting.

I think Americans are tired of being lied to and Trump, Carson, and probably Fiorina are Washington outsiders, who have yet to sell their sole to the devil that is the Washington DC Good old boys, what can you do for me” crowd.

Trump is most likely the only candidate that cannot be purchased by this crowd, and that is why (Washington insiders) are talking trash about him and, why he resonates with people, even if he is not the perfectly scripted, speech written by committee based on polls of different demographics, type candidate.  I find his rambling, unscripted style of speech refreshing, and if he wants to bitch about China at each speech, so be it.  He is what he is, and for that I will stand up and say Hell Yes!

If he “Trump” gets elected, how long do you think it will take to get the Keystone Pipeline started?  Do you think we will be spending more millions studying the effects on migration patters of birds or fish that are in some small creek?  The stalling will be over!  The Age of Bullshit will be over, at least political backscratching bullshit that has paralyzed this country for the last 7 years!

Twenty thousand (20,000) attended today’s speech, (not simply thousands WFAA) in Dallas, and I have no idea how many more watched it on TV but, I suspect that Wednesday, CNN will enjoy a boost to its ratings as never before, and it will be because of Trump, not the others…. (Sorry Ben and Carly) Those that choose to attack Trump at the Debate should tread carefully, he brought you that audience. 

I think Trump is right about this phenomena, I think it is a movement! 

Personally, I do not want to see another Bush or Clinton in the White house. I think it is time for the “dynasties” and Washington Elites to be dethroned, as they have time after time convinced the masses that they think that they are kings and emperors and other types of royalty who are above the law, who simply tolerate the little people.  “let them eat cake…”  Hillary still thinks she is above the law and this whole e-mail thing and the Benghazi lies are simply a right wing conspiracy!  Keep trying to sell those lies, you still have a few hard core believers…  Chris Mathews still loves you.

It is time for term-limits and hopefully we can get that enacted by getting the right person in the white house.  Whether that be Trump, or Carson, or Carly, I think Washington outsiders are a good start.

“Of the people, by the people, for the People, should be our battle cry!”

Our Government is accountable to us the people, and when they forget that, you get what we have, lawlessness! 

We also have pens, and phones, and Social Media and … we vote!


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