Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

Facebook friends, Social Media and thought of the day!

I am convinced that Facebook is not the place to have political discussions or debates.

First off, most people do not get on Facebook to read a political opinion, unless of course they agree with you, and then by all means; prattle on.

Most of us have opinions in that regard, and some are well founded, others are simply based on the last thing someone read, or heard, on the radio or TV.

A quick look at the twitter feeds, especially with the total anonymity that people enjoy, they can say the most vile, disgusting things, under the cloak of being a coward in their mother’s basement, and the world sees this.  These people have opinions and they don’t want yours, they simply want to lash out and call everyone who differs from them names. Of course they do this most eloquently, utilizing their limited vocabulary consisting of 4 letter words, that they would not want their mother to hear.

Whatever the case, if someone is interested, they most probably are a little more actively involved than simply reading a few post, and thinking that is “news.”

If on the other hand, someone shares their perspective on “things” and you “unfriend” them, or they unfriend you over the sharing of opinion, I would not get too torn up about it.

If you have “friends” they will respect your right to an opinion, and you will respect theirs, and you can go on with life.  Agree to disagree and life goes on.

I happen to value friendships, and while I don’t agree with some, I would never equivocate when it comes to their right to post it, have it, or talk about it.  I also would never block someone as I firmly believe that there is “strength in diversity.”  That has its limits however; if personal name calling comes into the equation, there are things that I will not put up with.

Toxic people, and or toxic relationships; I have no use for, and will divorce them.

If your opinion is different than mine, I want to know why; as it may be possible that I don’t have all the facts.  You too should want to know for the same reason.  We are much stronger united by the truth, than divided by lies.

“Diverse”   is what we really are as a people when you think about it.

Your race, religion, political standing, etc. are all part of who you are. If one were to only have likeminded friends, one would have a myopic view of the world, and that would distort their reality.

If someone leaves your circle, blocks your feeds, etc… they are allowed, and if they do that the friendship was truly one sided to begin with so, no loss.

A friendship is accepting me and all of my warts etc. as I accept you. 

I am not perfect, but I am smart enough to have friends that are diverse enough; to obtain all sides of the equation instead of just one.

In short, your opinion matters to me.  I may not agree with it, or I might adopt it.

Social Media is a great place to see who lives around you, and what they do…. in some cases it’s about what they eat for breakfast lunch and dinner….


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