Snopes The Ultimate “what?”

Snopes The Ultimate “what?”


Snopes The Ultimate “what?”

While quoting Snopes as the ultimate truth seekers, I question everything that I read. This goes for them as well.

The fact that the site was created and is run by two liberal leaning folks in California makes it suspect as to its amount of bias…

Take the following story as an example.


Marine Assaulted at McDonald’s by Black Lives Matter Activists?

Marine veteran Christopher Marquez was involved in an altercation at a McDonald’s, but police said the teens were likely not Black Lives Matter activists.  “From Snopes”

If you read the actual report, the three black teens were asking him if “black lives matter?”

The taunting continued until he had enough and got up to leave.  Once outside, he was attacked by the three, knocked out and robbed.

Define activist?

While these three also meet the definition of criminal, thug, low life and few other adjectives I could come up with, they also meet the definition of activist.  Since they are black and espoused the line several times…”do black lives matter.” I am at a loss why the police would think otherwise.

“Maybe this is workplace violence too.”


Does BLM issue membership cards?

My point to this is simply that you must not believe everything that you read on the internet, even if it comes from Snopes!



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