The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

Convicting Trump of malfeasance before he even gets the nomination is the cause of many who promote social engineering in order to sway the would-be voter’s to their person or at the very least, to not vote.


They did this in 2012 and it kept 26 million at home.  Obama won…

While the country clearly needs a change of direction, many in the good old boy club are investing millions to sabotage the outcome in the favor of the Democrats.

One candidate who is non-trustworthy and should be in jail is the current front-runner on that side.

The people who vote for her only know that she is a woman and will stand up for their right to kill their unborn child.  Too harsh?  Listen to her speeches…divide and conquer are the democrats strategy.

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Sex
  • Color of eyes


You name it, if they can drive, a wedge in they will do it!  Control the narrative away from the facts.  Maybe they can drag Sandra Fluke out again and we can all talk about her $6 birth control pills instead of jobs, Terrorism, Economy, immigration and so forth.


“Why are we talking about those things instead of her birth Control pills???? Because of Trump!

  • He is the reason millions are tuning into the debates.
  • He is the reason we are talking about the issues and not manufactured things.

Say what you will, his entrance has been good for the process.

The other, a Socialist / hippy who has no concept of economics is affable and tells a good story.  If you have no clue how economics work, his speech is nice.  If you don’t know history you are apt to vote for this guy.   A lovable Nut!


History is a great teacher and we fail to teach it much less learn it.


The rise and fall of the Roman Empire is a good start.  If that is not enough for you try looking at Germany and the Weimar republic. Hyperinflation is what is next….  Look at Greece in very recent history….


This is where we are headed when the money runs out…


Socialism has never worked, ever!  We are moving in that direction and have been since Woodrow Wilson.  Another Democratic win will take more of your money away from you and give it to those who do not want to work.


This is on your head if your fail to stop it!


26 million Evangelicals stayed home instead of voting, as they were damned if they were going to have a “MORMON” in the white house… We have Obama today for that reason…  How is that working out for you?

Well, we are 20 Trillion in debt, we will be $21T by the time Obama leaves on a golfing retirement now that he has perfected his game for the last 8 years… How did that decision work out for you?


For those of you who have no concept of how much that is…. $21,000,000,000,000.00 …. All of that money is borrowed!  The interests is incredible!


We still have not learned.

Those that practice social engineering acquired a new database that tells them all about each and every person in their target area.


Software for the political campaign that knows more about you than your do.


  • What kinds of cars you drive.
  • Do you go to a gym
  • Do you hunt?
  • Do you go to a church?

The information at their disposal is mind blowing!

Why is this important?

Using that data they can tailor and ad campaign or a speech for your particular demographic.

They can tell you what you want to hear!  (not the truth, just what you want to hear.)

To sit this election out is about is a head in the sand, rectal cranium inversion ish as you can get!


Cannot vote for them unless they are perfect and tell me exactly what I want to hear….

So what, you will feel better that you did not vote for Trump.  When Hillary or Bernie take the wheel, appoint up to three supreme court justices and welcome all of those Syrian refugees to live in houses in your neighborhood that you will pay for …you can feel good because you did not vote!


When the rest of the major companies leave this country because Bernie taxed them to death, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump.

When you are forced to live under a bridge because there is no work other than part time retail, you can feel good because you did not vote for trump!

I am not an apologist for Trump!

Folks, Jesus is not running this time around for president of the United States.  Sorry!


Well, there is that….. 🙂


Whoever is the  GOP nominee, I will be in his or her corner…

When the liberal media highlight anything in Trumps past that flies in the face of what Evangelicals hold dear, you are being manipulated.

If they cannot persuade you to vote for one of their two losers, they will persuade you to stay home and not vote.

  • Look up social engineering in regards to politics. Interesting stuff!
  • Look up the I360 App for politics… That is the app that knows you better than you know yourself.

This man is not my first choice but….I don’t think that he is a bad choice.

Six months ago, he was clueless how to be a politician.  Now, spending his own money, he is beating the “established” politicians who are owned by god knows who.

Every twenty-four hours his savvy regarding politics increases exponentially.

His outgo is a tenth of what the others are spending…that says something.

His promise to the GOP was predicated on them treating him fairly.  It is clear to anyone that watches the news that they are not, and still he is running as a republican.  The threat of running as an independent I feel is a shot across the bow… Trump is the ultimate tactician and a hell of a smart person.

“Is he a bully?”  I think that he can be but, I also know from his books and listening to those that know him, he has a benevolent side as well.

  • I think Mexico will pay for the wall…
  • I think that he will rebuild our Military
  • I think he will take care of our vets
  • I think that he will make sure that our police are taken care of, and respected
  • I do not think that he will be pushed around, by politically correct people.
  • I think that those who don’t respect us, will again…
  • Business as usual inside the beltway will not be the same!

During the last debate when North Korea was mentioned, he was the only one of them that had the right answer.

The established on both sides of the isle are responsible for this as they have been the good old boys too damned long!  They fight to get there often spending millions for a job that pays $175K a year to live by different rules and laws than what they impose on the taxpayers.

I for one think that his rhetoric is a breath of fresh air. 

I will be watching all of the debates, all of the rhetoric before I cast that final vote but to date, if nothing changes drastically, I will be voting for him.

I wish that his “New York” persona were not as hostile as it comes across, but having been there many times, many of them talk that way… Does not make him any less of a person or any better of one; it is simply a mannerism that comes off to some as caustic.

The country is in trouble and we need someone to kick ass and take names… Rubio is too young, too rehearsed and lacks the swagger.

I like Cruz but he is to me, too much of a politician…. (That may be just me.) I do think that either of those two would make a decent VP.

Read Trump’s books if you want to get a glimpse of who he really is.  The pundits and established are spending millions in smear campaigns against him.  There is, at least, one super pack funded with its whole purpose to discredit him.  With that many people against him, there is a reason.  I feel like the reason is that business inside the beltway depends upon people who can be bought.  Trump cannot!

There is not a perfect candidate, if there were you would not vote for him because he would not have the spiz, fire, and swagger that we need.   Ben Carson would be good for that, as he is basically and honorable man.  Nobody would hear him.

Folks, we need a big personality in the White House for a few years.  We need a take no nonsense kind of person for a few years to right the ship.

If we keep the house and the Senate they will not allow him to pass by executive fiat that which would be incongruent with our constitution.

I for one would like to see the GOP become that which they have not been in years…the voice of the people!


If you write your own blog you can take artistic license too! 


Feel free to disagree…keep it civil and we can talk about it.


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One thought on “The Sheep have come home to roost! @RealDonaldTrump

  1. Interesting post. Trump has exposed for everyone how screwed up the Republican establishment is. (Some of us have know this for many years.) It is sad that we never had a true opposition party to the Left in the US.

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