The Third Sex or No Sex?

The Third Sex or No Sex?

The Third Sex or No Sex?


Recently a lady was asked to leave a Planet Fitness facility because she complained that there was a man dressed as a women in the dressing room with her.

Carlotta-Sklodowska-facebook-1-465x620 Carlotta Sklodowska, the transgender woman at the heart of the Planet Fitness story. Photo credit: Facebook

Planet Fitness seemed more concerned with the rights of the man dressed as a women, than the majority of their clientele which identifies as man or woman.  That was reported by a third party.


Houston has also set precedence allowing those that identify as a sex other than what they were genetically born with (plumbing,) to pick the bathroom that best suits their needs. This bill would allow anyone to use any bathroom that they wish, of either gender. This bill also allows for those same folks to go into other private places, which are gender specific.

This progressive thinking is not without collateral damage.

Imagine a 13 year old girl in the women’s dressing room when a transgender-ed person comes in to change next to her, and a penis is exposed to her.   Is this transgender-ed person going to pay for that girl’s therapy?  While I would hope that anyone with such anatomy would do their best to be discrete, there is still the issue of the privacy of the child, and protection from those that are truly ill and wish to expose themselves for self-gratification or the fulfillment of some dark fantasy.

Imagine some deviant individual deliberately dressing in such a manner as to gain access to the facility for the opposite sex for clandestine purposes.  Several cases have made the news where locker rooms have been bugged with cameras and other recording devices, which are commercially available to anyone with a few dollars to spend.

One option is that you have a men’s and a women’s facility, and then you have “other.”  As I cannot relate to “other,” I have no idea how palatable that would be.  As a man I have no desire to enter into a ladies bathroom, and I am certain that women would say the same.  As these folks seem to want to relate to some sex, I would think some might find it offensive; and others might prefer it.


You could have co-ed, where “anything goes” which not only would attract a whole new clientele but, most probably, several visits from undercover agents.  We are talking co-ed nude wet areas, open showers and pools and just whatever. Many of the Korean spas have nude wet areas for the different sexes, why not just have one nude wet area for everyone!  I think they did this in early Rome, and that really didn’t work out too well.


The only agreeable option that should satisfy everyone’s needs is unfortunately the added expense of providing an environment that allows for privacy, no matter what sex the person is.

Setting aside the obvious gender differences, there are those that go to such facilities and hang out in the “wet area” to ogle others of their same genetic sex.  Imagine these sheep in wolves clothing going to the opposite sex’s side for entertainment.

It would seem that with this in mind that the best answer is to provide privacy for any and all concerned. The wet area with saunas and so forth should be co-ed where proper attire is required.  This would hopefully offset the added cost of providing private areas for all to change shower etc.

Bathrooms for either gender should also provide appropriate privacy, as you never know who is in the bathroom with you.  As children use these facilities they must be protected from the possibility of deviant behavior by those that are truly not there because they identify one way other another, they are just genuinely mentally disturbed.


Mayor Parker and other progressive individuals should put their personal agenda’s aside to look after the “entire population” and not just those of the LGBT community.  I would think that the LGBT community would also support this as instead of a women’s and men’s bathroom, there would simply be “The bathroom.”

The simple facts are that we as a people must rise up to meet this challenge.  Ignoring it will not make it go away.  Law abiding citizens regardless of gender must be heard and accommodated for and protected from those that wish to take advantage of a situation for devious purposes.

Before we change the rules, we must make changes to protect those who are most vulnerable in our society from those that are of ill repute.  Video surveillance of the bathroom “common area” could actually be accomplished without violating anyone’s privacy, thus allowing for some modicum of security.

There is an answer; working together instead of the truculent attitude which pervades this entire conversation every time that it is mentioned, will provide a solution.



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