The Trump Effect

The Trump Effect

You know that you are entering into a political season when Robin Hood, disguised as a politician forces business’s to pay wages that are reserved for those who actually “know how to work!”

Here is the thing, minimum wage jobs are for kids that are just entering into the work force, and don’t have any idea what a work ethic is.  These kids are used to sleeping late during the summer months, staying up late with friends or the computer or what have you; and basically bitching about the inequality of life as they don’t have a car and or unlimited resources at their disposal, and complain incessantly with the ubiquitous infamous words of youth, ”it’s not fair!”

As highly skilled computer professionals, saw their jobs replaced by H1-B people, we wonder how this happens.  The argument is, or was, that there are not enough professionals in this country, so we need to import them.  Our scholastic acumen, or lack thereof was used as the catalyst for the conversation but, most American’s slept through that as well.  That soccer is important…  You know we don’t keep score right, we don’t want to damage their self-esteem.

If you watch Jesse Watters on Fox, he interviews these stoned college kids and makes me believe that we need to import talent.


That narrative was (which is false,) but those with big budgets to contribute through lobbyist to make their case to whatever law-maker that needed funding for re-election (all or any of them)  do so with impunity and little regard for Americans!  It is all about the bottom line, and nothing else.

(How do I produce and sell the most widgets in the least expensive way?)

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Boing to name a scant few, testified that they cannot get the talent that they need in America, so the limits to H1-B visas must be increased.  With over 500,000 people at any given time from different countries taking high-tech American jobs, they continue to lobby for more.  They pay them less, and they are not contractually obligated to them, as they might be with a US citizen.

The real problem is, that they cannot get the talent that they need with Americans for “really cheap prices!  As if the half million H1_b folks is not enough, they also recruit from people here in the US, on other types of Visas like student Visa’s.  Some of these convert through the “green card” process thus they leave openings for more H1_b opportunities.

Donald Trump said something yesterday at the Mexican border that caught my attention.

“I have thousands of Mexicans working for me, and had tens of Thousands over the years, they love me!”  He went on to say that he will bring the jobs back from Japan and China and “the Mexicans will get them!””

Now let that settle in for just a minute.  … What about Americans DON!?

Immigration has, and will always be about cheap labor! These folks that supposedly have more skills than Americans is absolute BS!  I have run into many skilled people who were replaced by someone from another country for half their salary and, they could not find a comparable job to replace it so they are either un-employed or under-employed.

The reason had nothing to do with their qualifications, it is because they had reached middle-age and by that time you are used to making reasonable good money.  Companies don’t want to pay “reasonable good money,” so they hire from other countries.

Donald Trump is not a politician, he is a business man.  Had he been a seasoned politician he would not have disclosed that fact simply to get the Hispanics to “warm up to him.”  Anyone with a brain that might also happen to be un-employed or under-employed, will remember where his loyalties are when they vote.

Rick Perry called Trump a cancer to the Republican Party.  Trump is a cancer to the entire political class but not really a cancer in my eyes.  Trump is shining a light on, and exposing the flaws in all politicians in the “good ol boy club” that Americans are oblivious to. 

You are too busy with the kids, the soccer, baseball, the news is depressing, and so you tune out!  You are missing out, and if you take the time out of your busy schedule to vote,  you will either be voting by pulling the all R or all D lever, or you will be influenced by what the last smear campaign that you saw, said about the other guy, you know the one that steps on baby chickens for fun, or throws grandma off the cliff!  You are what Rush Limbaugh called the “low information voter!”   Not an insult, you simply don’t care and you “reason” or come up with the excuse that you are too busy!

Did I get your attention? 

Until Trump either drops out, or becomes politically savvy, you have an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see the wizard at work!  If allowed to continue un-fettered; Americans might get their first real look at how badly our government is truly infected with cancer, and how these folks are working for themselves and selling you out to the highest bidder.  Trump is not the cancer, Trump is a diagnostic instrument much like a CAT scan, exposing the cancer.

If Trump is allowed to continue, our government may actually have to work for us, the American People again, and not to fatten their own wallets!  Make no mistake, DC is the good ol boy club and those lobbyist payed by big business are working contrary to the American middle class folks who, are constantly a talking point; but never really helped as they prop up the entire country!

If you are the middle class of which I speak, take a bow!  When you are doing so, make certain a politician is not behind you ready to…well you know…stick it in you!

The poor take from the middle class and somehow feel justified by taking from the “haves.”  The rich are smart enough to avoid paying into the system, so they hide money off-shore and basically have people who are smarter than they are, manage their money, to pay the very least in taxes.  The middle class are left to pay for everything and left just enough, “maybe” to survive and maybe afford a vacation to places to see where the rich and famous live.  Folks, the rich and famous “not all but most” get there by exploiting you!  Now pay attention and we might can change some of this, or go back to your sitcoms!

How much of what someone else worked for is your fair share?

Trump for instance made his money in real estate.  Why in real estate? The thousands of pages of tax code (that code that screws the middle class) is geared towards more favorable tax status, if you invest in real estate.

  • The H1-B is about exploiting people from other countries, for cheap labor.
  • Immigration is about exploiting people from other countries, for cheap labor and votes!
  • Outsourcing is about exploiting people from other countries for, cheap labor; while giving the false appearance of being an American company loving Americans!

Some of these high-tech companies hire well-spoken Americans to interface between their company and their clients.  Their job is to sell that company to the client and interface with, or be the liaison between them, and the folks that actually manage the projects back in India, or some other 3rd world country.  The client thinks that Americans are doing the job but in fact it is auctioned off to the lowest bidder.

Marco Rubio appears to have some idea of what is going on in this arena, and is for stopping all forms of immigration until we get a handle on it.  If that is real and not just political rhetoric, he gets my attention.

The simple facts are that Americans are hurting, and it is big business doing it to us, through our own government, you know the ones created by us, which are supposed to be,… for us!!!

If any of these bozo politicians had ever gone to a job fair for “technical people” they would see thousands of applicants line up for two or three possible jobs of which those companies will have thousands of candidates to choose from.  The applicant hired will most likely be some kid fresh from college.  Not because this kid is the most qualified, simply because he is a kid, and they can start him out at $15 and hour vs the $50 to $125 and hour that the qualified person should command.

There is the rub, isn’t it… $15 and hour….

Our government is pushing for a minimum wage increase and in some states it is $15 an hour.  You can tell that those politicians slept through economics, or they need a diversion!

  • If I double the salary of a burger flipper, what has to happen to the price of my goods?
  • How do I stay competitive with the other burger company who manage not to comply with that law, maybe it is family owned burger flipper company and he can treat his family different than normal employees?
  • Cut my expenses.
  • Cheaper meat, cheaper rent, turn the air up or off?
  • Less employees?
  • Do more of the work myself?
  • What corners can I cut without endangering the health of my customers?
  • Close the business and go to work for the competition?

Now let’s flip the coin, I have city workers making $15 an hour doing menial, but necessary task like garbage collector or ditch digger.  How are they going to feel about their kid making the same amount of money that they are making and they have been there ten years!?  Do you know that some firefighters make a whopping $22K a year!?  In case your math is bad or you slept through school that is $10.57 an hour!  Are you beginning to see the problem?

  • Government has no business injecting itself into this.
  • Governments’ primary business is to keep Americans Safe!
  • The Government should do all they can to make certain that Americans excel, period, end of sentence!
  • Immigration should be limited and severely scrutinized.

We could take our que from Mexico, try to immigrate there!  You had best have lots of money and bring lots to the table or, good luck!

Australia, New Zealand … Better have a job lined up that only you can do!  Why in the world do we have to let anybody and everybody in, and pay for them to boot!?  Cheap labor and votes. 

You thought slavery was dead…!  You thought that you could not buy an election.  Silly person!

I hope that Trump stays in this long enough to “infect” our political class.  They need to be forced to deal with reality that Americans are damned tired of being screwed over by the political elites in their Ivory towers!

I watched a “trump” liaison on the news last night talking with Frank Luntz.  I have to tell you the guy was so damned truculent, he pissed me off.  And that was the exact point that Frank was trying to make and this guy…clueless, went right over his head.  Go back and watch the interview.  Trump needs to be likable or people won’t vote for him.  Humility is a word that I expect Trump and his team are not familiar with.  If you don’t have one, hire someone that will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear.  I have fired more “yes-men” for simply being that.  As a businessman, I need the truth, not smoke up my ass!

Trump is actually waking up the sleeping tiger, or the elephant in the room; and I for one appreciate that!


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