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#Truckers, #Drivers, #Distraction and You.

Today I would like to visit with you about a few rules of the road.

Recently (very recently) I spent some time on the highways of Texas and Louisiana.


The first thing that I would like to address is drivers and cell phones.  The things have invaded every facet of our lives.  We have them everywhere and we are married to them.  These things are the Swiss army knife of technology.


There are so many ways that the phone has become an integral part of our daily lives that if we leave home without it we will turn around and go get it.  If we are too far away when it is discovered we will actually have anxiety issues about it not being with us.

 We will pull it out at a red light.  This action often times causes you to be sitting there after the light has turned green causing the guy behind you to honk.  (That guy is me by the way.)


We pull it out on side streets and try to text, Facebook and what have you, while driving.  We will pull it out on the highway and not only try to talk but text, Facebook. 

One of my favorite all time News Anchors pulled it out and took a picture of her dash while traveling down the road at 60 MPH showing the temp of  -14 and of course driving at night on icy roads.  She really should lead by example, and this is not it.


On this last trip I noticed a new twist to this phenomena, truck drivers are doing it.  On multiple occasions I would see a truck swerve on the highway.  Often times they would swerve to avoid going into the ditch and their truck / trailer would end up in the other lane from the over correct.  As I passed each and every truck that did this they had the phone up next to their ear.


They did this on dry pavement and they did this during a blinding rain storm.

 The driver that really caught my eye was a Texas Trooper, who also swerved.  As he passed me, he too had a phone up to his ear. I guess that he was late for something as he passed me well in excess of the speed limit, on a rain slick street, with a phone next to his ear.  Can a citizen pull over a cop?

 I have never driven a “big rig.”  I really don’t know what would happen if they were to drop a wheel off of the paved road.  The over correcting part that put them in the other lane, however; I can guess what would happen if someone was beside them.


Normal every day drivers do this all day every day with no thought of the danger that they are putting themselves in, not to mention the rest of us.


This type of behavior is cause for every day drivers to pay attention not only to the road but each and every car around you as you never know when someone is going to try and do something stupid!

 Hands free devices should be mandatory for those who wish to talk and drive.  My vehicle allows me to hit a button on the wheel, tell my phone who to dial and handle everything without taking my eyes off of the road.  There are after market devices like this so, really there are no excuses.  Even a blue tooth headset will allow you to do this.


Distracted driving is illegal.  We should not need a special law for each and every thing that you might do with your car while driving.


On another note, who came up with the speed limits on our roads?


Some road should clearly be marked faster than they are and some should not be marked as fast as they are.  There should be standards and that can be state by state but there should be consistency.   Two lanes farm to market roads have no business being 75MPH.  Multiple lane highways have no business changing from 75 to 55 when they are the same road with the same kind of traffic.  We need to work to fix things and lead by example.


Small towns that change their speed limits on the main road to 30 mph at the drop of a hat, with the sign being partially or fully obstructed by a tree or shrub or some other structure ought to be fined by some sort of oversight committee.



Recently I went through Cross Plains Texas where the speed drops from 75 to 30.  Just inside the border there is a really old sheriff or some sort of cop that wears a T-Shirt that says police on it.  He has a cowboy hat and boots and jeans.  Truly he is a throwback from another era.  The tickets appear to be an 8.5 X 11 piece of paper and he goes through many, from what I am told. Maybe they are the large print variety.


As I was quite lost while looking for a place, I went through the town many times. Each and every time he had someone pulled over.  It is not that the town should not be 30; the road going to the town should not be above 60.


On a recent trip through the Keys I found that the road going through them was under construction for the entire trip. Highway 1 was about a 100 miles of intermittent speeds going from a high of 55 down to 30 with little or no warning.  Behind each and every sign was a cop and of course while all of the signs said, “active construction zone” there was not a sole lifting a spade of dirt.  There should be a law against this type of thing.  By the way for the record; this was a work day, middle of the day.  The entire week that I was there I never saw anyone doing anything that one could call construction.


 Slow down, don’t text and drive, and get a hands free device and learn to use it.



“Nero In The White House” (Best summation of the OWEbozos ever)

I am not sure I could do any better…

The Rio Norte Line

The below summary of Barack and Michelle Obama’s 5 year reign in the White House is by far the best I’ve ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head.

And it took a black reporter writing it to make it as effective as it is. A white man’s account would be instantly criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obama’s is penned by a well known journalist of color?

(Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles .)

The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn’t like the Obama’s. Specifically I was asked: “I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama’s? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespect) their Christmas family picture.”

The truth is I do not like…

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Toys, Time and You.



I know that I have touched on this subject at least once before, but I think that it is worth expounding upon….


It is no secret that I like eating out.  If I could have any job in the world, it would most probably be that of a food critic, or restaurant critic, or both…  I have traveled to 48 of the 50 states and have eaten in more places, tried more different types of food than I can possibly recount.   I have seen and tasted the “good, the bad, and the ugly!”


I remember my parents fussing at me as a child telling me that I was not raised in a barn, where are my manners.  I took this to heart and instead of fussing at my child in a similar manner; I sent her to etiquette or charm school, when the time was right, and then lead by example.


Having said that; we went out Fathers Day to a local restaurant that has predicable food, and service.  Walking us back to our table they sat us next to a table that had just finished.  The floor was covered in water, ice, dishes, silverware and upside down cups;  food from half a dozen meals; and peanut shells.  The table was actually cleaner than the floor however; not by much.  The words, “holy molly bat man!” escaped my lips before I was able to restrain myself.  The hostess did not pick up on my displeasure, sat us there and walked off.  If the people at the table that made the mess had not still been there, I would have requested a different place.


The family that had made this mess was in the process of paying their bill and made no excuses for the disaster.  If that were my family, I would have been cleaning it up myself; after which, would go no further than McDonalds’ for eating out until course corrections could be made.


Across from us were a couple who were engrossed with their smart “stuff” taking pictures of their food and god knows what all.  This was a young couple but still a couple and they were more interested in their phones, than each other.


Looking around the room there were other families also engrossed with their “toys.” The children were playing with something electronic instead of eating and the parents were no better.


We noticed that the hours that we were there, had a “happy hour” which was a combination of a particular type of meal and an adult beverage.  When we tried to order this the waiter exclaimed that it was not available as it was Sunday.  Clearly the menu stated that it was and we got into a disagreement about what the menu stated and what he was willing to do.


I finally said “I am not going to let this ruin my dinner,” and proceeded to order the same thing knowing I was going to have to pay more.  These folks are known for their sweet potatoes, which is made much like candid yams, including the marshmallows.  The waiter took our order and then felt it necessary to share that he can’t stand them.  What an odd thing to share with folks who two of the three at the table had just ordered them.   I could not restrain myself at this point and nicely ask him “how long he had been working there.”  “This is my first week!”  I would wager that if I went back tonight; he would not be there.


The food was as expected although, the service and the cleanliness of the restaurant was below-par by a long shot!


Below par is actually a misnomer, in golf that is a good thing; using it in these terms, it is not a good thing.


Last night I went out again to an upscale seafood place.  Sitting at the Hibachi Grill we were joined by several different folks from different walks of life.  If you knew me personally you know that I have never met a stranger.  I am the one that will talk with just about anyone, anyplace; even on an elevator in New York; be warned.


This night was no exception and I quickly broke the ice with the different couples and children that had joined us.  One of them had two young children.  One of which was frightened by the “pyrotechnics” and screamed loudly enough to wake the dead; the other child felt it necessary to entertain us with her rendition of Jingle Bells!   This couple had their hands too full to “play with toys” although the mom managed to get some facebook time in between “going through the fields in a one horse open sleigh” and her other child throwing cheerios.


This dinner was a rather expensive dinner for two folks so I would have expected the food to be pretty good, not so!  The filet Mignon was overcooked and was more like meat flavored bubble gum.  Medium means pink in the middle, this was well done.  The Shrimp too was overcooked and dry and rubbery.  The chicken was overcooked and dry.  The vegetables were just ok.  The fried rice was really disappointing as it was not anything but rice egg and soy sauce. 


These folks usually have a real good “meal service” but, I would not recommend their hibachi grill.  While the chief was entertaining; I suspect that Gordon Ramsey would have not eaten there.


Maybe it is just me but, I would never take young children to an expensive place if I knew that they were not easily controlled or given to fits of hysteria.  If you are paying $100 and up for dinner, you don’t really want to hear or deal with screaming kids.  Chances are you may have your own at home and have them with a baby sitter as you want some time away from the chaos.  Keeping a relationship with your spouse that does not include changing diapers, or wiping snotty noses, or listening to Jingle Bells in June, is critical for your marriage.  Date nights are meant for the two of you to be around either just yourself or other adults. There are family friendly places where such things are expected but the odds are good the phrase; “do you want fries with that” will be employed sometime during the night.


These places have entertainment for kids as their take on eating is a few bites, and they are done.  Parents getting their child to sit still when they clearly don’t want to create an unpleasant environment not only for the child but guess what, for them and everyone around them.  It is reprehensible really to bring young children into “adult places” and expect them to behave as an adult.  They don’t have the mental faculties and or the patients to sit for more than about 15 minutes.  


It is very rare to find children that can sit at a table for any longer than that without being the center of attention in a good way or bad way.  When they can behave themselves at family friendly restaurants, in a consistent manner; than go ahead and try them at nicer places.


Even more disturbing, I find that some families will simply ignore their children’s bad behavior all the while messing with their electronic toys!  It is bad enough to sit within earshot of a family correcting their rambunctious child, it is even more upsetting when the parents are oblivious to it and just let them run amuck while they are on FaceBook or some other diversion from reality.


Training your child is your responsibility.  You can send them to a school for such things or lead by example or both!  Currently, your bad behavior, your child watches. They mimic their parents and so the adage about the apple not falling far from the tree is very germane.   Are your kid’s apples or nuts?


Put away the toys when you are together as a family.  Put away the toys when you are out on a date.  Make time for dates, without the kids and leave the toys in the pocket or purse or maybe even in the glove box so you won’t be tempted.  Toys, like TV, are neither a babysitter nor a substitute for parenting.


If you care to comment on this, please keep it clean and respectful.  With any of my blogs, I will happily discuss any part of them.  I will not tolerate disrespectful comments, nor will I make them.






To Buy a #motorcycle or not…


Recently a friend ask if he should consider purchasing a motorcycle…  It is my firm belief that once we reach the age of adult, we must make our own decisions. If someone summarily tells you no or yes than you have given that responsibility over to someone else hence you are not really acting as an adult now are you?  Having said that, I shared my decision making process with him and a few others.  Because it is germane for today I thought that I would share it with you as well.  Why is it salient for this day and time, people often rationalize getting one because of the gas prices. So, this is my take on this topic…


There was a time that I wanted a motorcycle.  My father, who had lost his best friend on a motorcycle; VETOED my decision,.  Without incurring any more wrath on the subject; I decided I would wait until I moved out, and get it then. 

When you move out of the house a few things happen.  You have less time for folly, and you have less disposable income.  The motorcycle took a back seat as eating and keeping a roof over my head, and keeping my cars running took priority.

Cars back in the 70’s were not like cars today.  Older cars took regular messing with to keep them running.  Between points and plugs and oil and hoses and the list could go on, today’s cars are much better than they were.  

About that time I transferred to Houston where I worked in the Texas Medical Center.  While there I saw many different types of things including folks rushed to the ER for different reasons.  The majority of the more gruesome reasons were the results of “motorcycle accidents.”  When human flesh comes into contact with anything at 60 odd miles and hour, there is little left for the doctors to do but pronounce “TOD” or time of death.

 Missing knees from accidents were another frequent cause of visits to ER.  That was a long time ago and I had all but forgotten those reasons and truthfully, I would really like to have forgotten all of those memories as there were more that went to the morgue than the operating table.

 Commercials on TV, billboards and magazine ads try to get you interested in some sort of motorcycle like the CAN AM, Harley or pick your poison. They in fact glorify it in such a way that it appeals to your sense of adventure vs. your common sense.  I mentioned to one of my motorcycle riding friends how I would like to get one, it looked fun.  My friend who rides daily told me flat out, “no, you really don’t!”  What a good friend…






He worked for me for some time and would ride to work most days, even when it was crappy outside, he enjoyed it that much.  Why would someone ride to work in the rain, cold rain at that?


I think it is “habit-forming” much like smoking, once you get it into your system, you really can’t give it up easily.  How can I make the claim that it is habit forming?  Easy….


When you do something exhilarating what happens?  Adrenaline is released into your blood stream and you what?  You feel good!  It is all about chemicals.  Your body is a cornucopia of hormones and chemicals and different things cause different types of them to be released.  That is why drugs are so addictive; not only are you putting chemicals into your body but, your body releases “feel good” stuff as well, so it is like a double dose!  Why do you think people “cut themselves?”  The body releases endorphins, which are to counteract the pain but, they make you “feel good.”  This stuff is addicting and that is how I think riding a motorcycle, or flying a jet at Mach1, or even riding a roller coaster can be addictive.


Bottom line here is that you are an adult, when you move out of the house; you can do what you can afford.  To quote one of my favorite all time celebrities… “Do you feel lucky?”   


Unfortunately It has less to do with your skill level than it has to do the other eggheads around you.  You know the kind; the kind that are texting while driving.  It maybe the kind that are screwing around with some sort of radio; while driving.  I was hit once by a women who was turned around while driving, slapping her child!  They are some how more adept at messing with something while driving than the other guy, until they run over something or someone.  Driving requires all of your attention, not just some small part of it.


I used to think, I will just wait until I can move out into the country where there are less people and than I will get some sort of motorcycle.  Sounds good right?  Nice two lane road, no one around but you and the open road and fields… That too was shattered as well; a friend of mine was riding home after an event which he took part in.  There he was in a “perfect” environment, nobody around, clear day and so forth.  Everything was good until, yep, farmer Joe pulled out right in front of him.  He was doing 60 at the point of impact, killed instantly.  The bike was unrecognizable. I went to his funeral. He left a wife and children, siblings, friends and a church family behind.

By the way, I did end up with two motorcycles.  Someone could not pay me for the computer services rendered so they offered me two motorcycles as payment.  One was a Suzuki dirt bike, yellow; kind of cool looking and the other was a Green Honda 700 street bike; huge heavy thing.  I had never ridden or taken lessons so they simply sat on the back porch until I was going to decide what to do with them, learn to ride, or get rid of them.



I decided to move them away from the center of the back door so I could still see into the back yard when my decision was made.   Knowing nothing about them, I moved the dirt bike first, no problem, it moved much like a bicycle. The Honda was a different story.  I stood beside it, pushed on it to get it centered on its wheels as I had with the dirt bike to then move it forward and guess what happened?  It did not stop moving as I got perpendicular to the ground; as it is very top heavy.  Bottom line, it went over on its other side with me on top of it trying to stop it!  I got hurt on the damned thing without ever riding it an inch!  Lesson learned, sit on it and use your legs to keep it centered while moving it.  That however was enough for me, I sold them and that was it.  Never rode either of them and, I am still around to tell that story.

All through my life there have been subtle reminders, why it is not a good idea, but maybe your “luck” might be different.  Hope this helps in the decision process for you or at the very least; maybe someone else who is also contemplating a bike.  Here is the thing; no one can make the decision for you.  No-One!  You are the adult, you have to make the decision; it is your responsibility, it comes with the territory.




part of a political discussion among friends


The following is a political discussion that I was having with some friends.  It turned out to be of such detail and work I thought that I would share it here.


We were debating which side is better suited to lead the county, the republicans or the democrats. I said neither.  You need to forget the R or the D and look at what they have done how they have voted in the past and look at their character.  Then cast your vote for the best person and not simply by the party.


I had such great hope for Obama.  Here is a guy that had the ability to unite the races.  Here is a guy that could show that this victim mentality is self-imposed defeatism.  You can in fact do anything, be anything you want to be.  The only thing stopping you is you.  Instead of this however; he weighs in on a case that would barely make the nightly news in Florida and makes it a national talking point, bringing in every race-baiter in the world further dividing this country.  Has Obama got everything wrong?  I would not say that.  On racial healing the two opportunities he had “the cops acted stupidly, and if I had a son he would look just like him” did not help this country.  As far as I can remember no sitting president has ever weighed in on such matters, period!  I know, and most probably you do as well; that he like “most politicians” are paid for by special interests groups.  Avenue K is where it all happens and we need someone to go to Washington and stop all of this.  If memory serves he said he was going to do this.  He would not allow a lobbyist in the white house.  He has them in his administration.  How we fix it is another story because I firmly believe that once you go to Washington, you loose your soul; probably to the highest bidder.


I don’t think in my lifetime we will fix this.  I fear for our children and their children.  I do know that when you spend money like this administration has done; something is going to happen to cause a reset.  I have read history and I know about the Weimer Republic and what happened as a result of hyper inflation.  We have seen this most recently in Greece.  I am guessing that is why the president signed directive 302518.  Can you imagine our children taking up arms against their parents to quell an uprising as a response to an out of control government?  That is what the 2cnd amendment is all about.  The government should fear the people.


We are now over $17trillion in debt and this administration is responsible for a good chunk of it. Yes, Bush started it but, adding to it like they have done is simply irresponsible.  On top of this we have skyrocketing energy cost and an administration that is punishing American Business’s and our number one source of energy which we have in abundance “coal” is off the table.  Where is the coal going, to energy hungry countries like China who don’t care about burning coal cleanly.  Global warming is a problem for America to deal with. 


Now they want the rich to pay for college loans.  Like Reagan once said, “vote with your feet.”  What do you think the rich and business owners are going to do?  Those that can move their business to some other country will and those that can shelter their money will and those that can move to a country that is friendlier to wealthy people will.


We see that in Texas here today as business’s and people are moving here because of our friendly environment we have towards businesses.


Truth be told, we have been bringing our system closer and closer to Socialism since Wilson.  One fee, one tax at a time, like turning the heat on the water; slowly the frog will boil to death.  If we are not a socialist country already we soon will be as there are more people on the government tit now that anytime in history.  While people think that this is a good thing, the truth is the government is hurting those that need the most by not giving them a hand up but a hand out; which can stop at anytime!


Wealthy people are already moving from New York as they have this same mentality of socking it to the rich.


When the dust settles who will be left to clean up the mess?  Where will the people be that caused it?  As long as politicians are funded to the tune of multiple millions of dollars for campaign funding, we have no hope.  We will have the best government that money can buy…


Americans are slowly waking up.  I think this backlash we are seeing with Tea Party Candidates winning elections here and there is America saying, what we have been doing is not working so let’s do something else.  They may be right as the Tea Party vets those who they sponsor.


It is time for some non-lawyers to take the lead.  It is time for some business men who know how to balance a budget, who don’t take a pay check until every one else is paid first.  It is time for someone who still respects the flag, and honors the men and women who protect it with their lives to take the helm.




Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities”


A 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.

The directive contains noncontroversial provisions on support to civilian fire and emergency services, special events and the domestic use of the Army Corps of Engineers.

The troubling aspect of the directive outlines presidential authority for the use of military arms and forces, including unarmed drones, in operations against domestic unrest.

“This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” said a defense official opposed to the directive.

Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” was issued Dec. 29, 2010, and states that U.S. commanders “are provided emergency authority under this directive.”

“Federal military forces shall not be used to quell civil disturbances unless specifically authorized by the president in accordance with applicable law or permitted under emergency authority,” the directive states.

“In these circumstances, those federal military commanders have the authority, in extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances” under two conditions.

The conditions include military support needed “to prevent significant loss of life or wanton destruction of property and are necessary to restore governmental function and public order.” A second use is when federal, state and local authorities “are unable or decline to provide adequate protection for federal property or federal governmental functions.”

“Federal action, including the use of federal military forces, is authorized when necessary to protect the federal property or functions,” the directive states.

Military assistance can include loans of arms, ammunition, vessels and aircraft. The directive states clearly that it is for engaging civilians during times of unrest.

A U.S. official said the Obama administration considered but rejected deploying military force under the directive during the recent standoff with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters.

Mr. Bundy is engaged in a legal battle with the federal Bureau of Land Management over unpaid grazing fees. Along with a group of protesters, Mr. Bundy in April confronted federal and local authorities in a standoff that ended when the authorities backed down.

The Pentagon directive authorizes the secretary of defense to approve the use of unarmed drones in domestic unrest.

In 2010 we saw the uprising in the middle east and we saw how the Greece came apart when their currency became worthless due to hyper inflation and the government simply devaluing it by printing too much of it.

 In Syria we see today the government “quelling civil unrest.”  Admittedly they are the cause of the civil unrest that they are quelling by murdering their citizens with anything from typical gunfire to rockets to bombs to chemical attacks.  I am guessing if they had unmanned drones they would use them as well.

 Understand that the second amendment was designed for the people to keep the government in check through the use of militias if necessary, can you imagine a government run a muck like we see in the middle east today; here in the US where your sons and daughters are ordered by “not just this president but any elected official” to take up arms against you; their parents!

This bill “in my humble opinion” is so far off the mark of what our government is about, it boggles the mind. 

For someone who used to teach “constitutional law” this guy and his people are so far left they make Putin look conservative.

Just my 2 cents worth…






Cliven Bundy or Holy Cow!

Have any of you followed this Cliven Bundy thing?

This just has distraction written all over it.  Why do I say this?

This guy has been letting his cattle graze where ever for over twenty years.  They go on land that is not his and eat whatever is eatable.  The land is covered in cactus and scrub brush and if it has grass, I didn’t see it.

The point here is that he admittedly broke the law and has been doing so for a long time.

The Sheriff is a friend of his and my guess is that he looks the other way as nothing is being hurt. As the matter of fact the cattle are eating material that could be combustible so in fact they are doing the feds a favor!

Now out the blue the feds come in with attack dogs, snipers and the freaking military to do what, to fine this trespasser?   Give me a break.

This is a way to get Fox news, which admittedly is no fan of the liberals to turn their attention to this, rather than keeping their eye on the ball.  Not only does this distract the news outlets but the American people as well.

This stand off had the makings of Ruby Ridge[1]  or Waco [2] until the militia showed up and said “cool it.”  This really could have ended badly.  Brinksmanship is a dangerous game where hot heads and guns are involved.   It ended very badly for Ruby Ridge and Waco and this is the same mentality at work here.

Even though the snipers and attack dogs have left, we still have good old Harry and his son stirring the pot. Harry, why does the Fed own so much of your state?  That land belongs to the people and you should make an effort to get it back into their hands.  Do you not represent your people?

On Hannity tonight he interviewed the family.  Brianna, a daughter in law made the statement that “we are a family of faith and have god on our side.” Brianna, I am certain that it is biblically correct not to break the law, read Romans..

This administration seems to have taken its cues from Houdini, watch the other hand if you want to see what is really going on.  As for the Bundy’s, get your cattle on your own land and respect fences.  Make nice with the feds, because as we have seen with past experiences, they usually don’t end well.

This is a stretch but if the feds had any sense they would make this go away.  Fine the guy a $100 and tell him not to do it again.  Next time don’t go after a gnat with a cannon!

Neither of you want this to go to court.  There was never a need for deadly force, and this really makes the feds look bad, again…

Just my 2 cents worth and it really is worth about that… 



-Best to you and those that you care about!


Watch as Man With Road Rage Gets Dose of ‘Instant Karma’

Yesterday I talked about Drivers..


Today I come across a video shot by a “lady” who shot video as a driver who was tailgating her and subsequently passed wrecked because he was driving badly.


On the surface, one would absolutely agree with the girl driving, until you examine all of the facts.


Watch the video and then come back for the discussion of the facts.


The girl is driving in the left lane which is for passing only, in many states.  Common courtesy is to move out of someone’s way if you happen to be in the left lane and they want to get around you.


Her “excuse’s” are:

a: The road was slick so I was driving slow

b: I was going to make a left turn up ahead in a half mile

c: There was a truck in the right lane.


The driver indicts herself by showing her speedometer.  Clearly speed on a slick road was not her main concern.  She passes the truck and stays in the left lane keeping the man blocked by the truck and herself.  She is shooting video at the time so if the roads are truly that dangerous as she alleges; she is negligent and should be ticketed for distracted driving.


She alleges that she was being tailgated by this driver for 3 minutes.  If she was going to turn in half a mile; how long does it take to go half a mile at 50 plus miles and hour?  I will do the math for you, a little more than a minute, about 80 seconds…


After the driver finally gets around her, she speeds up to catch up to him to video more of him.  He then flips her off.  As he accelerates further to get away from this “person” by now traveling way too fast on these slick streets he wrecks out.  This wreck was her fault!  Had she not sped up to further aggravate this poor sole, he would have been fine!  He would have had a story to tell around the dinner table but he would not have a wrecked truck.  She could have caused someone to be hurt or worse!


The very next thing she does is laugh at his misfortune and stops to take further video. 


That’s not Karma folks… Call it what you will but that was not disserved.


There is one thing that stood out to me of importance. she has a bright yellow blazer in the left from seat.  She most likely is a “crossing guard” and was on her way home from assisting children getting across the road safely by doing what? “Directing traffic!”  My thinking is that she was indeed driving slow and in the left lane.  My guess is she was daydreaming or thinking about what she was doing until the kids get out of school and she has to return.


This guy pulled up behind her to entice her to move over to the slow lane.  I think she went back into “traffic directing mode, a self appointed governor of speed on dangerous roads”, as well as taking video to post on YouTube to see if it would go viral!  Because it is touted as this guy was in the wrong, and you don’t have all of the context or facts to see that she was indeed the perpetrator, you agree and laugh at the guy.


When he finally got around the truck in the right lane she then sped up to shoot further video of him knowing he was pissed by now as she had been taunting him for no less than three minutes, by her own admission!  He knew he was being screwed with “the victim” and shot her the finger.  I suspect had that been a guy he might have pulled him over and had a conversation of another kind.  Here in Texas that kind of crap might get you shot!  It would certainly not be the first time.


In my opinion and with the supporting evidence, her video and her documented actions, she is the villain, and I think if I were on a jury, I would convict her.


I think this gentleman has a good case that some lawyer should take.  It looks very much like this lady is a control freak and actually enjoyed keeping this driver behind her.  I would allege that she pissed the guy off to such an extreme that he acted as most would, showed her his feelings for her actions and then tried to get away from her!


I would make the argument that she is at fault for this entire disaster and if the police indeed ticketed the guy, they are asleep. They should re-examine the facts.


Another thing I found of interest here is, on this thread, you will notice that people treat people badly.  If you don’t agree with their opinion, they name call etc.  Why?  They can do this because they go by pseudo names that give them anonymity.  I can act badly and no one will know it was me.  I can be a jerk and feel good about myself by talking shit to others, and no one can do anything about it.


Folks, you are no better than the videographer taunting that guy.  She is a bully and by your truculent attitude towards your fellow posters that you disagree with, you too are being a bully!


The Blaze and other such boards that allow “pseudo names” should stop that practice and only allow you to post with your “real name.”  There is no excuse for being an ass because you can.  The human condition is appalling at times.  This video and the subsequent post are only a small example of how far we have fallen as a race. 


Would you cut in front of someone in line at a checkout in the store?  No, because you are not anonymous.  But you will go get into your car and cut off anyone to get ahead of them.  Do you see the problem here?  People will act badly if they don’t have accountability.


Practice what you preach and look a little deeper into things before you throw stones.  I would start by looking in the mirror.


I hope that this guy gets a copy of this video and gets an attorney.  I have little doubt that he would win.  It would actually be “KARMA” to Judge Judy this.  Bring the attention craving “videographer” to the national spot light!


I am not a fan of daytime TV however if this case were to go there, I would make a point to DVR it! 




Drivers Beware …

I am unsure if the stars are out of kilter, the moon is lined up incorrectly or if people are just out of sorts however; yesterday was a bad day for drivers in general.

Here in Texas; yesterday was a normal spring day by all accounts.  The weather was nice, mid 60’s and sunny, open window weather for most of us.

There were accidents where I usually don’t see them, which was odd.

While going to clients yesterday I just about had the opportunity to test the air bags as some young blond women in a red Mercedes, “nice car,” ran the light right in front of me!  She had a phone stuck to her ear and never saw me.  Even as I came to a screeching halt she never looked.  I shook my head and was thankful that my breaks worked so well.

My truck would have made a mess of her paint and might have scratched my bumper had a hit her.  Actually 7000 pounds at 30mph in the side of her car would have made a mess.  I wonder if she would have looked up then.

The Day was not over for idiotic drivers.  I had dinner plans which took me to an out of the way restaurant. While parking some guy started backing out of his spot and came close to backing in to me.  When I tooted my horn to alert him I could see him screaming at me “I guess” through his window.  He then waved the traditional one finger salute and sped off.

My only guess is that he is not a Texan, as we really are a little friendlier than that.  It was all his doing and I did not honk to be mean, just simply alert him that he was about to hit me.  “That is what they made the horn for.”  We are not talking a long horn blast either we are talking a “tap.”


They serve alcohol where I was going so I can only surmise that he had been drinking and his better judgment was impaired, or he is a jerk.

That is the reason for this “blog”..

As we guide our thousands of pounds of steel down the highways and roads we really need to be mindful that they are really “loaded guns.”  In a split second of indecision or distraction, we can take a life, if not our own, someone else’s.

While the girl in the Mercedes was not texting, she was clearly distracted.  If someone other than I was in that intersection that also was either not on their game or driving too fast or texting or otherwise distracted, thousands of dollars of damage would have ensued.  Damage to her personally could have happened and possibly me, as it would have been an abrupt stop.  I don’t know how solid a Mercedes passenger door is but, it might have triggered my air bags which would have sucked, because I heard that they hurt!

The guy that cussed me in the parking lot is another story.  People in Texas carry loaded guns.  An armed society is a polite society “don’t you know.”   You really don’t want to bring your “northern attitude” down to Texas and pick a fight.  WE DON’T SCREW AROUND HERE IN TEXAS!  Drive friendly or else!  If you decide to drink and drive and then come at a Texan with an Attitude, YOU WILL LOOSE! Our Prisons are full of your kind.  Be responsible if you come to Texas.  We will welcome you with open arms, if you are a jerk; you will not like it here.

About 25 years ago one day in November I was met head on with a guy driving a vintage Cadillac. His wife had just bought it for him as he whined about wanting another car because he had wrecked his previous car. “I learned this later on from her directly.”


We were on the freeway, I topped a hill and there he was, barreling down the road at over 60mph, on the wrong side of the freeway!


Friends, when you see something like this and you have exactly enough time to say “oh $hit!” followed by a large bang, your day gets ruined quickly!


In the few milliseconds between seeing him, and the subsequent crash, several things happened.


I quickly noticed a red truck beside me in the right lane, slammed on the breaks “locked up anti-lock breaks and actually bent the brake pedal, and then the crash.


Funny thing about a crash; time seemed to fragment. It was almost as if one were watching a movie in slow motion as the film went by, frame by frame.


My personal theory is time is like a frequency.  It has to do with gravity and motion and space and what have you but, the crash had somehow caused a ripple or harmonic.  Don’t know enough math to prove that; and I am certain that Michio Kaku could not come up with the equation either.  This is far past p=mv or F=ma.

I have heard that adrenaline causes this “effect.”  If adrenaline can cause “time distortions, ” than we have discovered how to slow down time.  While I am certain that there was a “shot of adrenaline we are talking about less than a second from seeing him there and the crash!

As we hit head on, the window beside me imploded.  Tiny pieces of glass tumbled horizontally in front of me to my right.  I remember vividly watching the glass tumble as past from left to right, I felt each piece bury itself in my face, arm and hands.  The steering wheel came in and crushed into my face and chest breaking my nose and most of  ribs and sternum. “That bone between the ribs up front.”


The dash came in, crushed into me knees and legs.  I distinctly remember the pain as my left leg was punched up under me, torquing my hips in such a way that the sacrum is twisted to this day.  This is how it happened and the order in which it happened, all in a split second.

There is a Star Trek Movie where Picard is with some gal who teaches him to “live in the moment.”  Friends, I think they got the idea for that from someone who has experienced this very phenomena, as that is exactly what it was like however; “and I stress this,” it was not pleasant!

I had just stopped at a service station before this and filled up not only my gas, but my stainless steel thermos full of coffee.  The thermos was sitting beside me.  As the truck went from 55mph to zero in about .025 seconds or less, the thermos tumbled down to the floor.  Little did I know at the time, the thermos had wedged itself between the firewall of the truck; and the frame of my seat!  I in fact have legs today because of that thermos and the fact that it was full of coffee.  Has something to do with hydraulics, if you are scratching you head.

As the truck came to a rest in the middle of the median, steam and Freon and what have you escaped from what used to be my engine which was now sitting underneath my seat.

The pain in my chest was unbelievable, and very soon after that, blood started coming out from everywhere, nose, mouth ears and of course where lots of glass was now buried up under my skin.

Very soon after that I began to loose my vision and figured well, this is it.  “Jesus, if this is your plan, I’m ready.”

I struggled with the seat belt, while I was still conscious thinking if I could get it off, the pain would subside and maybe, just maybe I could breath, no such luck.

There was no time for anger, or fear.  I was consigned to the fact that this was most likely it and I was waiting for the final “sting.”

Before too long, someone came to my door asking me if I was OK.  I turned my head to look at him, he had a camera and was evidently a free lance photographer.  As I spoke I remember blood escaping my mouth spurting, punctuated by my words, “no, I don’t think so.”

I must have looked a sight as the picture that made the front page of the local paper was of them taking me out of my truck..  For that I am thankful.

I remember watching as they took the old man out of his car and put him on a stretcher.  Not too long after that I heard loud sounds as they were cutting my door off of my truck and extracting me out of what was left of it.  As they laid me horizontally on that “board” my vision returned.  Hmm I thought, maybe he has another plan.

The man in the ambulance told me that he was going to stick me in the arm and it would hurt as it was an 18 gauge needle. The needle paled in comparison and quite frankly I was OK with it as if I felt it, I was still alive.  He told me they were putting “sugar water” in me… “Ok…..Fill er up…”I said as best I could!  He smiled as I said that, I knew that things were going to be ok…

The trip to the hospital was uneventful and before long I was being wheeled to some ER room.

The ER visit was terrible.  The doctor was summoned in from his day off.  He was wearing sports attire and clearly distressed that he was missing the game or what have you.  His bedside manners were terrible and quite frankly he sucked!

You know what they call the guy who graduates with the lowest grades from medical school, “Doctor.”

While there, a curtain divided me from the man who hit me.  He was drunk and later I learned he was on several medications that he should not have had alcohol with.  Oh yes, he was in his 80’s!

We had the perfect storm for a disaster and it struck.  He was not wearing a seat belt and because of his inebriated state only ended up with a small cut on his forehead which required a few stitches.

My care was abysmal.  After they took care of the old man they came “by they I mean an entourage of police, some “want to be doctor women” and the rude guy with the sports attire.” They ripped, cut my clothing off.  The paramedic was also there and the cop was telling the doctor that I did not have my seat belt on.  I told him that I had taken it off and he said “sure.”

I think that they somehow wanted this to be my fault, some how some way.

As my shirt was removed there was a huge purple stripe where the seat belt had cut into my skin through my clothes and across my belly.  The trooper was visibly upset as I think he wanted to write a ticket. I want to preface this next remark by saying that I have huge respect for law enforcement folks.  I know several and am friends with several.  I listen to the scanner, a lot, as I like to know what is going on that the press does not think is newsworthy.  Having said that, some cops are simply assholes!  The guy that caused this was on the other side of the curtain and he “the cop” was giving me shit…  I am laying there in pain, bleeding from everywhere, and this guy is looking for something to write me a ticket about or blame me in some way.

The “doctor” treated me like a cadaver flipping me over, was rather brutal and really did not take into account that most of my ribs were broken.  His final “test” was to stick a finger up my rear.  I really don’t know where he went to school but I can tell you that is probably the one place that it did not hurt.  Of course everyone watched the entire process.

You know my part in this; I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  God knew where I was so, I have to guess that all of this happened for a reason.

The old man had lived in this town his entire life and was most likely known; I was an outsider and relatively young so guess what “it just had to be my fault.”

Other than the sugar water they did nothing for me.  Other than leaving me naked on the table for all of the gawkers, nothing.  I was waiting for the doctor to start filling out a toe tag, as they were doing nothing!  I was in pain, probably scared although that the time I was more pissed than scared.  I worked in the Texas Medical Center for fifteen years.  I know what professional care is and I know what a real doctor does in a trauma situation.  This wasn’t it!

He finally ordered x-rays and a sonogram of my chest.  Finally, some orderly came along and gave me a wool blanket.  Someone had some compassion but not the people that should have.

It is cold in ICU and it was winter, and oh yes, they were pumping me full of something cold. “Sugar water.”  I guess it is “hummingbird therapy.”  Isn’t that what they eat, sugar water? Oh, and did I mention I was naked!  Beat all to hell, naked and shivering is a terrible combination.  I would imagine there was also a “shock factor” involved as well.

This was clearly the hospital without funding as the equipment was a joke; it would not stay in place and kept moving after the tech would place it.

Wheeling one around on a gurney, “which way are you looking?”  You look straight up, at the ceiling.  The ceiling had several brown stains from leaks and what have you.  How much mold do you suppose is loose in that hospital?  Folks, if you run a hospital, look at the damned ceiling once in a while.  This was the basement where the morgue and radiology was.  If the ceiling in the basement is stained with dark brown stains from leakage, what leaked?

The old man was released that day and I got to stay in ICU for about a week before I was moved to a room.  I did not sleep for 72 hours.  I entertained myself by using biofeedback techniques to alter my heart beat.  I once got it so slow I scared myself.  One of the leads came off and the monitor went to that “solid beep.”  Twenty two minutes later someone showed up running to my bed to check on the reason.  I had a solid beep for twenty two minutes before they noticed!  Now you know why I was afraid to sleep!

Some doctor (dentist I think) came and stitched up my lip where my teeth had come through, another came and tried to straighten my nose without any kind of pain management.  Huge forceps up the nose with this guy twisting on it, without so much as an aspirin.

They did not do anything for my pain as they were worried that it would adversely affect my heart which had been “bruised”.  I had to take little breaths as it hurt to breathe.  I could not turn my head because of vertigo.  I could not lift the sheets to pee as I could not lift my arms.  When they pump you full of saline solution you have to pee a lot.  I had to have help each and every time; you would have thought that they would have installed a catheter.

On the third day in ICU I asked to be cleaned up because even with the broken nose I could smell myself.  The busted glass was still in my hide, my body was still covered in blood and my beard / mustache was caked in blood.  The nurse said she would have to shave my face as there was no way to get blood out of my beard… REALLY?  I told her, whatever just please get me cleaned up; I was going to live and if I did not for some reason I damned sure did not want my next of kin to identify a blood covered corpse.

She never did anything.

Would you believe that it was not until I got into a room, days later and was able to take a shower was I able to get “cleaned up.”  I dug into my luggage, found my tweezers and dug the glass out of my arm and hands and face myself, after the shower!  A male nurse came in as I was finishing up to check on me.  There was enough blood from my digging out the glass he got concerned.  I told him to get me some bandages but he sent on the doctor anyway.  I had not seen the guy since the first day as there were other Erudite s to take his place.  He seemed visibly upset that I had taken the glass out of myself.  I am unsure if he was upset with me or the fact that it was still there.

The entire time I was there they kept asking me “what I was on.”  I guess they thought that I was on some sort of recreational chemistry and kept confronting me.  “No, don’t drink.  No, don’t do drugs…”  They had taken my blood several times a day for a week and yet they kept asking.  Had I been able, I would have walked the hell out of there, it was that bad!

By the end of my stay the doctor was treating me somewhat better as I guess he was finally sure that I was indeed “clean.”  They had collected blood and urine for several days, I guess he was satisfied. Maybe it took that long for the tox screen to come back!   If you are young it would seem that you are guilty of whatever they decide you might be guilty of..  Small Texas towns… Be wary… BTW, most small Texas towns are speed traps so don’t speed.  They depend upon giving tickets for revenue.  Now if you are from the north and have attitude, forget what I said and speed all you like.  You too can meet some “nice trooper who will address you as “boy or son ” and will have absolutely no use for wise ass remarks from Yankees! Heaven help you if you give them attitude!

The old man and I had the same insurance company so I was lucky to get my bills covered and get what was left of my truck payments covered.  She (claims person) argued about the cost of my cooler and camping supplies which were ruined.  Looking back, I think that was a distraction from the bigger picture.  Pain and suffering was not covered here.  Embarrassment and harassment from the locals was certainly not remunerated.

Oh and pain today as a result of this was and is not taken care of either…  Insurance is not for your benefit.  They sell it as if it is, but trust me, have a claim and you will learn.

When this type of thing happens; nothing good comes of it. I don’t know whatever happened with the guy that hit me, that was 23 years ago so I am in hopes that if he is still alive, that he is not driving.

Insurance claims and such have a life of 2 years.  Statute of limitations…

Guess what, after an accident like that, things happen much later in life as a result, like bone spurs and such, which cause pain.  You are never normal again after an event like that.

I drive a larger truck today and have little to do with small vehicles.  Screw the mileage; if I get had again I want the larger vehicle. I support MADD, and encourage everyone else to as well.  I don’t care if you drink, just don’t drive!

If you don’t have a “hands free device” get one, or simply call back, nothing is that important.  Oh yes, that bell alerting you that you have a text, ignore it if you are driving.  It can wait.  Too many times I see people texting and driving.  I know that they are doing something because they are weaving or their speed is erratic.  Upon closer inspection they are screwing around with the phone.  “I drive a truck, I can see.”

This inconsiderate old man changed my life forever.  I live in constant pain, and had to quite my job and re-invent myself because I could no longer do my job.  “Not compensated for that either BTW.”

Over 30% of all drivers on the road are impaired by either alcohol or prescriptions drugs or “recreational chemistry.”  Add to this statistic now we have distractions of people who think that they can drive and text, or what have you.

There is nothing smart about a smart car!  I would drive a tank if I could get one.


Actions have consequences… Be safe and courteous and if you are in Texas, don’t speed, drive and text and don’t drink and drive!


Best to you and those that you care about…










The Ubiquitous Wall Wart



For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “wall wart” it is simply a slang term for external power supply’s that hang out of the outlet.  The power supply has evolved over the years from being something external to the apparatus to be powered, cabled to same with large cables.


As technology “evolved” the power supply was integrated into the apparatus and a simple cord connecting it to the AC line was all that was needed.


After even more “evolution” the power supply went external again on some apparatus’s in the form of a wall wart.


It was during this time the wall wart was blamed for starting fires.  Many firefighters attributed the source of combustion to the wall wart.


Early wall warts were not fused or if they were the fuses were defective.  I still vividly remember smelling something “like hot plastic,”  finding a wall wart going to a radio was melted, very hot and still pumping out energy into a short length of cable that the cat had chewed on causing a short.


These power supplies still use energy even if the apparatus is powered off.  Those “green” people will tell you to unplug them when not in use as they waste energy.  I would tell you to unplug them simply because “in my opinion” they are still a fire hazard.


Unplugging them can be a pain in the rear as often times they are buried behind something etc.  To this I would encourage you to get a power strip that you could turn off the whole thing when not in use rather than trying to plug and unplug every time you wanted to use the device.


Case in point.  My phone stopped working.  When I did my “electronic technician thing” I discovered that the wall wart was dead.


Finding a similar wall wart today has not been successful.  It is a 7.5 volt with a current rating of a 1000ma.  The real trick is finding one with a 90 degree bend in the plug as to fit into the bottom of the base.


Looking at the wall wart “I dissected it,” the failure was a capacitor that failed.  This should not be any surprise to those of us who work with electronics as there is a raft of faulty capacitors in the marketplace which are responsible for the early demise of many many things!  From computer power supplies to flat screen TV’s to just about any electrical device made in China.  Read all about that subject here.

 This too made a smell which alerted me to the fact that something was awry.  The interesting part of this is the internal fuse did not blow.  Had I not been home and smelled the “hot smell,” would my house still be here?


Because it is in an airtight container one has to think that any flame would have not had the oxygen to burn and eventually the fuse might have blown or the circuit breaker to the receptacle might have tripped.  The short answer is “we just don’t know.”


Looking at the device you can see that they have dropped the 120V to 12V with a large 10ohm resistor.  From there they have rectified it, regulated it and I would guess cleaned up the dc and even the AC with a few small components.  You will note the top of the capacitor is puffed up which is a clear sign that it is defective.  You will also note that the board is discolored where the devices got hot when the capacitor failed.


All Wall Warts are not the same!


I frequently am asked by different people to repair some small appliance.  I enjoy doing it so it is not much of a burden.  More often than not I am brought the device that no longer works with a wall wart that is not the correct wall wart for the device!


Looking at the back of the apparatus you will notice that there is just about always a picture or depiction of the place that the wall wart plugs into the unit.  That depiction will usually have the voltage and current required as well as the polarity of the plug.



Back not too long ago it was anyone’s guess if the center was positive or negative and, the information about the voltage, current or even if it were AC or DC was just not there.


Looking at this early wall wart “from the 70’s” you will note that it is small in size and has a plug on it that when inserted into the radio momentarily is greeted with a short.  This type of plug should not be used for power.  This charger is rated at 9volts dc with just a few mils of current.  The reason for this is it was designed not to run the radio but to charge the batteries inside it.  While the radio that this goes to is otherwise a good radio this is a poor design.  Admiral would have been far better off to include the power supply inside the radio capable of running the radio as well as charging the batteries instead of using this, (which was a cheap alternative.)  Also note that the plug is broken and should be repaired before use.  Interesting to note: this supply is not regulated and in fact cranks out 21volts DC with no load.   




With older devices I have to check before simply plugging in some sort of power source as some of the older radios that I mess with were made before any standards were envisioned.


Some manufactures made positive the ground, which makes an interesting troubleshooting exercise for those of us who are used to negative as the ground.


We all end up with a box of these wall warts before too long and often times they are not labeled as to what they went with.  My guess would be that the manufacturer of the device purchased power supplies from some vendor that would work with their device and a host of others.


It is a good idea to label what device that wall wart came with if it is not so labeled on the power supply itself.  I have seen some use a silver Sharpe to label them which is a great idea!


Things to note when looking at your apparatus and trying to match up the wall wart.  Voltage required, Current required, size and type of connector, polarity if DC, or is it AC?


If you have cats you might want to examine the wires from time to time as some cats or other critters like chewing on cords.  For people in this predicament wrap your wires in “spaghetti.”   No not pasta but something called spaghetti which is a tough plastic coiled covering designed to keep all the wires together and neat.  It also deters small critters from chewing on them.  Larger critters may need better solutions like Panduit. I have found some of these things at IKEA.  Electrical Supply houses are another good bet and of course there is always eBay.


I would be remiss not to mention your smoke alarm at this point as many of us loose some ability to smell as we age, or have a cold, or what have you.


Feel of your wall warts from time to time, warm is normal, hot is not!  Some power supplies for laptops get too warm for my taste, but I think they would tell you it is normal.  If in doubt, have it checked out.  Safe rather than sorry is not a shabby way to live your life.


Look under the desk from time to time and examine your wires and cords to make sure that they have not been cut by the chair rolling over them or some other heavy object sitting on them.  This is especially true of your children’s room.  I was in a house doing some computer work when I noticed that there was probably 30 plus amps of current being taken out of one wall receptacle.  The wires under the desk looked like a bowl of spaghetti “the eating kind” and there were heavy objects sitting on the wires along with them being under the rollers of the chair.

 Wall receptacles in most houses are not made for this type of use.  The bedroom may be on one 15 amp breaker and the outlets wired with number 14 wire; which is basically made for lighting.  These are all things to look at when putting computers in bedrooms.  The good news is that again technology is becoming more efficient and less current is used with newer devices than older.  It is still something to talk with an electrician about if you have the slightest cause for concern.  The simple fact that this kids breaker did not blow for his room really bothered me in that he had a gaming machine, three monitors and a plasma TV… Add to this the stereo, lights,fans, guitar amp and other electrical things other than this being one spoiled child there was simply too much in that room for what the circuit should have been able to provide.

Feel the outlet covers, are they warm?  They should not be….


-Best to you and those that you care about!